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Winter Math Activities. Koch Snowflake The Koch Snowflake is an example of an iterative drawing as each successive stage begins with the previous stage. The Koch snowflake begins with an equilateral triangle. The first iteration divides each side of the triangle into thirds, removes the middle third and replaces it with two line segments of the same length. Students might visualize this as constructing a smaller equilateral triangle on the middle third, then removing the original middle third line segment. Koch Snowflake: Cynthia Lanius java applet that allows students to see each successive iteration of the figure [online activity] Koch Snowflake: diagrams of first three iterations in black on white background.

Penguin Math Build on students' natural fascination with penguins by including these math pattern activities: Pascal's Penguins - 1 introduces primary students to a small version of Pascal's Triangle in this simple patterning activity. Snowflake Activities How Many Ways Can You Make Snow? What Are Glyphs? Wrapping gifts. Do we cripple students by feeding them the necessary measurements and expecting them to just plug their data into a formula? Engage your class in real life problem solving and development of mathematical ideas. In this activity, Brian asks students to figure out what facts that they might need, deduce those facts from the images, and make some good estimations in order to predict the amount of wrapping paper necessary to wrap a couple of gifts. Activity documents below. Updated! Wrapping-gifts.pdf (for printing in black and white) Wrapping-gifts-color.pdf for use with a smart board or projector For members we have an editable Word doc and a solution key with hints on student’s common reasoning errors.

Wrapping-gifts.doc Wrapping-gifts-solution.pdf Extension: If students complete this task early, have them come up with the dimensions of a box that requires a particular amount of wrapping paper. Resurrection Day Printables - In All You Do. Printable Easter Worksheets: Cursive Handwriting Practice. Beyond the Bunny- Christ-Centered Easter Tradition Ideas | Happy Home Fairy. **UPDATE - Are you looking for Christ-Centered Easter Activities and Traditions? Check out THIS POST for my latest collection as well as a FREE Printable to celebrate our risen Lord all April long! ** With all the bunnies and baby chicks hopping around these days, it’s hard to keep our Happy Homes focused on what truly matters this Easter season.

Like Jesus. And what He did for us. Here is a collection of simple Easter Traditions that will point your Happy Buddies’ hearts beyond the bunny. :-) Click Image for Idea #1 – Resurrection Rolls I had the best time sharing these magical Resurrection Rolls last year with the Happy Buddy and a few of his friends. If you haven’t seen this recipe yet – I encourage you to go check it out RIGHT NOW. What a beautiful (and delicious) way to share the Gospel message. :-) #2 – Easter Garden Find out how to make one by going HERE. #3 – Empty Easter Egg Have you read the story about the Empty Easter Egg? It’s amazing (you can find more about it HERE). AND, finally… Free Exodus/ Passover Lapbook : Heart of Wisdom Lesson Plans. Below you can download eleven free booklets to tell Passover story from Moses Birth to the First Passover. Glue the booklets in to a FIle Folder to create a lapbook.

Bible lessons links to go with each booklet are at the bottom of this post. Booklet Cover A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays Learn the teaching method God uses to teach His children. The ultimate hands-on Bible lessons! The symbolism in the Bible is an absorbing subject! “In 34 years of publishing Messianic Catalogs we have never seen such a creative contribution to the body of Messiah …” Manny and Sandra Brotman, founder of The Messianic Jewish Movement International Having this book at your fingertips is like having a library on the Bible holidays! This book includes information that will fill ten books: one on each of the seven holidays in Leviticus, the Sabbath, plus Hanukkah and Purim, and tons of information about the importance of our Hebrew Roots. Dr. “I enthusiastically endorse this exceedingly creative project!

A Valentine’s Day Activity | Doorposts of Your House. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Here’s an idea for an afternoon of activities that will help you celebrate, while you also teach your children about love. Listed below are ten different portions of 1 Corinthians 13. Each portion has been assigned a related gift or activity. In italics, ideas are given to help you explain the reason for each gift. Copy each portion of 1 Corinthians 13, as they are listed below. Do this with all ten gifts/activities. 1.

A puzzle appropriate for the ages and ability of your children. 2. Write this portion of the passage on a card, along with these instructions. 3. A box of macaroni and cheese and other necessary ingredients for preparing it. 4. Along with the excerpt from the verse, write the following on a card: “Write a note to each person in your family, or simply talk to them, telling them what you admire about them.” 5. An inflated balloon on a string or stick for each child. 6. Several ziplock baggies, each with a different kind of cut up fruit in it. Free Valentine Lessons: A Lovely Afternoon of Art & Music - Home - Homegrown Learners.

Romantic Music - what image does that conjure in your mind? Love stories, drama, "KISSING" (in the words of my nine year old son!) , strong emotions? From 1830-1900, music became increasingly expressive and inventive, departing from the much more rigid forms of the preceding Classical era. Famous composers of this era include Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Brahms, and Verdi. To celebrate Valentine's Day, I've put together a free Romantic SQUILT lesson - based on the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky. In this lesson your children will learn about Tchaikovsky, the history and details of the Love Theme and the story of Romeo and Juliet, as well as fun examples of this theme in modern cartoons and music. As with so many of my SQUILT lessons, this music was introduced to me when I was very young. I'm sure you have heard this piece before: I'm excited to be partnering with my good friend Tricia {Hodgepodge Mom}, who is offering a free Valentine chalk pastel tutorial, too.

Let's get started... My eBay All Selling. Groundhog Day Pancakes - The Joys of Boys. Printable End of the Year Time Capsule Questions. Printable End of the Year Time Capsule Questions…whoa, that’s a mouthful! (Not to be confused with the Printable End of School Time Capsule Questions which are every bit as fun, but geared toward capturing the school year.) But trust, me it’s totally worth it.

I asked my almost-four-year-old the time capsule questions during dinner tonight and it was a lovely blend of funny, sweet, and informative. I discovered that her favorite food is “Vegetables, because I tried them and I liked them.” Her favorite thing is “Playing with you because it’s my favorite and I love you.” That’s just what a mama likes to hear. Our Year End Time Capsule questions gives you a chance to capture the sweet details that make up your everyday lives—the kiddo’s favorite foods, movies, books, and things to do—and the back offers prompts for you to answer too. It’s a nice way to wrap up the holidays and look toward the new year. You got it kiddo. Download the full size PDF here. Other posts you might enjoy… New Year's Bible Lesson, New Year. New Commitments: The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to talk with children about setting goals!

Not only do we make resolutions, but we must make a plan for how to reach our goals. * Memory Verse: (...) Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith(...) Hebrews 12:1b-2a* Story Time Lesson: "Has anyone ever tried really hard to learn how to do something? There is a lot to learn, and just like Mom and Dad helped you learn how to tie your shoes, God helps us with everything we learn to do. Activity: Talk with children about the different resolutions they made in their Door Hanger Craft. . * Worksheet: New Years Goals Older Children can write about their goals, their path to get there, and a bible verse to help them stay focused along the way. . * New Years Puppet Show: Puppet Resources has the most fantastic free puppet scripts on the internet!

FREE Christmas Gifts from Friends and Heroes! You can share the Christmas story in your church, school or home using our FREE Nativity music video. Based on the song He chose the Shepherds, from our music CD What about Love? This video will delight and entertain children and adults alike. Even better, it beautifully illustrates the real message of Christmas to your children! We also offer a FREE high-resolution downloadable version of the video, suitable for use in large group gatherings.

Plus, you can download FREE Song Time activity and lyric sheets! Click here to view the video and learn more. 3 Dinosaurs - 12 Days of Christmas Pack. Nativity Scene. I have always wanted to make a LEGO® creche, but the camels' knees were giving me trouble. After doing those, the rest followed smoothly. Here is what I came up with. CAMELS Sitting and standing camels. For the standing one, you need lots of yellow wine glasses in the knobbly knees! Instructions here.

SHEEP The instruction sheet contains some more variations. SHEPHERDS I wanted to make some shepherds sitting around the fire in different poses. THREE WISE MEN Balthasar, Melchior and Caspar, each with their own regional but oriental variation. OX AND ASS The donkey is especially sweet and can wag its tail. HOLY FAMILY No haloes in this (I was raised a protestant), but catholics can provide those easily.

NEW IN 2006: LDRAW files available for all models: family.ldr, ox.ldr, donkey.ldr, caspar.ldr, melchior.ldr, balthasar.ldr, camel1.ldr, camel2.ldr, shepherd1.ldr, shepherd2.ldr, shepherd3.ldr, sheep1.ldr, lamb.ldr. email: Holiday Baking as Homeschool Curriculum. For almost every homeschool family, the holidays make for copious amounts of time spent in the kitchen whipping up holiday treats and goodies for the festive functions this time of year brings. Homeschooling during the holidays can feel incredibly overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little creativity and patience, you can relax and let the homeschool lessons be taught by gingerbread men and candy canes. This year, let your holiday baking be the homeschool curriculum! Here are a few ideas to get you started: History LessonsHistory of the cookie History of Christmas Foods Christmas Traditions Around the World Math LessonsBaking Math worksheets (these go with a video lesson that is for sale on the site, but these worksheets can definitely be used as a standalone) Gingerbread Man Math Teaching Fractions Science LessonsCookie Chemistry Mrs.

Literature Lessons Grandma’s Christmas Cookies Gingerbread Baby The Candymaker’s Gift: The Legend of the Candy Cane Comments comments. Random Acts of Kindess Treasure Hunt Kit from Capital B.pdf. Finding-Real-Joy-Copywork.pdf. Emergent-Readers-Set-11-Thanksgiving.pdf. Knowledge House - Learning Resources - Homeschool Information - Not Just For Kids.

Not Just For Kids Enjoy this FREE 48-page e-book, courtesy of Knowledge House and Homeschool Patriot! The Thanksgiving Story Downloadable in printable PDF format, using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The First Thanksgiving In the United States, the fourth Thursday in November is traditionally a time for food and family gatherings. America's Thanksgiving commemorates the Pilgrims' harvest feast, part of the story of the settling of Plymouth Colony, an important period in American history. The Pilgrims left England in September of 1620, after several delays in getting started. On March 16, 1621, an Indian brave walked into the Plymouth settlement. The Pilgrims had a successful first harvest and they had enough food to put away for the coming winter.

Chief Massasoit came with ninety of his braves. We can assume that the feast was eaten outside since the Pilgrims didn't have a building large enough to accommodate so many people. Did You Know…? Pilgrim Timeline Swizzle (a refreshing drink) N.C. Thanksgiving-Spelling-List.pdf. Hymn Study Series: Thanksgiving Hymn Study Free Printables, Resources and Ideas. Posted by Sarah on Nov 14, 2013 in Character Training & Bible, Fine Arts Freebies, Homeschooling Freebies, Themed Freebies This is the Fourth Post in our Hymn Study Series.

What better time to study Thankful Hymns then the month of Thanksgiving? I get so frustrated to see the stores full of Halloween stuff and the day after the Halloween clearance is being sold, loads of Christmas decorations are being put out on shelves. What has happened to Thanksgiving? To me it is such an important holiday to remember the great things that God has done for us and our freedoms and His miracles and provisions. So, I have put together TWELVE Thanksgiving Hymns to learn, along with links to each hymn online, as well as printable sheet music. For each hymn that is found on there is a beautiful instrumental piano file that instantly plays along with the printable lyrics and printable sheet music for the piano and guitar! Enjoy studying these beautiful hymns full of gratitude! Written by Sarah. Christmas Unit Study by Cindy Downes - Oklahoma Homeschool.

This unit is ©Copyright 2004, 2008 by Cindy Downes. All rights reserved. Permission is given to homeschooling parents to use these units free of charge in their own homeschool only. These units may not be reprinted in any other form, for any other purpose (commercial or otherwise) without permission from Cindy Downes. Contact her at Index: Directions: This Christmas Unit is recommended for PreK- 5th+. In addition to the books listed below which you can borrow from the library or purchase through the blue links, you will need the following activity books: Week 1: Christmas is Jesus Books to read: Read Luke 2:1-20 I Want to Know About Jesus by Rick Osborne. 32 pgs. Websites: Activities: Christmas Activities, Crafts, Recipes and More! Back to Top Week 2: Christmas is Amazing Grace — Biography of John Newton Books to read: Read Ephesians 2:8.

Websites: John Newton. Activities: Christmas Activities, Crafts, Recipes and More! Read Colossians 3:16. Video: Websites: Christmas Lapbook. Nativity Lapbook. Christmas Unit Study by Cindy Downes - Oklahoma Homeschool. Western File Folder Games. Search: These file folder games have a Thanksgiving theme. These games are great for any fall themed lesson, teaching children about harvest, and being thankful to God for all his blessings. We've got a whole page of printables and crafts you can use alonside your Thanksgiving theme on our sister site as well. Thanksgiving File Folder Games Harvest PatternsThis is a pattern game where children can match the correct sequencing strips together to continue the pattern. ABAB and AABB patterns are used.Print two copies of each pattern sheet, and store in the memory pocket. Turkey ColorsThis is a simple color matching game for children to work on visual discrimination.

Some Odd TurkeyThis is an Even / Odd game where children place the feathers onto the correct turkey. Turkey Feather Math MatchThis is a simple math game for children learning basic addition and subtraction. 3D Turkey Cutout Downloadable Art Project. Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Kids. Resources for Teaching Kids about 9/11.