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Learn shortcuts and commands. 5 Tips to Refine Code. The level of code can be seen at a glance from the form of writing the code.

5 Tips to Refine Code

It takes experience to write code that is easy to read, sophisticated and efficient. In this article, I’ll give you tips for refining the five codes. 1. Ternary Expression Usually, the conditional expression is written as follows: condition = True. Ronreiter/interactive-tutorials: Interactive Tutorials. Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better. Java to C# – C# to Java. We bring you a much needed Rosetta… Under_scores, camelCase and PascalCase - The three naming conventions every programmer should be aware of - DEV.

The various tokens in your code (variables, classes, functions, namespaces, etc.) can be named using one of these three styles, broadly speaking: Camel Case (ex: someVar, someClass, Case (ex: SomeVar, SomeClass, (ex: some_var, some_class,

under_scores, camelCase and PascalCase - The three naming conventions every programmer should be aware of - DEV

In camel casing, names start with a lower case but each proper word in the name is capitalized and so are acronyms. For example, commonly used tokens in many languages such as toString, checkValidity, lineHeight, timestampToLocalDateTime, etc. are all examples of camel casing. Pascal casing is similar to camel casing except that the first letter also starts with a capital letter (SomeClass instead of someClass). In underscore casing, everything is in lower case (even acronyms) and the words are separated by underscores (some_class, some_func, some_var, etc). I Tried the Top 5 Coding Challenge Websites - DEV. Thank you to everyone who replied to the following tweet!

I Tried the Top 5 Coding Challenge Websites - DEV

It's an excellent list of sites people like to use. I want to do some random coding challenges. What are your favorite sites? 02:44 AM - 30 May 2019 I did a quick look over all of these sites and am providing my immediate impressions from them. 20+ languages availableOthers' solutions are available for reviewYou can practice writing your own tests20+ languages availableMany skills categories and challenges to exploreJob board seems like an added benefit :)50+ languages available"Mentored mode"—the linked page has a ton of information about the structure of thisThere's a lot of steps for each challenge, with downloading the code and then having to resubmit it.

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JS. Web of the Ptidej Team — Ptidej Team. Introduction aux Design patterns. Cet article a pour objectif de présenter les Design Patterns.

Introduction aux Design patterns

Il expose un historique succinct, la définition et la représentation des Design Patterns, leurs avantages et leurs organisations. Différents termes Tout d’abord, les Design Patterns ont plusieurs noms francisés qui permettent de les désigner. Les plus courants sont ’motif de conception’, ’modèle de conception’ ou encore ’patron de conception’. La signification de ces termes est équivalente. Historique L’origine des Design Patterns remonte au début des années 70 avec les travaux de l’architecte Christopher Alexander. Dans les années 90, l’idée de Christopher Alexander va être reprise et étendue au domaine de la conception des logiciels. Définition Un Design Pattern est une solution à un problème récurrent dans la conception d’applications orientées objet.

L'architecture REST expliquée en 5 règles. REST (Representational State Transfer) ou RESTful est un style d’architecture permettant de construire des applications (Web, Intranet, Web Service).

L'architecture REST expliquée en 5 règles

Il s’agit d’un ensemble de conventions et de bonnes pratiques à respecter et non d’une technologie à part entière. L’architecture REST utilise les spécifications originelles du protocole HTTP, plutôt que de réinventer une surcouche (comme le font SOAP ou XML-RPC par exemple). How to Check Which Process Is Using Port 8080 or Any Other Port (and Vice Versa) on Windows. Hello friends.

How to Check Which Process Is Using Port 8080 or Any Other Port (and Vice Versa) on Windows

In this tutorial, you will learn How to check which process/application is using a particular port on Windows How to check which port is being used by a particular process/application on Windows How to Check Which Process/Application Is Using a Particular Port on Windows Step 1 - Find the Process id of the Process Using the Given Port Syntax netstat -aon | findstr<port_number> -a Displays all connections and listening ports. On my system, it displays the following output. UI Components - Ionic Documentation. Developers: ES5 builds are disabled during development to take advantage of 2x faster build times.

UI Components - Ionic Documentation

Please see the example below or our config docs if you would like to develop on a browser that does not fully support ES2017 and custom elements. Note that by default, ES5 builds and polyfills are enabled during production builds. When testing browsers it is recommended to always test in production mode, and ES5 builds should always be enabled during production builds.

This is only an experiment and if it slows down app development then we will revert this and enable ES5 builds during dev. Enabling ES5 builds during development: JSONPlaceholder - Fake online REST API for developers. Documentation · TypeScript. Types Of List Styles in HTML with Examples. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. Tuto Git. ECMAScript 6 compatibility table. CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape.

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