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David Snell

Been in business since 1987 and I own Executive Restoration and Snell Experts. We are based out of Charlotte North Carolina. Got water damage? Got mold? Need a job in sales or marketing, writing? Email us at: support or Does your small business need work? We will offer you work for only 10-20 percent of the job. For example, if you are a restoration company and you need water extraction jobs, then we can help you.

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  1. amsika Oct 1 2012
    There is a limit (max 100 pearls for a pearltree) but for some reasons (because they were made before the limit was decided for example) there are some pearltrees that are bigger
  2. noosquest Sep 28 2012
    Pearltrees should make something about this, it take 10x more time to load...isn't it heavy to handle for your sytem ? ... @david : is there any reason for this architecture or do you need some help to organize differently ?...
  3. amsika Sep 24 2012
    Hi David, now that you've gathered a lot of pearls in your account, you need to organize them to make them easier to browse and share. TO do so, you just have to create pearltrees with the "add pearls" button and organized your pearls within your pearltrees
  4. sizolabarchitecture Sep 7 2012
    HI, you seem to be interested in many things, in many groups, may you put your pearls with branches and higher categories that it may be viewable ? some are very interesting but very far from a "center" of interest. my 2 cts ;)
  5. noosquest Sep 2 2012
    I see no problems in my browser but I visit your site one more time & Avast still warn me the same way... for info it comes from ""
  6. davidsnell Sep 2 2012
    You might want to check your browser to make sure it has not been hijacked. Thank you very much. team
  7. noosquest Jul 27 2012
    Hi, Avast told me there's some virus in your site