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How to trace precedents or dependents for a range of / multiple cells in Excel? In Excel, we can trace the precedents or dependents of cells with the build-in feature in Excel by clicking cells one by one. But, if there are hundreds of cells that you want to trace the precedents or dependents at the same time, how could you deal with this task quickly and easily in Excel? Trace precedents for a range of cells with a helper formula Trace dependents for a range of cells with VBA code Trace precedents or dependents for a range of cells with Kutools for Excel Trace precedents for a range of cells with a helper formula To trace precedents for multiple cells, the following steps can help you: 1. 2. 3. 4. Trace dependents for a range of cells with VBA code To trace the dependents for multiple cells, the following VBA code can help you, please do as follows: 1. 2.

VBA code: Trace dependents for a range of cells: 3. 4. Trace precedents or dependents for a range of cells with Kutools for Excel After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as follows: 1. 2. 3. Notes: 1. 2. 3. Advanced Excel - Data Mining Techniques using Excel. Top 40 of the Best Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know| Interesting Engineering. [Image Source: Hooton & Microsoft] Almost everyone uses Excel in some form or fashion in the modern workforce, but many of us may be wasting a little too much time trying to format those pesky spreadsheets. In order to help you work a little bit faster, or maybe more efficiently, we have assembled 40 of the best Excel shortcuts that you need to know!

F2 : Edit selected cell F4 : Repeat last edit F9 : Calculates all worksheets F11 : New chart ALT : Access the ribbon for formulas ALT + = : Automatically SUM() selected ALT + Enter : Start a new line in the same cell ALT + o-c-a : Auto size columns PG + UP/PG+DOWN : Go to next/previous worksheet CTRL + ` : Display Formulas CTRL + Backspace : Show active cell CTRL + Shift + # : Change Date format with day, month and year. CTRL + K : To insert Hyperlink. CTRL+ Shift + $ : Applies the currency format to the selected cells. CTRL + Shift + & : Applies border to cells CTRL + B : Bold CTRL + I : Italics CTRL + U : Underline CTRL + Shift + ~ : General style number. Best Hidden Tricks in Microsoft Excel| Interesting Engineering. [Image Source: Wikimedia and George Burruss] Most of us are probably familiar with Excel, but not knowing the shortcuts and tricks can turn any simple spreadsheet into a long drawn-out process.

We have put together some of the best hidden tricks in Excel that you may not have known about. New Line in a Single Cell When typing in cells, sometimes your text may need to run over to the next line. If you have ever tried to do this, when you press enter, Excel reads this as you moving on to the next cell and it inserts the following text there.

However, you may not have known that you can press ALT+ENTER, and you can add a new line of text to the same cell. Quick Calculations Most of us have probably run into the issue of needing the sum of two different cells, but not wanting to have to go through the trouble of writing a whole new formula in another cell for it. Freeze Panes Make Formulas Easier to Understand Double Click Tricks SEE ALSO: Top 40 of the Best Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know. Microsoft Excel. How to import a table from PDF into Excel. Many sources of data are PDF files. It is possible to convert tables from such files into Excel and then manipulate the data as required. The conversion process involves moving the data first into Word and then into Excel. The following describes the steps you will need to take.

To illustrate these steps, Table 10 from the European Economy Statistical Annex is used. Step 1: Open the relevant PDF file and select and copy table The first page of Table 10 from the Spring 2007 version of the European Economy Statistical Annex is shown below. To copy the table, click on Select and click and drag the cursor to highlight the whole table. Step 2: Copy this into Word and convert to a table Open a new Word document and paste the copied text by pressing Ctrl V. Now convert this into a table by highlighting it all (you can easily do this by pressing Ctrl A) and selecting Table > Convert > Text to Table. A table will appear (poorly formatted) which will be all highlighted. Step 3: Paste this into Excel. Free Excel Templates and Spreadsheets.

Excel templates are a great way to increase your productivity. They allow you to do awesome things with Excel even if you only have a basic understanding of spreadsheets. You can use templates created by Microsoft by opening Excel and going to File > New. You can also download 100's of templates professionally designed by Jon Wittwer and his team at This page lists our most popular spreadsheet templates.

If you are looking for solutions specifically for your business, see our Business Templates page. Advertisement Featured Excel Templates A very good alternative to Microsoft Project if you need a simple project schedule. Analyze fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, print an amortization schedule, include extra payments. The ultimate money management spreadsheet! Other Places to Find Free Excel Templates and Other Spreadsheet Templates Related Content. Invoice Templates for Excel. Browse our large collection of free invoice templates. Our selection ranges from invoices for service providers to billing statements and rent receipts for landlords.

If you are looking for a simple low-cost solution for invoicing your clients, these invoice and billing templates are a great place to start. Advertisement Vertex42's collection of invoice templates were designed to work in almost all spreadsheet programs, including OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets! New Invoice Templates Billing Invoice Template This billing invoice provides a simple tool for freelance services, accounting, and other small businesses looking for an invoice solution that is easy to customize.

Basic Invoice Template This basic invoice provides an extremely simple design, including only the most critical elements of an invoice. Invoice Templates Simple Invoice The "Bold" theme for our new easy-to-use invoice template. Billing Statement Rental Billing Statement Template Pro Forma Invoice Template Receipt Template.