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Clojure by Example. I don’t like reading thick O'Reilly books when I start learning new programming languages.

Clojure by Example

Rather, I like starting by writing small and dirty codes. If you take this approach, having many simple codes examples are extremely helpful because I can find answers to these questions very easily. How can I define a function? What’s the syntax for if and else? Does the language support string interpolation? What scopes of variables are available?

These are very basic questions, but enough to start hacking with the new languages. Recently, I needed to learn this completely new language Clojure but couldn’t find what I wanted. I want to express my thanks to Mark McGranaghan who created Go by Example which inspired me a lot. Hopefully, this helps you to start learning and writing Clojure. user=> (println "Hello, world! ") Our first Clojure code is, of course, printing “Hello, world!”. The entire line of the code (....) is called a form in Clojure. You can think of form as something that returns a value. Making Badass Developers - Kathy Sierra (Serious Pony) keynote. Regular expression cheat sheet. Weed-fs - Fast Scalable distributed key-file storage system. Seaweed-FS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system.

weed-fs - Fast Scalable distributed key-file storage system

There are two objectives: to store billions of files! To serve the files fast! Instead of supporting full POSIX file system semantics, Seaweed-FS choose to implement only a key~file mapping. Similar to the word "NoSQL", you can call it as "NoFS". Instead of managing all file metadata in a central master, Seaweed-FS choose to manages file volumes in the central master, and let volume servers manage files and the metadata.


Duckie - A tool for one person pairing. ETB-Update 6.2. Exploring Elasticsearch. This book is the guide to Elasticsearch that I wanted to read when I was just getting my feet wet.

Exploring Elasticsearch

The resources here are meant to provide Elasticsearch tutorials and guides suitable for beginners and intermediate users alike, surveying the topics needed to become proficient in Elasticsearch. Care has been taken to cover only those topics that are most relevant and commonly used as the full Elasticsearch API is both too large and too tedious to make for good reading. Keep in mind, this book is a work in progress. If you’d like to keep up to date with content additions, subscribe to the announce list. If you have any questions or comments either leave a comment on any specific page (there’s a disqus thread at the bottom of each one), or drop me a line at I’m a software developer with a passion for technical writing. Stephen Haunts { Coding in the Trenches } In this article I want to discuss different types of training for software developers.

Stephen Haunts { Coding in the Trenches }

Most of what I say here is purely subjective and forms my own view of the best types of training, but I would like to hear what you think on this, including the training resources that work for you.. There are different types of training that as a software developer you can make use of. They are Classroom / Teacher led courses, Online video training, Books (both electronic and dead tree), and writing lots of code and good old experimentation.

Classroom / Instructor Led Courses Class Room and Instructor Led Training I have always had a problem with technical courses where you have to learn in a group. Subversion Server / SVN Server installieren und einrichten. Jeder Software Entwickler sollte mit einem Versionskontrollsystem arbeiten.

Subversion Server / SVN Server installieren und einrichten

In diesem Post möchte ich die Installation eines Subversion Server / SVN Server beschreiben. FlatBuffers: Main Page. FlatBuffers is an efficient cross platform serialization library in for C++ and Java.

FlatBuffers: Main Page

It was created at Google specifically for game development and other performance-critical applications. It is available as open source under the Apache license, v2 (see LICENSE.txt). Why use FlatBuffers? Access to serialized data without parsing/unpacking - What sets FlatBuffers apart is that it represents hierarchical data in a flat binary buffer in such a way that it can still be accessed directly without parsing/unpacking, while also still supporting data structure evolution (forwards/backwards compatibility).Memory efficiency and speed - The only memory needed to access your data is that of the buffer.


Selenium. Mac OS X und Windows: Komplettes Backup eures Android-Smartphones ohne Root erstellen › Blog to go · Marcels Blog. Ich arbeite mich langsam immer weiter in Android hinein – man muss aber einfach sagen, dass viele Dinge unter iOS wesentlich simpler funktionieren.

Mac OS X und Windows: Komplettes Backup eures Android-Smartphones ohne Root erstellen › Blog to go · Marcels Blog

So zum Beispiel die Erstellung eines vollständigen Systembackups, was unter iOS ganz easy mittels iTunes oder auch der iCloud läuft. Bei Android muss man hier ein wenig frickeln, aber auch dort ist ein vollständiges Backup möglich – sogar ohne einen Root durchzuführen. Ich beschreibe hier meine Sache mit dem Galaxy Nexus und Android 4.1.1 “Jelly Bean”. Der Vorteil dieser Methode: Es werden sämtliche Daten gesichert. Android bietet zwar eine Sicherung an, diese betrifft jedoch nur Apps – Einstellungen und Co. werden dabei immer gelöscht. Als Info vorab: Die Bilder stammen zwar von Mac OS X, jedoch ist der Weg unter Windows identisch. Instant screencasts: Just click record.

Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Andreis/interview.

Regular Expressions

Konvertieren. How to Turn Your Pile of Code into an Open Source Project. Clean_Code_-_A_Handbook_of_Agile_Software_Craftsmanship. Downloads – OpenGeoDb. NoSQL. Tools. Editors. Browsers. Theorie. Languages. XSL. Perl. PHP. HTML. JavaScript. CSS. Liste von Abkürzungen (Netzjargon) Nicht erklärt werden hier: Tabelle der Akronyme und Abkürzungen Anhang Siehe auch Urban Dictionary – WörterverzeichnisJargon File – WörterverzeichnisLeetspeak – Schreibweise, in der Buchstaben durch ähnlich aussehende Zahlen ersetzt werdenInflektiv – sog.

Liste von Abkürzungen (Netzjargon)

Erikative wie *lach*Computervermittelte Kommunikation Weblinks Emoticons führt das Wiktionary in seinem Verzeichnis:ASCII-Smileys, – englischsprachige Abkü – englischsprachige AbkürzungenKürzel v2.76 – systematisch gegliederte Zusammenstellung von Kürzeln und Emoticons Einzelnachweise. Vagrant - Virtualized development for the masses.


Solr. SSI. Characters. Typo3. Realurl. Flow3. Linux. Varnish. Apache.