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Photo. Writing. 300 Images From 1800 Sites. I started gathering little, iconesque web images for myself so that I could compare, contrast, and study the techniques used by graphic artists on the web like Ben Sky.

300 Images From 1800 Sites

My initial pool of images looked so interesting that I decided to continue methodically hunting and capturing the icons for a public display piece. The purpose of this document is not to copy the intellectual property of others, but rather as a jumping-off point for your own unique web graphic projects. It's for Brainstorming, if you will. I roughly estimate that for every six web sites I scoured, I was able to acquire one graphic image. I visited only Fortune 1000 company sites, major online retailers, well known blogs, top advertising, publishing, and design agencies, technology and software industry leaders, and the very largest online news publishers. . — Ro London Arrows Pictured below are some of the exceptions to the rule. Posts Comments Mail Bullets Print Carts And Bags GUESS? 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory - Psdtuts+

While many of us can create something that looks good in Photoshop or attractive when spliced into CSS, but do we actually understand the design theory behind what we create?

50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory - Psdtuts+

Theory is the missing link for many un-trained but otherwise talented designers. Here are 50 excellent graphic design theory lessons to help you understand the 'Whys', not just the 'Hows'. Note: this article has been updated and dead links have been removed "The kind of typography I'm talking about is not your typical "What font should I use" typography but rather your "knowing your hanging punctuation from your em-dash" typography. "Visit Lesson "What basic typographic advice would you give a third year graphic design student? "This post suggests some ways to improve your site's usability based off of user feedback.

100+ Open Courseware Collections for Aspiring Web Devs. Web Design Dashboard. Resources For Web Design. 85+ Free Killer Resources Every Designer Should Know. What makes a web-designer a great web-designer?

85+ Free Killer Resources Every Designer Should Know

Guts and information – and bit of talent. All designers have to defeat the same monsters. Inspiration blocks;Lack of material, like and unvectorized logo;Poor quality images or their non-existence;Low or no budget;Unhelpful clients; May I continue? Well the good news is that you just need courage to persist and the light of information to scare those monsters away. You got the courage. Here I’ll give the info that could take you ages to find by yourself or another designer to tell (maybe because of lack of time or selfishness). Images It is 3 AM; you are pretty tired, your stomach can’t bear another dose of caffeine and you still need that Pretty Business type picture to use in your project, but you don’t have the budget to afford a stock image from gettyimage.

Now you will spend until 4AM trying to decide which photo to use. More great sites : Jumpola: Print, Clip Art, Type, Photography, and Graphics Software Resources. Free Graphic Design Resources. Useful links for web developer by Sonal Patel. Resources for the webmaster/website builder - Top 10 Web Developer Libraries - Cameron Olthuis. Refdesk - Best Source for Facts on the Net - reference facts.

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