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Programming Tutorials: Articles, tutorials and resources for programmers! JavaScript Made Easy: Free JavaScripts Tutorials Example Code. jQuery test. // set constants var $pageheight = 189; // our single page height var $pagewidth = 146; // our single page width var $pageYpos = 0; // current Y position of our bg-image (in both pages) $(document).ready(function(){ // When the page is ready /* left page turner */ $("#leftpage").click( function() { $pageYpos = $pageYpos + $pageheight; // update Y postion $("#leftpage").css("background-position", "0px "+$pageYpos+"px");// move the background position setTimeout ('$("#flip").css("background-position", "top center");', 200); setTimeout ('$("#rightpage").css("background-position", "146px "+$pageYpos+"px");', 200);

jQuery test

Eloquent JavaScript. The most updated collection of Javascript, DHTML, Ajax Inspiration. Glossy.js (now with IE 6/7 support) <form name="lst" id="lst" method="post" action="..

Glossy.js (now with IE 6/7 support)