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Daniel Alejandro Moreno Méndez

Camera-Auto-Focus: Unity 2017.2 and Vuforia 6.5 Augmented Reality (AR) Camera Auto Focus.

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Capacitacion HOTEL Referencia. 3 consejos y 3 ejemplos para escribir tu 'statement' o declaración de artista. Cuando preparas tu candidatura para una beca, un premio, un concurso o una convocatoria, te das cuenta de que siempre tienes que mandar la misma información básica: tu CV, el proyecto a desarrollar, unas muestras de trabajo, precio, unas cartas de recomendación y, antes todo, tu statement.

3 consejos y 3 ejemplos para escribir tu 'statement' o declaración de artista

Descripción breve, el statement es una declaración acerca de la visión que tienes de tu propia obra y de su devenir. Tiene que hablar de ti y de tu trabajo. Es una carta de presentación de tu personalidad artística, tu obra, tu proceso, tu filosofía, tu visión y tu pasión. Imagen ER/TAB En este artículo intentaremos darte algunos consejos para escribir tu statement: 1. . - El statement es tu arma de promoción. . - No es dar información sobre tu carrera como artista, ni hacer una lista de las exposiciones en las que participaste. 2.

. - ¿Por qué haces lo que haces? - Escribe todas las respuestas en forma de frases cortas. 3. . - Tu statement tiene que ser sencillo y conciso. . - No seas pretencioso/a. Paula Usuga.

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Modeling&Anatomy. Render Time Calculator. Estimate Render Time Help Enter your average frame time, number of frames in the sequence and the number of machines available to render on and you will be given an estimate time that it will take to render.

Render Time Calculator

As well as a note of the current time, and what the time is when the renders are estimated to finish. Allowable Frame Time Deadline in a few hours? Info Render Time Calculator provides you with a quick and easy way to estimate the time it will take to render your sequences, or what you are making, this is an all-purpose accurate method.


Museum project. #3ds max. Getting a Job as a Games Artist. The concept artist is responsible for just that: creating art that helps to flesh out the visual concepts of the game.

Getting a Job as a Games Artist

Their work helps establish for the rest of the team the visual direction the game will be taking. Traditionally, concept art is more about illustration than 3D work, in fact, a concept artist may not know much about 3D programs at all. Some however, like to block out some rough objects in a 3D program, and do a simple render to establish perspective and maybe even some initial lighting, and then paint over it…that depends on the artist. Concept Art requires a good, thorough understanding of composition, color, depth, lighting…the same stuff you started learning about in art class. As a concept artist, you might be called on to do concept sketches of environments, characters, vehicles, weapons, costumes and anything in between.

You'll need to have a good understanding of whatever 3D program you're working with. The texture artist is a Photoshop expert. Hey, that's me! Game Art Portfolio Wall. Becoming a Level Designer and Environment Artist Part 1. May 15, 2009 Category: Level Design Tutorials/Workflow Become a Level Designer Part 1 Become a Level Designer Part 2 How do you become an environment artist and level designer?

Becoming a Level Designer and Environment Artist Part 1

Where do you start? What do you learn first? Should you purchase a 3d package? There are a lot of decisions to make and too many choices. It is paralysis by analysis. Before I begin, there is a difference between an environment artist and level designer. Environment artist is someone who builds the assets that go into the environment. Level designers are responsible for taking the assets that environment artist have created and assemble them into an environment that we can all play in. Depending which studio you work for or what mod team you are apart of, you may do one or both of the title descriptions. But, I personally use them interchangeably. Either way, both of these disciples should come from a strong artistic foundation. Smart Normal. ExportingOBJSequences.pdf.

Headlights in Mental Ray. 3D Studio Max Studio - Texturing a car headlight with Mental Ray Using Mental Ray for Car Headlight Textures This is an update to the earlier section (where we used the old Architectural shader).

Headlights in Mental Ray

I could never get a realistic look using Arch & Design materials with a single bump map. After a lot of experimenting I finally used a combination of physically accurate glass (the lense has a real thickness) and a Normal (and Bump) map. But using the Normal/Bump map on the inner surface ONLY. With this method you will need to have a lense that is a solid object. I went one step further by collapsing the lense to an editable poly. I created the lense bump patterns using Photoshop, and also the Normal Map using the Nvidia plugin for Photoshop ( see Nvidia's website ). Car Headlight rendered with the Mental Ray texture setup The same headlight (as shown above) on the Escort MK1 RS model Car Headlight Modelling Setup The images below show an exploded view of the Car Headlight. Lense Bitmaps used. Inspiration Hut - Daily Art and Design Inspiration and Downloads.