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All Downloads on Dungeoneering. Inked Adventures - The Largest RPG Download Store! Boards. The Old World | Norsca | Lustria New rooms and passageways for the warriors to explore.


Now the adventures can be even larger and more treacherous! 1000 Empty Rooms - Page 2. Home. May 11 2013 Pharaoh's Descent WorldWorksGames delves into the world of crumbling tombs and occult mystery with Pharaoh's Descent!


Dungeon Room Description Generator. Randomdungeonmap. Your source for gaming maps and mapping objects. YeOldMapMaker - The RPG GameMaster's best friend! Simple D&D Map Builder. Bederken dungeon - free printable tiles. Here is a quick present to all you old school fans.

Bederken dungeon - free printable tiles

A free printable dungeon floor plan tile set! Unlike most sets which are based around 1 inch scale, this set uses a more sensible 30mm scale squares- which means dynamically posed miniatures have more room to breathe and you can use modern 30mm lipped based miniatures on it. So less mini contact. Images are printable at A4 size. You should be able to get a 6x6 square and a 6 x 2 tunnel out of each page. Online Dungeon Painter & RPG Forum Scene Viewer - solutions for comfortoble online playing. RPG Map Generator. Mapmaking Tools. Stonewerks's Blog. A Page for my Maps.

Stonewerks's Blog

Click on the images for a full page PDF. Like this: Like Loading... Just another weblog. I have been watching the whole 5-Minute map thing lately, and decided to have a go at it.

Just another weblog

Man, 5 minutes is not very much time, but it is kind of fun to draw against a timer. This one was done in exactly 5 mins, I set the sharpie pen down when the timer went off. I did erase the grid lines, and did an anisotropic diffuse of the image in photoshop to smooth out the lines (something I always do with my maps and geomorphs). I did another 7 of these things, some are ok, some not so good. I’ll post those as well. Vertical Morphology. (Last updated June 2nd, 2011) With the solid success of the Geomorph Mapping Project now spanning a dozen blogs and approaching 500 geomorphs to choose from, Jeff Rients challenged the geomorphers to take it to another dimension – and start creating vertical geomorphs.

Vertical Morphology

The upside of these is that they are pure awesome. The downside of course is that unlike regular geomorphs, you can’t rotate them to link them in any one of four different facings (or 8, if you also mirror them). Using the geomorphs. Here's a quickie example of using the geomorphs I've posted with this blog and those available at Stonewerks, Risus Monkey and A Character for Every Game.

Using the geomorphs

This isn't going to be a complex step by step just an overview. I selected geomorphs from all 4 sources that I felt could flow together well enough and slapped them down together in a paint program. I rescaled them to fit together and rotated the tiles till I got an arrangement I liked. From there I joined some sections with connecting corridors that I drew in with the paint program. Dyson’s Delve. (Last Updated: December 25th, 2010) Dyson's Delve - Level 1 Dyson’s Delve was started as a bunch of small dungeon level maps in my Moleskine reporter’s pad style notebook.

Dyson’s Delve

Then I started stocking it and posting the levels as one-page-dungeons to the blog. Geomorph. It's time for pools of water or other liquids.


I did a batch of four F-Series geomorphs this time, because I'm trying to finish 18 of the F and G series quickly and move on to a different geomorph topic entirely. Geomorph F12 starts out the series with a couple simple pools that act as obstacles. The corridor on the left has a pool 10 feet across, almost certainly jumpable by the unencumbered, but trickier for those carrying a lot of gear or otherwise at a disadvantage (like dodging thrown rocks.)

A chamber on the right is divided diagonally by another pool; it's a bit wider, so it may be a problem even for the unencumbered. Either pool may contain ordinary water, brackish or tainted water (no effect on swimmers, but not fit for consumption,) or something entirely other than water: acid (does damage,) alcohol (stings the eyes, but may be drinkable,) poison (deadly if ingested, perhaps even damaging for those who try to swim or get dunked.) How to draw awesome 3D dungeons from geomorphs. This is overdue… A few months ago I played a bit with some geomorphs and cape up with an awesome 3D map thingie.

How to draw awesome 3D dungeons from geomorphs

But never told anyone how. Now it’s time: that post generates more traffic by itself than the next two pages of this blog, so I think that the technique is worth sharing, and I want to fuel the fires of next year’s One Page Dungeon Contest. ;) Portfolio - Fantasy Maps. Online Dungeon Painter & RPG Forum Scene Viewer - solutions for comfortoble online playing. Random Dungeon Generator. A Brief History I began working on my dungeon generator sometime around 1999. It was originally hosted on the demonweb (my personal home page), moved to the Dire Press website in May 2006, and then to the donjon website in Sept 2009.

Random Dungeon Generator Launcher - v 0.1.12 beta. Random Dungeon Generator. Www.Gozzy' - Random Dungeon Map Creator. Inkwell Ideas » Random Dungeon Generators Reviewed. Random dungeon generators go way back to the early days of computer games. Text-based dungeon crawls like Hack and Moria randomly created their dungeon levels using ASCII characters, but even they have since been given graphics front-ends. A dungeon generator can save you some time when you’re getting ready for your next game session. Two of the generators below can save you even more time by listing the contents and some aspects of each room. However, you may need to adjust these descriptions or throw them out completely to fit your needs. Barrel, Crate, and Sack Generator (v1.0.1) If we've learned one thing from video games, arguable it's this: smash open every container you come across and see what's hidden inside.

And when it comes to role-playing games, PCs invariably come across a numberless amount of such containers, stored within tavern basements, temple backrooms, and the dusty corners of ancient dungeons. So when your PCs smash open these containers, what do they contain? Dungeon-related algorithms. I encountered/created all of these while implementing my JS roguelike game, js-like. Please note that a reasonably fast computer might be necessary for viewing this page, as it contains quite a lot of Javascript. 1. Dungeon generation Creating a suitable dungeon layout is one of the primary roguelike tasks. La grotte ou la caverne. Quick Quests 3D Dungeon Tiles. Wyrd Miniatures, LLC. Terraclips. Fat Dragon Games.

3D Dungeon Tiles. The Dungeon Tiles series consists of seven supplements to the 3.5 edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Contents[edit] DT1 Dungeon Tiles, the first set in the series, contains six durable, fully illustrated dungeon grids, featuring rooms and passages of various sizes, plus doors, walls, and other terrain features that can be used for D&D encounters. DT2 Arcane Corridors contains six dungeon grids, featuring arcane chambers, corridors, and passages of various sizes, plus doors, magic circles, and other terrain elements. DT3 Hidden Crypts contains six dungeon grids, featuring rooms, corridors, and passages of various sizes, plus doors, walls, and other terrain elements. Inked Adventures Square Dungeon Tiles - Inked Adventures. Dungeon Furniture set. Dungeon Tiles. Fantastic Hex Mapper: Alpha Sign Up.