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Showcase Gallery. 100 Years of Illustration. The way these blogs work with newest posts at the top is a puzzle to solve.

100 Years of Illustration

I want to tell you about this great genius who has been called the father of the American poster movement. He was a brilliant art director and illustrator whose works were way ahead of his time – they are excellent examples of great design as well as illustration. The bio and a photo of Penfield will appear later in a later post. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee. A Little Bit of College Ruled Genius By our friend and returning Yanko champion, Sherwood Forlee.

Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee

Check out the simplicity. Just punch out the corner, make a cut or two, fold back, and POW! You are green. The Raster Group. Fantasy Art at - Fantasy and Sci-fi at their best(c)

Motion Graphics

Unstage. Diseño gráfico, web y recursos. Spanish Creativity Journal. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networking and Social Media. Lineboil - a daily bowl of hot animation. Computerlove - Contemporary Creative Culture. Tutorials. Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that pack. The Drawar Design Gallery » Beautiful Designs - Page 1.