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Showcase Gallery. 100 Years of Illustration. My mentor, Harold Irving Smith, was born in Newport RI in 1892 of New England Yankee stock.

100 Years of Illustration

His father was a photographer whose customers included wealthy summer visitors, some of whom, according to Harold, rarely paid their bills in the same year they commissioned the work. Harold returned to Newport in his later years and this photograph was taken at his storefront studio on Bellevue Street in 1958. This is the two of us on a bluff overlooking what we could see of the Americas Cup Race of 1958 in which the USA was victorious whenColumbia beat Britain's Sceptre.

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive. Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee. A Little Bit of College Ruled Genius By our friend and returning Yanko champion, Sherwood Forlee.

Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee

Check out the simplicity. Just punch out the corner, make a cut or two, fold back, and POW! You are green. The Raster Group. Fantasy Art at - Fantasy and Sci-fi at their best(c)

Motion Graphics

Unstage. Diseño gráfico, web y recursos. Spanish Creativity Journal. Lineboil - a daily bowl of hot animation. Computerlove - Contemporary Creative Culture. Tutorials. Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that pack. The Drawar Design Gallery » Beautiful Designs - Page 1.