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Agile Software Development. Agile methodology has taken the software development industry by storm.

Agile Software Development

Everyone wants to be agile, but what does it really mean and how do you achieve agile development? This computer science course cuts beyond the agile methodology hype and teaches you the fundamental agile concepts that span a wide range of methodologies. It analyzes the key agile ideas, their benefits, their limitations, and how best to take advantage of them to enhance your software skills and show employers that you have mastered an essential component of today's IT industry. The course is divided into six parts:

Miríadax - DECRETO 272 DEL 13 FEBRERO DE 2018. Empresarios ahorrarían 1,2 billones de pesos con 407 bienes sin arancel. Una actualización al decreto que estableció el arancel del cero por ciento permanente para las materias primas y bienes de capital que no se producen en Colombia, incluyó 407 bienes más que no deberán pagar arancel para su importación al país.

Empresarios ahorrarían 1,2 billones de pesos con 407 bienes sin arancel

Quince emprendimientos colombianos cautivan a JP Morgan y a Endeavor. Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered. Fintech, Open Source, and Emerging Markets. Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton is a communications strategy consultant and writer.

Fintech, Open Source, and Emerging Markets

Her prior work client-side in decision support, marketing and research informs her current consulting practice to help companies optimize business performance. As a data warrior, her conclusions are evidence-based. She brings data to life with insights, leveraging graphics and visualizations. Digitizing the state: Five tasks for national governments. Public authorities cannot build great digital services on their own.

Digitizing the state: Five tasks for national governments

They need national governments to provide the right conditions for them to succeed. For some countries, the provision of comprehensive digital public services is no longer just an aspiration. In Estonia, for instance, the only services that still require a personal interaction with a civil servant are marriage, divorce, and real-estate purchases. In other nations, too, public authorities are building digital services that are just as compelling as the products of leading Internet companies. Unleash Your Potential – Online Course Program – FutureLearn. Fundraising for Start Ups. <p>Unable to play video.

Fundraising for Start Ups

Please enable JavaScript or consider upgrading your browser. </p> Captions Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window. Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Thinking & Action. Career Success. Miríadax - Digital Skills for Career Growth. ¿Cuál era la rutina diaria de los genios? Este gráfico compara sus hábitos creativos con los tuyos.

30 cursos gratis y en línea para que seas un experto en los negocios. La nueva economía digital en América Latina y el Caribe. Thinking & Acting like an Entrepreneur. The most noteworthy startups and entrepreneurs of our day are known for bucking trends in business and leadership.

Thinking & Acting like an Entrepreneur

New ventures often position themselves in a way that forces their more established competitors to react and rethink the fundamentals of their original value proposition. The advantage of these new players often lies in a different management approach compared with large, more established companies. You can learn to think like these innovators too. From this course, you’ll better understand the typical process entrepreneurs follow when launching a new venture, thereby helping you to adequately respond to upcoming threats through newly established companies.

The course introduces the decision-making process of successful entrepreneurs and specifies how it differs from that of managers in large companies, identifying common patterns. Besides the online lectures, participants will engage in a series of homework exercises and tutorials. Lánzate a la Innovación con Design Thinking. La nueva economía digital en América Latina y el Caribe. How to generate 20 potential business ideas in 10 minutes. Just because you haven't been struck with inspiration yet doesn't mean you can't start a business.

How to generate 20 potential business ideas in 10 minutes

Flickr / Luigi Mengato If you're looking for a business idea, here's some reassuring advice: It doesn't have to be revolutionary. You don't have to think up the next Amazon or Paypal or LinkedIn. In fact, the best place to start is with the things you already know. That's according to GrowthLab and I Will Teach You to Be Rich CEO Ramit Sethi.

Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies. Discover the power of business blockchains and distributed ledger technologies with an overview of Hyperledger and introductions to its key frameworks.

Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies

All over the global market there are ledgers that organizations and individuals alike must trust. Blockchain technologies record promises, trades, transactions or simply items we never want to disappear, allowing everyone in an ecosystem to keep a copy of the common system of record. This introductory course is carefully curated for both nontechnical and technical audiences. It examines blockchains for the enterprise and a number of pertinent use cases from Hyperledger, a global cross-industry community of communities hosted by The Linux Foundation and advancing business blockchain technologies. Hyperledger is incubating and promoting enterprise grade, open source business blockchain software, on top of which anyone can set up apps to meet cross-industry needs.


Lánzate a la Innovación con Design Thinking. The Digital Economy: Finance for Business Growth - Online Course. Every business needs cash to grow and develop.

The Digital Economy: Finance for Business Growth - Online Course

Some businesses are able to find enough cash from their own operations to take advantage of growth opportunities. Others might need to use external sources of finance, like a bank loan. Una ventana para soñar. Why a Blog Gets You Further than an MBA. Is earning an MBA worth it?

Why a Blog Gets You Further than an MBA

Each year, thousands of students ask this very question, yet find conflicting advice. Related: Mark Cuban: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Starting a Business Certainly, on paper, MBA graduates earn more. ALDEA, el programa que conecta emprendedores con mentores, inversionistas y entidades de crédito. La economía compartida, ¿Es compartida? Hace apenas 10 años, si una persona quería aprender otro idioma no tenía más remedio que pagar un curso o un tutor en las cercanías de su casa; hoy día con solo unos clicks puede contratar en Preply a un hablante nativo del idioma buscado, a miles de kilómetros de distancia.

Meet Wolfgang, The Agency Aiming To Bridge The Divide Between Creative And Consulting. But award-winning ad execs Mike Geiger, Seema Miller, and Colin Jeffery see another opportunity, one for a new type of agency. The three announced their departure from David & Goliath back in November–where Geiger served as chief digital officer, Miller was chief strategy officer, and Jeffery was chief creative officer and managing partner. Instead of trying to jam two industry cultures together, they’ve launched a new agency called Wolfgang to better bridge the divide between creative advertising and strategic consulting. “When we decided we wanted to start something new, we started to think about a new, more relevant model,” says Geiger, who served as JWT North America’s president and chief integration officer for three years, before becoming joining D&G last January.

“The problem we see with, say, Deloitte or Accenture buying a creative shop is that they have completely different cultures and DNA. ¿Qué es HackForGood? – HackForGood. HackForGood es un evento promovido por Telefónica y organizado junto a la ETSI de Telecomunicación de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, la Fundación HazloPosible y la startup MashmeTV con el apoyo de la Red de Cátedras Telefónica en el que Hackers ForGood de toda España proponen retos y desarrollan soluciones para construir un mundo mejor. ¿Qué es un Hacker ForGood? Reports. Forbes Welcome.

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