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Blog - Dan Koe. DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online (1st Edition): Brunson, Russell, Kennedy, Dan: 9781630474775: Books. Libro - La Estrategia Emergente. Damodaran YT Channel. ETH Colombia - Project Funding. Moodle. You’ve got a great idea for a small business, but how do you turn it into a reality? This ExpertTrack will arm you with the skills to develop your business idea into a commercial proposition, supported by a viable business plan. Popular TV shows such as Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank have shown how easy it is for budding business owners to make mistakes.

Over eight weeks, experts from The Open University (OU) will guide you through the tools and techniques to create a robust business plan that will prepare you for business success and address key challenges faced by entrepreneurs when embarking on new ventures. Learn how to influence stakeholders and access resources Starting a new business is different from running an existing one because it’s likely that you’re bringing something new or unique to the market. Develop entrepreneurial skills to achieve business success Your journey as an entrepreneur will throw you many challenges. The entrepreneur's guide for beginners. Crea un plan de empresa para tu tienda online. Doing Business in Latin America.

Join us in the course Doing Business in Latin America. In this course, you will learn about the characteristics of the biggest multilatinas, how they have built their domestic and international competitive advantage, and you will identify which are the challenges and innovations to achieve the sustainability of their superior economic performance. The course includes videos presenting and explaining the topics, learning and evaluation activities, interviews, reviews, reports, and additional bibliography. Assessment activities are designed so that you get feedback, which is saved in the platform, so that you can pick up where you left off when you go online again. Our educational focus enables meaningful and practical learning, in which students build knowledge through their own reflection, their own experience, and genuine cooperation with others.

All the learning activities on the course were designed with these principles as a basis. Life-global. Programa en Desarrollo de nuevas empresas.

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