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Welcome to RIAForge Welcome to RIAForge 1. cfpayment Generalized API for interfacing payment gateways for credit card, EFT, ACH and other payment processing Updated March 31, 2014 by Brian Ghidinelli List gateways and proven track record. 2.
I build tools, tools to help you collect, tools to help you understand, tools to help you communicate—tools that can help you run a more informed business. Building software tools is a craft & as a craftsman I obsess over every aspect of how software is forged—from algorithms to data structures; architectural patterns in code to system architectures; distribution to virtualization; automating tests and builds to automating infrastructures and deployments; unit testing code to testing systems for security; programming interfaces to user interfaces. Over the years, I’ve tried to learn & master these & other skills that go into making robust, fast, easy to use, secure software that doesn’t cost a fortune to develop and maintain. While retaining the above broad perspective, I’ve tried to focus on 3 specific areas that I find interesting: FlexBox: A directory of Adobe Flex components FlexBox: A directory of Adobe Flex components
flexlib - Project Hosting on Google Code The FlexLib project is a community effort to create open source user interface components for Adobe Flex 2, 3 and 4. Current components: AdvancedForm, Base64Image, EnhancedButtonSkin, CanvasButton, ConvertibleTreeList, Draggable Slider, Fire, Highlighter, HorizontalAxisDataSelector IconLoader, ImageMap, PromptingTextArea, PromptingTextInput, Scrollable Menu Controls, SuperTabNavigator, Alternative Scrolling Canvases, Horizontal Accordion, TreeGrid, FlowBox, Docking ToolBar, Flex Scheduling Framework See the Full Component List. Browse the documentation, download the source code, or learn How to Contribute to the project. flexlib - Project Hosting on Google Code
FlexBox: A directory of Adobe Flex components
3.10.4 Exercice 4