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How To Create An API? (10 Tutorials) Behind almost every successful web application, there is an as they simply help the main application to spread into others & reached by more users. Also, an API-enabled application using the API itself. In order to for your web application, here are . But before that, you may want to checkout the video: How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters by Google. AppsAmuck iPhone Development Tutorials and Examples. Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Open Feedback Publishing System (OFPS) is now retired.

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Thank you to the authors and commenters who participated in the program. OFPS was an O'Reilly experiment that demonstrated the benefits of bridging the gap between private manuscripts and public blogs. Readers gained access to in-progress O'Reilly manuscripts and were able to communicate suggestions with the authors, follow others' comments, and directly participate in the development of new books. Additionally, authors published their in-progress work whenever they thought it ready for public comment and were able to update the site with new versions as the content was improved. Many of the book projects that were in OFPS have been migrated to the Atlas Reader.

Iphone Web Application Creator - create your web application online. Iwac the first Iphone SDK online. Design your mobile websites and mobile applications Iwac is a SDK for iPhone usable online. The SDK is available for PC/Mac or Linux OS, directly usable online (without setup or downloading). [Dossier] Comment créer l'application iPhone de son site ou blog : le kit complet ! FrontPage. PhoneGap Wiki The PhoneGap Wiki is a homegrown, organic, free-range breed of articles about PhoneGap and the greater Mobile Web. 1.


Project Setup 1.1 Project Setup in the Cloud. Créer une application iPhone sans programmation. 30+ Tools for Building Mobile Apps (+ Poll!) Over a year ago, we posted a round-up of DIY mobile development tools entitled "13 Tools for Building Your Own iPhone App," which has been one of our long-standing top posts of all time.

30+ Tools for Building Mobile Apps (+ Poll!)

Clearly, there's interest in this area. But focusing on just "DIY" tools for just the iPhone platform is an outdated way of looking at mobile development, if we do say so ourselves. Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Symbian and other platforms are now important considerations too, as is the mobile Web itself. Plus, there is a wide range of services supporting mobile development all the way from DIY kits up to developer-friendly, cross-platform SDKs. Convertir son site internet en application Iphone (et Andro?d) Développer une application iPhone/Android en 2 minutes - Innovation Web - Mobile. iWebKit – Make a quality iPhone Website or Webapp. SproutCore - Home. API Dashboard: ProgrammableWeb. API.