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Programming Scala

Programming Scala
Open Feedback Publishing System (OFPS) is now retired. Thank you to the authors and commenters who participated in the program. OFPS was an O'Reilly experiment that demonstrated the benefits of bridging the gap between private manuscripts and public blogs. Readers gained access to in-progress O'Reilly manuscripts and were able to communicate suggestions with the authors, follow others' comments, and directly participate in the development of new books. Additionally, authors published their in-progress work whenever they thought it ready for public comment and were able to update the site with new versions as the content was improved. Many of the book projects that were in OFPS have been migrated to the Atlas Reader.

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» Quick starting Scalatra or In which I discover Scalatra and sbt Everything's Beta Over the weekend, I was researching various frameworks for implementing a REST API. Although I had already started the implementation using Tornado, I wanted to see what else was out there. And am I glad I looked. I discovered Scalatra which seems to be exactly what I was looking for; a lightweight, sinatra-esque way to map URLs to actions that easily lends itself to testing. I especially like the uber-readable way the tests are written. Who wouldn’t want to write tests like this?

Save For Web, Simply Since "The Mysterious Save For Web Color Shift," I've received 200 comments and weekly emails about the theory. Thanks to readers, I've learned a lot about the original issue, and (perhaps, more importantly) how to explain it. TO RECAP: In the post, I suggested dumping some of Photoshop's color management settings (by choosing your monitor profile in Color Settings) and saving without ICC profiles.

Monitoring Asterisk via SNMP » Open Solutions While Asterisk’s SNMP table is quite limited, it is still very useful. Yesterday we committed a complete Asterisk MIB implementation to OSS_SNMP. Once you have that working, you can query Asterisk over SNMP really easily as follows: $host = new \OSS_SNMP\SNMP( $asteriskIP, $community ); echo "Asterisk version: " . $host->useAsterisk()->version(); echo "Active calls: " . Latest Free Screencasts from Creating a Bookmarklet with Remote JavaScript Code → In this quick free JavaScript video tutorial we'll show you how to load in a remote JavaScript file in to a bookmarklet. View Episode → Creating a Simple Bookmarklet → In this quick free JavaScript screencast we'll show you what a bookmarklet is, and how to create one.

SwipeView SwipeView is the super simple solution to endless seamlessly loopable carousels for the mobile browser. It’s memory conservative as it uses only three elements at any given time, it’s smooth as velvet since it takes advantage of hardware acceleration, it’s bandwidth friendly with its 1.5kb minified/gzipped footprint. Project info Last code update: 2012.08.25 – v1.0Device compatibility: Safari, Firefox, Opera, iPhone/Ipod touch >=4.x, iPad >=3.2, Android >=2.3QR Code opens demo page. Support development If this script saved your day and you wish to support future developments you may consider sending some funds via PayPal or Flattr.

Effective Scala Table of Contents Other languages 日本語Русский简体中文 Hexagonal Grids This page includes interactive diagrams that require your browser to have SVG and Javascript enabled. Hexagons are 6-sided polygons. Regular hexagons have all the sides (edges) the same length. Calling using Google Asterisk communicates with Google Voice and Google Talk using the chan_motif Channel Driver and the res_xmpp Resource module. Before proceeding, please ensure that both are compiled and part of your installation. Compilation of res_xmpp and chan_motif for use with Google Talk / Voice are dependant on the iksemel library files as well as the OpenSSL development libraries presence on your system.

File: HAML_REFERENCE Haml is a markup language that’s used to cleanly and simply describe the HTML of any web document, without the use of inline code. Haml functions as a replacement for inline page templating systems such as PHP, ERB, and ASP. However, Haml avoids the need for explicitly coding HTML into the template, because it is actually an abstract description of the HTML, with some code to generate dynamic content. Features Whitespace active Well-formatted markup DRY Follows CSS conventions Integrates Ruby code Implements Rails templates with the .haml extension

CSS Paged Media - @page Rule Paged media differ from continuous media in that the content of the document is split into one or more discrete pages. Paged media includes paper, transparencies, pages that are displayed on computer screens, etc. The CSS2 standard introduces some basic pagination control features that let authors help the browser figure out how to best print their documents. Roundup: Scala for Java Refugees 13 Feb 2008 To be honest, I’m somewhat kicking myself for writing this post. As I’ve said many times: roundup posts are for people who are too lazy to write real content. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve come across which have a roundup-to-post ratio of easily 3:1. You know it’s a bad sign when sites start having roundups of their roundups… Meta-roundups aside, I decided (after much deliberation) that a single post linking to all six parts of the series would be useful to one or two people.

Stop Redesigning And Start Tuning Your Site Instead Advertisement In my nearly two decades as an information architect, I’ve seen my clients flush away millions upon millions of dollars on worthless, pointless, “fix it once and for all” website redesigns. All types of organizations are guilty: large government agencies, Fortune 500s, not-for-profits and (especially) institutions of higher education. Worst of all, these offending organizations are prone to repeating the redesign process every few years like spendthrift amnesiacs. AgentLogin() Allows call agent login. AgentLogin([agentid][,options]) Logs the current caller (optionally identified through agentid) into the queue as a call agent.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example Michael Hartl Contents Foreword My former company (CD Baby) was one of the first to loudly switch to Ruby on Rails, and then even more loudly switch back to PHP (Google me to read about the drama).

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