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iPad. Classe inversée. 3 keys to a flipped classroom. If you are planning to use the ‘flipped classroom’, then you might want to think about a few key ideas.

3 keys to a flipped classroom

Background: On Connected Principals Jonathan Martin has written a couple posts on the Flipped Classroom. TIC Éducation JB. Les TêtesActiv. Vidéos de Nadine Tanguay pour ActivInspire. OpenClipArt. Technology - How to Make Instructables. Teacher Resources. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Teacher Resources

If you leave JavaScript disabled, you will only access a portion of the content we are providing. <a href="/science-fair-projects/javascript_help.php">Here's how. </a> Teacher's Guide to Science Projects The Teacher's Guide to Science Projects was developed to provide teachers with everything they need to assign, manage, and evaluate a science project program in the classroom, including lots of tips to make a science project a fun educational experience.

Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools. Education, loisirs éducatifs, Cité des Sciences, Palais de la découverte. Free Technology for Teachers. Proverbes chinois et pensées chinoises.