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Epicstream. Frank Frazetta, the legendary comic book artist known for his works with Conan the Barbarian and the Molly Hatchet album cover, created some impressive fantasy illustrations that catapulted him to fame.


His works for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were originally published as a limited (to 1,000) numbered and signed portfolio in 1975, which capture J.R.R. How I sketch people by Alena Kudryashova - Drawing Technique. How to Draw Trees in 3D by Fine Art-Tips - Drawing Technique. Impressive New Longest Building Project. Michelle Morin - -Google. Construction Techniques: 18 Intricate Examples of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery. We tend to think of knowledge in terms of progressive accumulation, with each succeeding generation having more information at its disposal than the one that came before it.

Construction Techniques: 18 Intricate Examples of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery

What is less recognized, however, is the knowledge that gets lost in the course of progress. In architecture, particularly, little attention is paid to the way in which the standardization of building practices led to craftsman techniques falling by the wayside. __ DOMINIQUE APPIA __ Mbas - -Google. Basquiat - -Google. 5 BASIC RULES OF SHADING by creosfera - Drawing Technique. Drawing Technique Home Unlabelled 5 BASIC RULES OF SHADING by creosfera.

5 BASIC RULES OF SHADING by creosfera - Drawing Technique

Performance Artist Stood Still For 6 Hours to Let People Do What They Wanted to Her Body. Some ways to use it! by ColoringKaria - Drawing Technique. Stunning Miniatures by Joshua Smith. Dmitry Rogozhkin. - -Google. The world of our future: Nature and Technology unites in AUJIK video works – Cube Breaker. Our vivid, contemporary reality constantly offers new visual materials with unexpected concepts.

The world of our future: Nature and Technology unites in AUJIK video works – Cube Breaker

Modern audience seems to be prepared for all kinds of artistic encounters. But still the multilayered approach and skillful representation of the work of the mysterious group that operates under the title AUJIK is a jolt of fresh air. Their mesmerizing video works are pieces of art which balance between science fiction, architecture, biology and spirituality. This Movie of Marble Being Quarried is Truly Mesmerizing. When Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani set out to capture the carefully orchestrated process of extracting marble from a quarry in the Italian Alps, he had some pretty wonderful material to work with.

This Movie of Marble Being Quarried is Truly Mesmerizing

Gigantic blocks of marble are carved out like enormous sugar cubes, cleaved from the mountainside with the careful encouragement of huge diggers — monstrous machines dwarfed by the otherworldly landscape that surrounds them. Check out the magical movie below … "ll Capo” (Excerpt) by Yuri Ancarani - NOWNESS from NOWNESS. One man, Il Capo ("The Chief"), conducts the entire operation with subtle but decisive hand movements — a flick of the wrist here, a clenched fist there — and the 20-ton blocks slide gracefully to the floor like calving glaciers, ready to be taken away for further processing.

(The artist spent a year filming these surreal scenes on Monte Bettolgi in the Apuan Alps, and the resulting footage was exhibited at London's Whitechapel Gallery last fall.) Via Nowness. Afro-futuristic editorial draws inspiration from the space race and social change of the 1960s. Inspired by the 1960 collision between fashion, space exploration, and the social change of the time, the World Geometric ‘Space Age’ editorial aims to harness the free-spiritedness of the time and pay tribute to French fashion designer André Courrèges.

Afro-futuristic editorial draws inspiration from the space race and social change of the 1960s

Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture. The Tinkering Studio. Stuff You Can't Have. How Bernini Captured the Power of Human Sexuality in Stone. NOWNESS.

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Cats Tattooing Each Other In Surreal Japanese Ink Wash Paintings. Koma6. Aoyama Square. מודלים מכאנים להרכבה עצמית מבית UGEARS ישראל - דף הבית. 2016 Year in Logos on Fubiz. Suite et fin de notre bilan artistique de fin d’année, après ceux dédiés au design, à la publicité, ou au noir et blanc, entre autres.

2016 Year in Logos on Fubiz

Une sélection des meilleurs projets de logos publiés en 2016 sur Fubiz, dans lesquels les designers s’y sont donné à coeur joie, bien souvent avec une touche d’humour bien sentie. If Brands Logos Had Been Designed by Famous Artists Le graphiste italien Francesco Vittorioso s’est amusé à imaginer les logos des plus célèbres marques internationales s’ils avaient été commandés à des artistes renommés. Au programme : Magritte, Modigliani, Picasso ou encore Van Gogh. המסע האחרון של צ'רלי מגירה. רועי היא ויקטוריה. It Took 125 Years To Notice Something Extraordinary In A Painting Millions Have Seen. Vincent Van Gogh died having sold just one painting during his lifetime.

It Took 125 Years To Notice Something Extraordinary In A Painting Millions Have Seen

He committed suicide with little recognition of his life’s work, and we're only just beginning to realize what a true genius he really was. His famous 1889 painting, "The Starry Night" — where light and clouds flow in turbulent swirls on the night sky, is something that everyone has seen, with his beautiful use of flowing light absolutely hypnotic. C'est dommage : Photo. AFU CHAN - ILLUSTRATION. C'est dommage : Photo. Psstzine. C'est dommage. Benjamin Marra’s ‘American Psycho’ Comics Now Available As Broadsheet Newspaper [Preview]

15+ Cartoonists Around The World Illustrate How They Feel About Trump Becoming President. Artist Leaves Funny Signs Around City For People To Find (15+ Pics) KINGDOM OF COLOURS. Ammar khammash instrument - -Google. שביל בצד 40: אלבומי האינדי הכי טובים של 2016. מונטאן ורוזנבלום. Udo Kier: Solace. For 50 years, whenever arthouse directors have been looking for a villain or a vampire, a deviant or a desperado, they dial U for Udo.

Udo Kier: Solace

Mitski / Puberty 2 out June 17 on Dead Oceans. הפתעה: גם מעלים רטובים אפשר לעשות אמנות מרהיבה – אלכסון. Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. Daily Motion - Vladi Espinoza Photography. This Fantastic Pencil Art Tutorial Shows How To Draw The Perfect Skull. Dali alice. Carroll, L. and Burstein, M., et al., eds. Dalí, S.;: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (150th Anniversary Edition) (eBook and Hardcover). Commemorating the 150th anniversary of one of the most beloved classics of children’s literature, this illustrated edition presents Alice like you’ve never seen her before.

Carroll, L. and Burstein, M., et al., eds. Dalí, S.;: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (150th Anniversary Edition) (eBook and Hardcover).

In 1865, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, an Oxford mathematician and Anglican deacon, published a story about a little girl who tumbles down a rabbit hole. Thus was the world first introduced to Alice and her pseudonymous creator, Lewis Carroll. This beautiful new edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland features rarely seen illustrations by Salvador Dalí that illuminate the surreal yet curiously logical and mathematical realm into which Alice famously falls. In an informative and wide-ranging introduction, Carroll expert Mark Burstein discusses Dalí’s connections with Carroll, his treatment of the symbolic figure of Alice, and the mathematical nature of Wonderland. Amazon. Walk Through Walls by Marina Abramovic. “Candidly and vividly sharing her personal struggles as well as her artistic and spiritual discoveries, Abramovic presents a uniquely intense and affecting art memoir.”

—Booklist, starred review “Enchanting and emotionally raw, Walk Through Walls is an honest, gripping, and profound look into the heart and brilliant mind of one of the quintessential artists of the postmodern era.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review. Efficient and Beautiful Metro Maps of World’s Main Cities. It's Only the End of the World - Wikipedia. The film was released in Quebec and France on 21 September 2016.[7] Plot[edit] Louis, a terminally ill writer, returns home after 12 years of absence to announce his impending death to his family. Mary Komasa: Oh Lord. 1976. STEFAN KUNZ. Hand Stitched Typographic Artwork by Peter Crawley. Exclusive & New Erotic Series « Secret Eden » by Sacha Goldberger. Connu pour ses excellentes séries de photographies comme « Superhero Grandma« , le photographe parisien Sacha Goldberger est de retour avec « Secret Eden ».

Une toute nouvelle série érotique d’époque shootée dans 17 lieux, à des heures différentes de la journée. Avec une subtilité dont il a le secret, Sacha Goldberger fait varier la lumière et les 16 époques retranscrites. Point d’entrée de cette série, les diptyques se superposent pour former une toute nouvelle histoire. Déjà exposés au Grand Palais et à Paris Photo, et est exposée en ce moment à la School Gallery à Paris jusqu’au 23 décembre. Découvrez l’ensemble des clichés du photographe ci-dessous. Some Photographs of That Day. הסרט הקצר של האנימטורים מ"פיקסאר": הצצה קודרת לנבכי הנפש האנושית - קולנוע.

Sublime and Toxic Transcendent Landscapes.


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