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5 Artists to Follow If You Like Jean-Michel Basquiat. Malian artist Amadou Sanogo’s work explores themes of social and political injustice.

5 Artists to Follow If You Like Jean-Michel Basquiat

Focused on the human experience, his work often depicts a central figure whose body is contorted in shape, wearing a pained expression or altogether headless, representing a lack of vision among political leaders. Prior to studying painting at the Institut National des Arts in Bamako, Sanogo studied the traditional technique of Bogolan, the iconic fabric of Malian culture. He maintains a connection to the textile tradition in his practice by painting on found and repurposed fabrics.

Sanogo seeks to develop his own visual language, and intentionally leaves his work appearing unfinished, rejecting perfectionism and embracing the flaws in the human subjects he paints. Sanogo has recently garnered attention for his plans to open an arts center in the Koulouba neighborhood of Bamako, the capital of Mali. Kunstmal Berlin GmbH / Official Homepage.

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