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Extended Environments Markup Language: EEML. Connecting environments, patching the planet. XBee Programming Arduino Wirelessly. Minimum parts needed: (see Tom Igoe's parts list for additional details) Two 5-15VDC power supplies.

XBee Programming Arduino Wirelessly

Radio Shack sells 4AA Battery Holders that are convenient for remote 3.3 Volt circuits. Two XBee OEM RF Modules soldered to breakout boards (as shown here, steps 1 & 2 only ) One setup to connect an XBee the serial (or USB) port on your computer. My example circuit for XBee firmware uploads works great for this purpose. An Arduino set up on a breadboard 3.3V regulator 2N2222A transistor (or similar) LEDs Assorted wires. The World Famous Index of Arduino & Freeduino Knowledge.