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Morbid Anatomy. BodySpaceSociety. Nursing Clio. Science, Medicine, and Anthropology. A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton. The Chirurgeon's Apprentice. The Sociological Imagination. Sociological Images » Seeing is Believing. Sociology Lens » news. resources. commentary. Nudge yourself better: how to become your own Choice Architect. by Roger Tyers, 3 days ago at 11:00 am By: Adam GaultCollection: OJO My PhD research is about changing people’s behaviour – how to make people lead better, greener, more sustainable lives.

Sociology Lens » news. resources. commentary.

A key part of my outlook is how insights from so-called ‘Nudge’ theory might be used to foster change in individuals. Who better to use as an individual case study, than myself? The basic premise of Nudge is that we can improve people’s behaviour not just through the old-fashioned interventions of the State like taxing things or making things illegal: ‘shoving’ people to comply; but by subtly ‘nudging’ people to make better choices, whilst still allowing them the freedom to make bad ones. (more…) Avery Gordon’s “Ghostly Matters” and the Haunting of Sociological Research by rademacher, 4 days ago at 07:00 am Source: Ghostly Matters by Avery F.

I recently stumbled upon a unique analysis of the construction of social reality. (more…) Source: Montclair SocioBlog. Cyborgology » humanity meets technology. On Pharrell’s “Happy” by robinjames, 2 days ago at 05:00 am I find Pharrell’s massive hit “Happy” really, really irritating.

Cyborgology » humanity meets technology

And, for that reason, I love it. In the same way that The Sex Pistols were Malcolm McLaren’s massive joke on us, this song is, I think, Pharrell’s attempt to pull a fast one on the economy of viral “upworthiness”–an economy that, as David has shown, is really racist. (more…) #TtW14 Panel Preview: Tales From the Script by davidbanks, 4 days ago at 12:48 pm Presider: Michael Connor (@michael_connor) Hashmod: Annie Wang (@annieyilingwang) This is the one post in a series of Panel Previews for the upcoming Theorizing the Web conference (#TtW14) in NYC. Each presentation in this panel considers very different case studies but all are deeply interested in the standards, practices, and assumptions that undergird our augmented society. More fumbling toward a theory of digital abandonment/ruin.

The Health Culture. Just another WordPress site. Sociological Images » Seeing is Believing. A space to explore, share and shape the issues facing social scientists. Everyday Sociology Blog. Centre for Parenting Culture Studies. On this blog you will find details about our favourite published work, details of events and discussions, and research projects by CPCS associates. Use the buttons at the top to visit the different areas of the Blog. Follow CPCS on twitter for up-to-the minute news, ‘like‘ us on facebook, or subscribe to our bulletin by emailing Dr Ellie Lee Our book ‘Parenting Culture Studies’ has now been published Why have the minutiae of how parents raise their children become routine sources of public debate and policy making?

This book provides in-depth answers to these features drawing on a wide range of sources from sociology, history, anthropology and psychology, covering developments in both Europe and North America. An introductory film about the book by Dr Ellie Lee can be seen here, as well as about the individual chapters here. Report post.