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The Massive Dev Chart: B/W Film Development Times, Processing Data. Picklish - Let Your Photos Play. Carbonmade: Your online portfolio. PhotoShelter™ - Archive, Buy, Sell Photographs. A N I M O T O: the end of slideshows. TinEye. Welcome to Strobist. This website is about one thing: Learning how to use off-camera flash with your DSLR to take your photos to the next level.

Welcome to Strobist.

Or the next ten levels. If you are a complete beginner at lighting, you are in the right place. Strobist's Free Lighting 101 course starts from absolute zero, and is widely considered to be the best resource of its kind on the web. Over 4,000,000 photographers from all around the world have taken the plunge before you. Come on in, the water's fine. You probably already have most of what you need to start creating kickass photos with your own small flash, and all of the information on this site is free. Already familiar with small-flash lighting gear and techniques? And since lighting is not a destination but rather a journey, bookmark Strobist's front page for the occasional new dose of lighting-related learning and fun.

Got questions? Join the over 100,000 people in the Strobist group on Flickr and fire away. Okay then, pick a place to jump in: - s8 reversal lab - 180+ Resources sites to download Royalty Free Stock images. By Sri Ganesh.M | Jan 30, 2010 | Share if you Like it ! Everyone like photographs and like to mix with your creative work in design community.we have to be aware of copyright policy of every image we use.

-some images are to be paid and some are free. We need high resolution images for our work which is royalty free and can be used for Personal and commercial purpose. so here i have mentioned some Resource list for royalty free stock images. “even now some users does n`t care about copyright / license of that particular images and later they suffer from them, its better to see the license of the image and move ahead in your work”. My favorite - Morguefile OpenPhoto site Here is the Quick Link to various sites : Just Bookmark it Update : We came to the end of this post and here you can get more resource list :40 sources to download free stock images By using our BR0-001 pdf and 642-637 e-book facility, you can carry your 642-813 prep solutions anywhere along with you. Online image editor pixlr free - fix photos direct in your browser. PhotoKit Color.

Click HERE to find out about PhotoKit Color 2.0.

PhotoKit Color

PhotoKit Color applies precise color corrections, automatic color balancing and creative coloring effects. PhotoKit Color offers a comprehensive set of coloring tools for Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS2 for both Macintosh and Windows. Runs in 16 bits/channel in Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS2. Color plays a huge role in how we perceive and describe the world we see, so it’s hardly surprising that one of the first things we want to do to a photograph when we bring it into Photoshop is to adjust accurately or play creatively with the color in the image. Photographers in particular have long desired to reproduce traditional photographic processes digitally using Photoshop. Rsizr - intelligent image resizing. Exposure-Mat - Free Light Meter.