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Edcamp Foundation sur Twitter : "Great news! @GatesFoundation gives #Edcamp two million dollar grant to support continued growth of participant-driven PD #edcampusa" +AnibalPachecoIT sur Twitter : "The Complete Guide: #edcamp #gwinchat... How toedcamp. EdcampIndy Session Folder. Video Production. About this webmix : Resources for student news crews and supervisors to learn more about composition, storytelling, video editing, and more. last updated at: Apr 24, 2015 3:51:47 PM Using the Rule of Thirds to ..

Video Production

Framing your shot - YouTube On how I approach strangers Composing Your Shot with You.. Becoming Fearless on Camera Build a Quick and Simple Sof.. How Shoot Great Video: 23 vi.. Symbaloo-ers that viewed the webmix above, also viewed: EdcampIndy 2015 Participant/Contact List. Edcamp Fort Wayne [july 23 twenty15] Jenn Brower sur Twitter : "Let's not forget #stopmotion apps! #edcampindy... Jenn Brower sur Twitter : "Want to help Ss make cool videos on iPads? Here are few of my fav apps #edcampindy...

MiniEdcamp - Do It Yourself PD - Google Docs. Mygeekodyssey. Conference on a Couch Registration, Danville. Google Forms - More Than Just Multiple Choice. EdCamp. Edcamp - edcamp Indy. Susie Highley sur Twitter : "My #CelebrateMonday is 130+ educators registered for #edcampIndy June 12! Register #INeLearn. EdCampIndy Tickets, Indianapolis. Invalid quantity.

edCampIndy Tickets, Indianapolis

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#Edcamp Events Do Not Have Keynotes. I chat with Edcamp organizers all the time.

#Edcamp Events Do Not Have Keynotes

Edcamp organizers are some of the most brilliant, dedicated, innovative people on earth. They see problems as opportunities and are able to create genuine excitement around learning and professional growth. It amazes me every day. With that, I wanted to bring you the answer to one of the most common Edcamp organizer questions: Can Edcamp events have a keynote? Quite simply... the answer is NO. Confused? Here's the rationale: Edcamp events are based on the tenets of unconferences and Open Space Technology. If everything is determined on the morning of the event, then it's impossible to have a pre-planned keynote. Now, I love a good keynote as much as the next person. TeachersFirst Materials Request. uTEC Maker Model. He uTEC Maker Model visualizes the developmental stages of creativity from individuals and groups as they develop from passively using a system or process to the ultimate phase of creativity and invention.

uTEC Maker Model

As illustrated in the model below, there arefour levels of expertise. A Makerspace participant begins at the Using level. A User enjoys engaging in an activity to sample something new. Here individuals or groups use a tool, device, or program in the way—and for the purpose— the inventor intended. The User followsthrough an experience, re-creating something others have already created. Examples include learning how to, then playing the computer game, playing the musical score, or using a software program pretty much the way it was designed to be used.

We recognize high levels of skill and perhaps even addictive behaviors on the part of these consumers, but they are still just at the consuming level. At the top, or Creating level, success, independent thinking, and action occur. Bring passion to the classroom with Genius Hour. Every student has a passion project inside, waiting to emerge if invited to do so.

Bring passion to the classroom with Genius Hour

These dreams lie just beneath the surface, built on experiences and stories, fears and achievement. They just need a spark to catch fire. It is the job of teachers and other adults to provide that spark. We need to give our students the opportunity to shatter the rules, become their own teachers and captains of their own ship on a journey where they set the destination and the route.

Genius Hour — a regular time in class during which students get to pursue their own passion projects — is a gift that opens students up to the world of their own talents and interests. How Genius Hour evolved The concept of Genius Hour emerged from some of the world’s most innovative companies, whose leaders invited employees to explore their own ideas for contributing to the organization’s success.

Dontbeanidiot. Reviews & Age Ratings - Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids. Librarians Supporting the 1:1 iPad Initiative. CybrarianJenn : #edcampindy... EdCamp Indy Tickets, Indianapolis. Singing Kumbaya at Nerdcamp. Home - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog. 2013 info edcampindy.