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How to Facebook Picture with OS X Address Book thanks to Address. Exporter for iPhoto. Languages.

Exporter for iPhoto

How to get Facebook in your inbox with NutshellMail. How to customize the new Facebook home page. How to send selective tweets to Facebook. "Nouveau Facebook = Plus d’opportunités pour les annonceurs. Impossible cette semaine de passer à côté de cette annonce majeure : Facebook lancera la semaine prochaine une nouvelle version des profils et pages annonceurs : New Facebook Home Page.

"Nouveau Facebook = Plus d’opportunités pour les annonceurs

Je ne vais pas m’étendre sur la nouvelle page profil car d’autres l’on fait avant moi, je souhaites juste corriger le fait qu’avec cette nouvelle version Facebook ne souhaite pas concurrencer Twitter mais plutôt FriendFeed (cf. With Twitter Envy, Facebook Adds (Near) Real-time Web Capabilities). Les services de social streaming sont en effet beaucoup plus proches d’un point de vue fonctionnel : agrégation social, commentaire sur les news, fonction d’appréciation “Like”… (lire à ce sujet : Socialstream, vers une hyperprésence des blogueurs ?).

Mais plutôt que de débatre sur cette nouvelle page profil, intéressons-nous plutôt à la réelle révolution de cette annonce : la refonte de la page annonceur. Les annonceurs se fondent dans la communauté Plus de pro-activité pour les annonceurs. How to friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook...safely. Oh no!

How to friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook...safely

Your mom just joined Facebook and what's even worse, she wants to be your friend. More and more people are finding themselves in this situation today and unsure of what to do. Friending mom and dad, the boss, or other work colleagues opens up the details of your private life for the whole world to see - and you might not be entirely comfortable with that. The Stanford Facebook class. AddressBookSync. How to add Facebook Connect to your blog in 8 minutes. How to deal with hyperactive friends on Facebook.

Profile Privacy. "Facebook toujours dans la tourmente" sur FredCavazza. Plus le temps passe et plus Facebook fascine autant qu’il déçoit.

"Facebook toujours dans la tourmente" sur FredCavazza.

Peut-être est-ce la conséquence de la sur-médiatisation ? Peut-être est-ce parce que les utilisateurs voient en Facebook un service révolutionnaire qui va combler les lacunes des autres (et développent ainsi des attentes irréalistes donc de la frustration) ? Peut-être est-ce parce que l’équipe est en pleine crise de croissance (trop jeune, trop petite…) ? Peut-être un peu des trois… Toujours est-il que Facebook est en ce moment fortement chahuté par la blogosphère.

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What's the Difference? Howard Greenstein is a Social Media Strategy and Marketing consultant, and President of the Harbrooke Group.

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What's the Difference?

He's also a national board member of Social Media Club. “Should I create a group or launch a Page?” It's the eternal question that gets asked as often as, “What is Twitter?” At introductory social media training classes. Ever since Facebook launched their Pages product as part of their larger advertising strategy (along with the ill-fated Beacon) in November 2007, there has been confusion over which to use. Why is Vin Diesel so popular on Facebook? It's the authenci. With all due respect, I wouldn’t put Vin Diesel in the upper echelon of movie actors.

Why is Vin Diesel so popular on Facebook? It's the authenci

But on Facebook, the Fast & Furious star is second to none among the Hollywood elite. He’s currently adding hundreds of thousands of fans daily, and with more than 3.4 million of them at the moment, the only person bigger than Diesel on Facebook is President Obama. How’s he doing it? Simple: authenticity.It’s really one of the first lessons you hear over and over again when talking about marketing your brand in social media – whether it’s a company or a person – but so many stars still put their brand in the hands of professional managers on sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Diesel appears to have been doing this too – up until about a month ago when his updates went from standard fare – clips of TV appearances and an event schedule – to authentic updates and interaction from the star. At this point, Diesel is probably most analogous to Shaq on Twitter. How to download Facebook photo albums to the desktop with a clic. How to : 20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know.

How to use Facebook Chat from the Desktop without opening Facebo. 5 Lessons Celebrities Can Teach Us About Facebook Pages. Dan Schawbel is the bestselling author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success (Kaplan, April 09), and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog.

5 Lessons Celebrities Can Teach Us About Facebook Pages

Celebrities have officially taken over social networks and are using them to connect with fans and promote their movies, albums and other products. The recent redesign of Facebook Pages has presented celebrities with a great opportunity to engage their fan base and amass hundreds of thousands, if not millions of fans. While it seems very few big name celebrities are actually using Facebook as a tool to build their own brands and gather their large followings, there are a few who are actively networking on their Pages. Here are 5 lessons we can learn from them. 1.

Vin Diesel: As Adam Ostrow points out, with now over 7 million fans Vin Diesel is the most aggressive and authentic celebrity on Facebook. What we can learn: Be authentic and start conversations instead of just pushing promotional material. 2. 3. 4. Comment contacter l’administrateur d’une Page Facebook ? How to “friend” someone on Facebook & hide it from your stat.

I’m sure that this has happened to you before.

How to “friend” someone on Facebook & hide it from your stat

Someone you have ties to, whether it’s a co-worker, your boss, or even worse, a parent, has finally discovered social networking and wants to be your newest Facebook friend. For me personally, that’s no big deal. I’m fairly open about my online activities. Everything I write, Digg, or otherwise share goes through my FriendFeed to my Twitter then ultimately onto my Facebook (my, that sounds naughty). Besides that, just about everyone I’d consider a co-worker is already on Facebook, and would have little issue about my other Internet activities. How to view private Facebook profiles. I’ve always had a penchant for finding flaws within supposedly secure systems.

How to view private Facebook profiles

Those sort of activities got me into a lot of trouble in high school, and certainly banned from the high school computer lab once or twice. - Face recognition for the masses. How to use Facebook privacy settings and avoid disaster. Alison Driscoll is an interactive copywriter and social media consultant who specializes in .

How to use Facebook privacy settings and avoid disaster

She authors a blog at provides users with the opportunity to share just about everything: photos, links, videos, virtual gifts and random musings in the form of status updates. Under the guise of “being social” and “maintaining transparency,” Facebook fiends post anything and everything about themselves on this now omnipresent social network. This begs the question, how much is too much? Younger generations have no problem sharing nearly every detail of their lives, but is publicly posting all this minutiae really such a good idea? The beauty of Facebook’s many features is that now you can choose what you show and to what type of people.

Segmenting your friends into lists Facebook Friend Lists can be utilized for a variety of purposes, but the biggest draw for the average user is that they can label their friends for easy adjustment of Profile Privacy Settings. 1. Photo Uploader. Facebook Group: World Leaders. Facebook Etiquette. Communiquer sur Facebook? Comment, pourquoi et enjeux. Breaking down barriers to Facebook organizing. Two years ago at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York, Eli Pariser and I took MySpace to task for censorship on their site.

We began dropping hints about an "Internet user's rights movement. " The main goal? Internet users working together (like a union) to win input into things like the "terms of service" that big sites like MySpace were able to change on a whim -- the equivalent of one side changing a contract after both sides signed. At the time, such a movement seemed far-fetched. But then, it got a little more real.

Then, this Thursday, Facebook did something very bold: They offered "users around the world an unprecedented role in determining the future policies governing the service. " Facebook, ou la force des liens faibles. Comme une partie de plus en plus importante de la jeunesse désœuvrée et rebelle à laquelle j’appartiens, je traîne à mes (rares) moments perdus sur le fameux site dont tout média de référence se doit de parler en ce moment, je veux bien évidemment parler de Facebook. Je regarde les pages de mes « friends », « poke » et « superpoke » à l’occasion, rejoins des groupes comme « j’écoute des MP3 sans chaussette » ou défend des causes qui vont de « Stop Global Warning » à « Libérez Magenta ».

Perte de temps que tout cela… Hum… pas si sûr. Le capital social (1) Voici un beau prétexte pour vous parler d’une de mes notions préférées : celle de capital social. How to write a Facebook application in 5 Minutes. Twitter to Facebook: 5 Ways to Post to Both. There once was a time when our Facebook friends wanted nothing to do with our Twitter updates. Now that Twitter is growing at an astounding rate and rounding the mainstream bend, more of our Facebook friends have developed a fancy for Twitter themselves, and it's becoming commonplace to highlight our tweets on our Facebook walls. If you're new to Twitter, or just haven't followed the Twitter to Facebook trend in recent months, we've found a few quick and easy ways to turn your tweets into status updates.

How not to be hated on Facebook., a self-described "community for love, sex, dating and relationship advice," has created an instructional video called "Facebook Manners and You. " Styled after one of those frighteningly cheery '50s educational films, the video's instructions for proper behavior on the "electric friendship generator" is funny in a hits-close-to-home way. (I mean, no it doesn't. No one has ever posted embarrassing photos of me on the Internet!) (See the 25 best blogs of 2009.) The video covers everything from how to dump someone (do not break up with your partner by changing your relationship status) to the best practices for starting a hate group (don't create an "I hate so-and-so" group.

Adobe AIR Facebook Desktop Clients. Comment gérer une Page créée par des Fans ?