Mind-Boggling Spherical Gear Made from 3D-Printed Moving Parts This object more so than anything else so far makes me realize how unbelievable the potential of 3D printing is because, while I'm personally too dumb to design and make something like it, I can also instantly recognize that despite how complicated it is it's nowhere near the limits of how complicated say, an iPhone is, like all this complexity and form and function for basically just a toy ball. So once the collective human brainpower devotes itself to this medium as a top focus the possibilities are endless. Basically if one small studio with a few people who may or may not be at the top of the design game can use the technology to make this, imagine what will happen when every small studio and every big studio and every small company and every big company and every huge company gets a hold of this and focuses on it. 12/06/13 10:25am Mind-Boggling Spherical Gear Made from 3D-Printed Moving Parts
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Prusa i3: ¿ABS, PLA, o ambos? despejamos tus dudas - Impresoras 3D Prusa i3: ¿Que material de impresión es mas adecuado? Como ya sabeis, hay varios materiales disponibles para imprimir, aunque por lo general los aficionados suelen centrarse en el uso del ABS y el PLA. En otros artículos ya hemos explicado sus características técnicas, composición, etc, así que ahora nos centraremos en sus aspectos mas prácticos, y concretamente, queremos ponerlos en relación con la Prusa i3, que ahora mismo es la impresora líder en impresoras 3d de código abierto. Pues bien, entrando ya en materia, está claro que cuando se trata de elegir entre ABS y PLA, lo cierto es que no se puede decir que uno sea mejor que el otro. Prusa i3: ¿ABS, PLA, o ambos? despejamos tus dudas - Impresoras 3D
How to Get Started with 3D Printing (Without Spending a Fortune) How to Get Started with 3D Printing (Without Spending a Fortune) I like that you included Printrbot (not "Printbot"), but characterizing PB as "low-end" is misleading. They do make an inexpensive "starter" 3D printer, but like all their designs, it is upgradeable, customizable, and very hackable. The larger Printrbots are equally capable to many RepRap designs, and the Printrboard controller is widely used in the RepRap community. (disclaimer: no affiliation with Printrbot other than user) As to the cost of the custom drawer knob: Comparing one-off prototyping costs with mass-produced generic products misses the point.
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BLOG This post is also a follow up from many emails asking me to explain the diagonal line hatching used the site analysis diagrams. There are two methods in Photoshop that I know of that can create the diagonal line hatch seen in the image above. Both options use a relatively fast workflow and are easy to execute. BLOG
ARTEFACTORYLAB ARTEFACTORYLAB Le public était là, nombreux pour observer les photos et les images d’architecture. Ils étaient là aussi pour écouter une histoire, celle d’une rencontre entre des photographes et des perspectivistes, persmans, perspecteurs ou encore réalisateurs d’images de synthèse.
Frank Gehry has long been at the forefront of technological innovation, helping to equip architecture with the means of re-imagining its horizons. Continuing in this vein is Gehry’s next big venture, which aims to transform the way that designers collaborate through the use of cloud based software. The software, dubbed GTeam, creates an online community to share work in a universal format. Frank Gehry Creates New Digital Platform To Aid In Collaboration Frank Gehry Creates New Digital Platform To Aid In Collaboration
Classics modeled with ArchiCAD - Behnisch & Partner - Munich Olympic Stadium
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LC4 – chaise lounge by Le Corbusier – 1928 | Flying Architecture
¿contribuyen las nuevas herramientas de diseño a la mejora de los modos de vida? ¿contribuyen las nuevas herramientas de diseño a la mejora de los modos de vida? La pregunta enfocada desde esa óptica resulta tan inútil como esta otra, ¿cómo ha mejorado en nuestras vidas la aparición de la llave inglesa?. No obstante, la arquitectura guarda buena memoria de cómo la aparición de instrumentos y materiales novedosos han sido capaces de introducir sorprendentes cambios de rumbo: el vínculo entre el Renacimiento y la aparición de la perspectiva, o el empleo del hormigón y el movimiento moderno son, junto a los signos de los tiempos, factores desencadenantes de sobra conocidos. Bien es cierto que al principio de toda revolución, las herramientas solo se emplean por el lujo de que existen, sin que apenas importe lograr su uso óptimo; solo por el placer del juego.
Programa Modelado utilizando librerias de processing, como la libreria desarrollada por Marious Watz (primer artista residente en MI), y otras librerias. http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2011/02/07/first-makerbot-artist-in-residence-marius-watz/ Taller de modelado 3D con Processing Taller de modelado 3D con Processing
Architecture 3D Illustrations Architecture 3D Illustrations Víctor Enrich recently shared with us his architecture 3D illustrations and visualizations. Over the years he has experimented with a variety of mediums resulting in these 3D creations. A full description of his work and further illustrations following the break. From the artist: My artistic career begins at the age of 10 designing unreal cities, with all their streets (and their street names), their buildings, their topography, their bus and subway lines and all the elements that any city has. These designs are made in 1:5000 scale, by pencil, on A4 sheets of paper creating a puzzle to reach areas of several square meters. At the age of 13, computers are discovered as well as some CAD drawing programs.
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