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The Best ADHD Management Tools. Award-winning journalist and author of “Is it You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?

The Best ADHD Management Tools

,” Gina Pera is an ardent advocate for those affected by ADHD. She works to educate people on the condition and its implications, while eradicating myths and stigma surrounding it. One thing she really wants everyone to know: There’s really no such thing as an “ADHD brain.” In other words, just about everyone can use an extra hand when managing their time, money, and even relationships in the hubbub of today’s world. Best ADHD Apps of 2019. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that is commonly associated with children, but more than 9 million American adults also live with the condition. Adult ADHD can cause problems with executive function. This means people with the condition may have a hard time initiating tasks, following through, remembering things, or managing complexity.

Many people have found success in delegating important memory and productivity tasks to their mobile devices. Apps are available to help you organize, prioritize, and build structure into your life. We’ve rounded up the best apps for ADHD to help take the load off. iPhone rating: 4.7 stars Price: $4.99 with in-app purchases Distractibility plays a big part in ADHD, but Due can set you back on track with reminders to do the important things. iPhone rating: 4.1 stars Android rating: 4.5 stars Price: Free with in-app purchases. This AI Can Detect ADHD Better than Humans. A team of researchers used a type of artificial intelligence to predict attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in patients by having it analyze magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

This AI Can Detect ADHD Better than Humans

According to a new paper published in the journal Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, their technique could also be used to spot other neurological conditions. Health care professionals have increasingly been relying on MRI scans to understand ADHD, a brain disorder that often causes patients to be restless, and makes it more difficult for them to pay attention.

More than eight percent of children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with the condition according to The American Psychiatric Association (APA). Research suggests that a breakdown in the connections between the different regions of the brain, the so-called connectome, causes ADHD. The Relationship Between ADHD and Autism. When a school-aged child can’t focus on tasks or in school, parents may think their child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The Relationship Between ADHD and Autism

Difficulty concentrating on homework? Fidgeting and difficulty sitting still? An inability to make or maintain eye contact? All of these are symptoms of ADHD. These symptoms do match what most people understand about the common neurodevelopmental disorder. What Is Hyperfocus and How Does It Affect Kids and Adults? A common symptom of ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) in children and adults is the inability to focus at length on the task at hand.

What Is Hyperfocus and How Does It Affect Kids and Adults?

Those who have ADHD are easily distracted, which makes it difficult to give sustained attention to a specific activity, assignment, or chore. ADHD Could Make You More Creative. Incorrect ADHD Diagnoses Might Come Down to a Kid's Birthday. Over the past twenty years, the rate of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnoses among children has risen dramatically.

Incorrect ADHD Diagnoses Might Come Down to a Kid's Birthday

No one is really sure whether this is due to a true increase in the incidence of AHDH, a greater ability to recognize the condition, or simply inaccurate diagnosis. Whatever the cause, researchers publishing in The New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday have found another strange factor at play: a child’s birthday. “There’s a kind of battle being waged between people who think ADHD has been historically under-diagnosed and people who think it is now being over-diagnosed,” explains study lead author Timothy Layton, Ph.D., to Inverse. Layton is an assistant professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School. Through a somewhat unorthodox research route, he and his team determined that the month that a child is born plays a role in the likelihood that a child with be diagnosed with ADHD.

The Creativity of ADHD – Scientific American. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is typically described by the problems it presents.

The Creativity of ADHD – Scientific American

It is known as a neurological disorder, marked by distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity, which begins in childhood and persists in adults. And, indeed, ADHD may have negative consequences for academic achievement, employment performance and social relationships. But ADHD may also bring with it an advantage: the ability to think more creatively. Three aspects of creative cognition are divergent thinking, conceptual expansion and overcoming knowledge constraints. Divergent thinking, or the ability to think of many ideas from a single starting point, is a critical part of creative thinking. Similarly, knowledge of the world can stunt one’s ability to imagine it differently.

Evidence suggests that ADHD may offer some protection from the constraining effects of knowledge. Big Pharma's Manufactured Epidemic: The Misdiagnosis of ADHD. The Creative Gifts of ADHD. "Just because a diagnosis [of ADHD] can be made does not take away from the great traits we love about Calvin and his imaginary tiger friend, Hobbes.

The Creative Gifts of ADHD

In fact, we actually love Calvin BECAUSE of his ADHD traits. Calvin’s imagination, creativity, energy, lack of attention, and view of the world are the gifts that Mr. Watterson gave to this character. " -- The Dragonfly Forest In his 2004 book "Creativity is Forever", Gary Davis reviewed the creativity literature from 1961 to 2003 and identified 22 reoccurring personality traits of creative people.