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Vegan Recipes, Food, News, Travel, Health, Blogs, TV, Jobs, Events. Quinoa basil bean burgers with basil aioli. Big thank yous to all of the sweet messages about Missy – it was a sad night, and today all I want to do is sit and hug Basil.

quinoa basil bean burgers with basil aioli

We just returned from a long walk in the sunshine, and I’m about to get a late start to my workday. I wanted to finish up this post that I wasn’t able to complete last night. Just had to get my extra Basil time in – last night and today. This is the other basil in my life – fresh basil from the garden just cannot be beat. Basil adds great flavor to one of our favorite burgers – and over the years I have adapted this recipe just a bit. Jason enjoyed his with our favorite cheddar and more red onion: I actually made those gluten free rolls for another project not involving burgers at all – but they prompted me to attempt a gluten free roll recipe that more closely resembles a burger roll. White bean quinoa burgers egg, soy, dairy and gluten free, vegan makes 6 large patties, 10 slider size Grind flax seed in blender, coffee grinder.

Vegan basil aioli. Vegaaniruokablogi. Vegan Salad in a Jar. Make-Ahead Bliss. Salad.

Vegan Salad in a Jar. Make-Ahead Bliss

In a jar. I totally get this one. A while back (and maybe still) there was a spirited "foods in a jar" trend hovering around the food blogs. Mostly, cupcakes in a jar. And while I love dabbling in cupcake-making, they aren't really my passion. ..But salad in a jar? The Daily Muse's post "The Best New Way to Bring Your Lunch" introduced me to the "Mason Jar Salad" concept. And as I showed in my Vegan Cobb Salad, I love lining salad ingredients up in an orderly fashion. ..actually, doing a "vegan cobb in a jar" would be pretty fantastic. Fresh Factor? "The best part is you can make five salads at a time, and they’ll stay fresh for the whole week—just grab and go on your way out the door! ..considering my crazy book writing schedule lately, the part that really stuck out was the "make ahead" concept. Well just so you know, it hasn't been a week yet. But as of now these salads look and taste AMAZING.

Here are the four jars I assembled. Layering Salad Jars: My recipes... Holistic Health Coach, BodyMind Nutritionist, Personal Trainer. Avocado Sushi Recipe - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video. Pineapple Fried Quinoa. ..In a Boat. Pineapple Fried Quinoa (in a pineapple boat!)

Pineapple Fried Quinoa. ..In a Boat

Is on my menu today. A bright yellow pineapple and a bag of quinoa was all I needed to inspire me to dream up this tiki chic recipe. Aloha wishes, South Pacific daydreams, Maui wowie, kowabunga and lets-luau-all-night-long-under-the-glow-of-tiki-torches, just about covers everything that is wrapped into this bowl of pineapple bliss. These flavors will bring you to the party. Mint. To round out the dish - I added some peppery tofu triangles on top. Easy. I'm doing the hula for this delicious pineapple fried quinoa. This dish tastes just as sassy as it looks all dolled up in my hand-crafted, literally pineapple boat serving dish. And FYI, you can skip the pineapple boat if you choose. Those Food Network fruit show piece people who hallow out pineapples and melons and chop them into snazzy zig zag designs along the sides. Eat Nachos Again! Healthy. Vegan. Party-Approved. I still remember my first knock-out plate of nachos.

Eat Nachos Again! Healthy. Vegan. Party-Approved

Crisp, chewy and brown-burnt edged chips smothered in gobs of white and orange melted cheese. Beans, sour cream, diced veggies, jalapeno circles and salsa. Vegan Lunchbox: Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps. These Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps are the perfect lunchbox filler to pack for yourself, your kids or your spouse.

Vegan Lunchbox: Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps

I call these snazzy spirals "lunchbox lavash" because they are made with lavash wrap - a type of roll-able, thin wheat flat bread. And this recipe doesn't get any easier. Just spread, roll and slice your way to a happy lunchbox. Fun Finger Food. These dainty spirals remind me of being at a party or a wedding (remember how trendy these were back in the 90's?) Like I said, make this recipe your own! You can keep the roll long if you'd like, but really the fun part is slicing it up into little bites - they kinda remind me of veggie-Americana sushi rolls.

Healthy too! Super easy, just toss those ingredients on, roll and slice!.. The last time I made these wraps I did Bullseye Spiral Wraps (soy cream cheese and roasted red peppers) super yummy. Today's Easy Hummus Spiral Wrap Ingredients: How To: * Spread the hummus. * Add the ingredients in a thinly spread layer - distribute evenly.