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Street Credibility

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À base de hophophop. Obey Giant - WORLDWIDE PROPAGANDA DELIVERY. MOBYPOD TV - EXPO NASTY- MIST. YouTube - Birdy Nam Nam - Abbesses. Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty. 9eme concept - collectif d'artistes - street art - peinture - ex. Galerie MobileMe - THE CARMINE VAULT. Being Ed Templeton. Follow Ed Templeton from his house in Huntington Beach, Calif., to nearby Costa Mesa, and accusations that Orange County is a cultural wasteland gain some credence.

Being Ed Templeton

The roads are all massive boulevards lined on both sides by perfectly planned gated neighborhoods and strip malls filled chock-a-block with nothing but cheap Mexican food, dry cleaners and pawnshops. The median can wall you in for a half-mile before a left turn is allowed, and then always and only at a precise 90 degrees. Just driving around here can be soul-crushing. Templeton was born and raised within this vast grid and, despite all that's happened in the 36 years since, he refuses to leave. Wassup Rockers.