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Information Skills

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Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Library. Today’s children are rarely satisfied with using only the library’s print materials and online databases.

Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Library

With the increasing sophistication of digital technologies, even young students can bypass the local librarian to search for resources, tools and information online through common search engines. Such freedom carries with it great responsibility. School librarians have always embraced the responsibility for teaching information literacy — critical skills for locating, evaluating and using information — but children also need to know the literacy of digital citizenship — how to conduct themselves safely and responsibly in the digital world. Because school librarians serve all schoolchildren, overseeing the progression of digital citizenship lessons across the grade levels seems a natural role for them. Librarians do not need to take sole responsibility for digital citizenship. Partnering With Parents Parent-targeted Resources Digital Citizenship Curricula Grades K–2 Videos Activities Books.

Mr. Breitsprecher's Dewey Challenge. Take Our Dewey Challenge!

Mr. Breitsprecher's Dewey Challenge

Ready to master Dewey Decimal? Ready to master information science? Are you ready to find your way around virtually ANY library? KeywordChallenge. Teaching Strategies For Improving Student Internet And Keyword Research. Questions.pdf. CC Search.

EasyBib: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles. Doing Internet Research at the Elementary Level. One of the hardest things to teach, in my opinion, is research.

Doing Internet Research at the Elementary Level

I have been teaching in a computer lab for going on five years and I have never taught research the same way twice. This is partially because I never teach anything the same way twice, but it's also because each year I learn something new. Sometimes I learn the hard way when things don't pan out the way I planned in the classroom, sometimes I learn because something I didn't plan arose and worked out well, and sometimes its due to my own self-education as I prepare to teach my annual research unit. Sweet Search. Creating a Timeline using Google Drawing. S.O.S. for Information Literacy. -The library media specialist and the classroom teacher consult regarding subject content that is taught in the classroom.

S.O.S. for Information Literacy

Curriculum related words are researched and made into flashcards. -The library media specialist conducts the guided practice lesson, with assistance from the classroom teacher. -The classroom teacher divides the students into groups of two, taking into account individual student ability and learning style. -The library media specialist and the classroom teacher circulate among the students at all times and assist those who are having difficulty with their research. -The classroom teacher conducts assessment activities and provides follow-up practice in the classroom. Searchengines.pdf. Webs and Spiders, The Engineering Place (K-20Outreach), NC State University. S.O.S. for Information Literacy. Students will explore the library media center, and then create a map consisting of neighborhoods and street names to depict the location of materials such as picture books, reference, fiction, nonfiction, etc.

S.O.S. for Information Literacy

Students will then use their maps to locate a specific resource by call number and title. This lesson is designed to help students increase confidence in their research abilities by learning how to locate specific resources in the library and how they may be used. CURRICULUM OBJECTIVES:Social Studies: The student will create a map of the library media center, by using either paper, rulers, and colored pencils or a software drawing program on the computer.Technology: The student will use computer software to create signs for their library.

MOTIVATIONAL OBJECTIVES:The student will:-become interested in the research process. -understand the importance of information skills. Bernajean - home. School Library Monthly - Into the Curriculum. S.O.S. for Information Literacy. Searching. S.O.S. for Information Literacy. Powell County Schools. Powell County Schools. Updated Common Core State Standards Checklists. Here we have pulled together all of our CCSS Checklists in one easy-to-find spot!

Updated Common Core State Standards Checklists

Our common core standards checklists are just what you need to help you keep track of the standards taught in your classroom. Use these to make sure you are addressing all that you need to teach throughout the course of the school year. Keep track of when you have introduced, retaught and assessed each indicator. Critical Evaluation Lesson Plan. GREEK MYTHOLOGY BIO BOXES: A MINI-RESEARCH PROJECT. <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT.


&nbsp; <a href=" target="_blank">See how this improves your TpT experience</a>. </span></div> About Us | Blog | FAQs & Help All Categories Cart Your shopping cart is empty.

SLO Examples

PDF/librarysparks/2014/lsp_steam_amykoester_aug14.pdf?sp_rid=MTA0NzMxODIzODU1S0&sp_mid=46778562. Lapbooks. Help a Child Write a Book Review. Learn All Year Long.

Help a Child Write a Book Review

Teach Your Students How to Effectively Evaluate Websites! The Beginner's Guide to Vine. Vine's meteoric rise through the social media world comes as little surprise to anyone who's browsed through the looping six-second video clips that define the app.

The Beginner's Guide to Vine

When Twitter acquired Vine in October 2012 — before the app had even launched — the social network explained the move as part of their search for the next big thing. Living up to expectations, the video sharing app saw 403% growth between Q1 and Q3 of 2013. Learning how to utilize all of Vine's features effectively probably seems daunting to a beginner, so we've created this guide to help get you started. Setting Up Vine is available as a free download on all three major smartphone platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. After installation, you'll be prompted to sign up with either your Twitter account or email address. Finding Users to Follow. LIBRARY LINGO Jeopardy Template. Things That Keep Us Up at Night: The Future of the School Library. Weeding guide. Weeding refers to the process of the regular removal of outdated library resources.

Weeding guide

This guide covers all aspects of planning and undertaking this important task. Contents. Talk It Up! Discussion Guides. Artemis Fowl is a one of the greatest criminal minds the world has ever seen. Teenreads. 25 more alternatives. Google continues to eat itself, by feeding more and more of its products into the ever hungry maw of Google+ The latest is their start or home page, iGoogle. For those of you who are not sure what a home or start page is, the page that pops up when you start your browser is your home/start page. It's an often overlooked resource, because it can pull in RSS feeds, link to news feeds, keep you informed about your email and a whole lot else. Finders Readers » Non-Fiction. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer Recommended for: Grades 2-5 When William was 14, he had a great interest in mechanical things.

By learning English and reading from old textbooks, he replaced magical explanations of the natural world with scientific facts. Phil Bradley:Internet search, Librarians, search engines, web search. Project: An Educational Boolean Web Search Tool. Free Books - 23,469 Classics To Go - The Ultimate Ebooks And Audiobooks Library In Your Pocket.

Free Literature Based Unit Studies Homeschool Helper Onlin. Kids' Tools for Searching the Internet. KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine. KidsClick! Web Search. Internet Library for Librarians.

Librarianship on Pinterest. Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki. Welcome to Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki. Bctla/pub/documents/Points of Inquiry/PrimaryCollabPlanning.pdf.