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Pitfalls of Equity for Employees In Startups - UpCounsel Blog. “I would rather own 60 percent to 85 percent of a wildly successful business than 100 percent of a business where the staff and partners are not invested in our mutual success.” – George Deeb Equity sharing can be an attractive option, especially for startups that don’t have a lot of capital or cash on hand.

Pitfalls of Equity for Employees In Startups - UpCounsel Blog

It can get the ball rolling, secure necessary financing, and get great employees on your side for the long haul… if you do it right. In fact, equity sharing can act as a team builder and help to create a more cohesive and goal-oriented operation within your business. But there are downsides as well. Understanding the legal issues, the financial red tape, and the personal issues involved with equity sharing can be much more complicated than simply handing over a paycheck. Unlike hiring potential candidates off the street, you’re now dealing with investor employees.

You Cannot Trust a Formula. Design Trend: Long Shadow Design. We have talked about Flat Design Trend already.

Design Trend: Long Shadow Design

Celery/celery. Intro to Web Workers. If you are like I was a couple weeks ago, the above JavaScript statement means very little to you.

Intro to Web Workers

I came across it while digging in the source code of the Ace Editor. After searching the code base and the web, I discovered it was a built-in for a feature set I had never encountered before: Web Workers! With curiosity piqued, I dove in to learn about the mysterious call and what it can do. So what are web workers? At the most basic level, they are scripts that run in their own background thread.

Your app communicates with its spawned workers by passing messages back and forth. There are two main types of workers: dedicated and shared. Dedicated Worker To start off, let's take a look at how you create a simple dedicated worker. Basic-worker.js Then, you use this script in your app. Cross Browser Testing Tool. 200+ Browsers, Mobile, Real IE. Showcase. Leaflet - a JavaScript library for mobile-friendly maps.

Blog/ Adioso used to be accessible on mobile devices in the flick-panning, pinch/zooming kind of way.


Then I joined the team last October as a designer and gave the frontend a complete overhaul. The result? An improved aesthetic, but a worse experience for our mobile users. The penny dropped during one of our team planning meetings. 1 out of every 5 visitors is having a bad time. In my haste to get the new design live, I had implemented a lot of responsive half-measures that had left the site completely unusable and broken on mobile devices. For static websites, like most marketing or landing pages, responsive design can suffice existing as an afterthought. Information consumption is the focus for the designers of these websites. We had many discussions and debates on which path to take.

Spend a large portion of funds and time building an iOS app? As a team we ship often and the thought of building something in parallel over a long period of time was concerning. Foundation Framework. Jmcunningham/AngularJS-Learning. Basic Machine Learning With K Nearest Neighbor and Racket. The web is allowing us to obtain an enormous amount of data about our behavior, which raises an interesting question: how do we manage and use it?

Basic Machine Learning With K Nearest Neighbor and Racket

One way is with intelligent algorithms, which are being used to bring us ad targeting, recommendation engines, and spam detection, among others. In this post, I’ll show you how to implement the K Nearest Neighbor (KNN) algorithm in Racket, a dialect of Scheme. Don’t worry, even though some algorithms have roots in neuroscience, machine learning will not make your computer self aware.

Machine Learning with K Nearest Neighbor KNN is a machine learning classification algorithm that’s lazy (it defers computation until classification is needed) and supervised (it is provided an initial set of training data with class labels). A Study on Solving Callbacks with JavaScript Generators. June 5th 2013 When I first started writing node.js code, there were 2 things I hated: all the popular templating engines, and the proliferation of callbacks.

A Study on Solving Callbacks with JavaScript Generators

I was willing to put up with callbacks because I understood the power the of event-based servers, but since I saw that generators were coming to JavaScript, I have eagerly awaited the day they were implemented. That day has come. Today, they have landed landed in V8 and SpiderMonkey's implementation is being updated to the spec.

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Flat UI

Image Lead Text. Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API. Your data model has started to stabilize and you're in a position to create a public API for your web app.

Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API

You realize it's hard to make significant changes to your API once it's released and want to get as much right as possible up front. Now, the internet has no shortage on opinions on API design. Manymo.