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Building a MIDI Controller Using Arduino. Kenton PRO SOLO MK3. Kenton Pro Solo mk3 High specification single synth MIDI to CV converter All leads are sold separately as we do not know what you want to connect to.


For our range of signal leads, please click here.Remember to select the correct leads for your make and model of synth. 9V switch mode power supply included. Products bought directly from Kenton are supplied with the appropriate power supply for the delivery address. Four types are available, UK / EU / USA / Australia. What's new or different about the Mk3? Accessories. KissBox (Product list) [] The CM-MIDI is a low-cost compact version of the KissBox MIDI2TR transceiver, ideal for musical applications for which options like Power over Ethernet is not necessary.

KissBox (Product list) []

It provides 2 RTP-MIDI endpoints, each of them supporting up to 16 sessions in parallel. The CM-MIDI can be used directly with Apple Macintosh computer (RTP-MIDI support is fully integrated in OS X). It can be used also on any Windows machine thanks to our free driver. MIDIbox CV V2. Click here to display the navigation bar Created 2012..14 MIDIbox CV V2 is the successor of MIDIbox CV V1 with focus on digital, high-resolution modulation of CV outputs and an enhanced control surface.


This project is currently under development, please follow the progress in this forum article and feel free to contribute with your ideas! Home Page. Overview - DAC conversion on 16 bits (accuracy 1/600th of a half-tone). - Selection of the MIDI channel on each of the 4 voices. - 10 different types of CV on each voice: Note, Velocity, Release Velocity, Aftertouch Channel, Modulation or Control Change #2, #3, #4, #5 (in 7 or 14-bit).

Home Page

MIDI Ways - Guide to the MIDI 1.0 technical specification. Contents Overview.

MIDI Ways - Guide to the MIDI 1.0 technical specification

QB Express: Issue #20. Issue #20 ~ May 15, 2006 "A magazine by the QB community, for the QB community!

QB Express: Issue #20

" In This Issue Contributors Pete (Editor)MystikShadowsMoneoPritchardTunginobiredcrabRattrapmax6Lachie DazdarianJames PruittDavid P.Michael "Fuzzypig" ReileyNathan1993Seb McClouthred_MarvinImortis InglorianOptimusWisdomDudePaul Martos Regular Columns Articles & Editorials Tutorials From The Editor's Desk. MIDI Programming - A Complete Study - Part 2 Data Structures. Written by Stéphane Richard (Mystikshadows) Welcome to the second part of the MIDI Programming Series.

MIDI Programming - A Complete Study - Part 2 Data Structures

As I mentionned in the first part, we'll see one way of loading up a MIDI file in memory (in structures) so we can manipulate them at will. Although when we send this MIDI information to the MIDI ports will have to take the different pieces of information of each MIDI event and put them back into a series of bytes, we'll see here how useful it can be to treat these informations as independant fields. Now since we won't be playing the song per se, I'll be implementing the functions so that the give back the information in a printed textual fashion so you can see we actually did read the MIDI file.


High Tech MIDI Devices. CONTROLLER ZONE. Highly Liquid: DIY MIDI Electronics. DIY MIDI controllers using PIC microcontrollers and Basic Stamps. Introduction By combining a PIC microcontroller or Basic Stamp II with a few passive components it is not difficult to construct your own knob box, trigger box, or other MIDI input device.

DIY MIDI controllers using PIC microcontrollers and Basic Stamps

A knowledge of electronics may be required for interfacing to some sensors. Both the Stamp and PIC provide an economical (under US$100) entry point into the world of alternative MIDI controllers. This page was created to provide a starting point for people interested in building their own MIDI control devices using Microchip PIC microcontrollers or Parallax Basic Stamps. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email me.

Basic Stamps and PICs. Ressources. Tout ce qui est en couleur & souligné est un lien (comment ça marche ?)


Vers un fichier musical "midi", un texte, une musique mp3, ou encore vers un autre site. B Knudsen Data Home Page. PIClist, Microchip PIC. Welcome to the official PICList home page.

PIClist, Microchip PIC

The PICList is a collection of people interested in the Microchip PIC and other similar processors who have joined the PICList@MIT.EDU mailing list. This web site is an and archive for the email list which was started, and is still maintained, by James Newton who was a former list member and admin for several years. Mr. Newton is (as of 2008/06/09 19:20) no longer an administrator for the PICList mailing list and is in no way responsible for its content. Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control. DIY MIDI controllers using PIC microcontrollers and Basic Stamps. High Tech MIDI Devices. Highly Liquid: DIY MIDI Electronics. Music Magic USA Accordion and Midi CyberStore - Your source for the Roland FR-7x Accordion. HINTON INSTRUMENTS: Professional MIDI Guide. Part 1: MIDI Hardware The MIDI 1.0 Specification states: The interface operates at 31.25 (+/- 1%) Kbaud, asynchronous, with a start bit, 8 data bits (D0 to D7), and a stop bit.

This makes a total of 10 bits for a period of 320 microseconds per serial byte. Circuit: 5mA current loop type. Connectors: DIN 5 pin (180 degree) female panel mount receptacle. Within a year of its introduction in 1983 MIDI was adopted as standard by the entire electronic musical instrument industry worldwide with a very high degree of compatibility. The reason behind the overwhelming success was that the standard was very carefully researched before being revealed publicly. There are many ways of implementing and applying MIDI depending what market or application is being targeted.

Since the beginning of 1996 all equipment sold in Europe must conform to CE EMC requirements and North America already had similar FCC regulations. Note the use of a high speed opto-isolator gate and that there are now two grounds. Browsing Archives of Product Categories oneString Controller. The oneString controller kits and instruments are now shipping! A new No-solder Kit has been added by request! – I solder & test, you create the body (see below). Cratel pyportmidi - CRATEL Wiki. Build on Linux ubuntu test on 64 bit ubuntu Gutsy (7.10 x64) machine. Probably also works on 32 bit and ubuntu/debian friends. go to the root directory of the pyPortMidi download change line 357 of pypm.pyx to read: while(Pm_Poll(self.midi) !

Python-midi/README.mediawiki at master · vishnubob/python-midi. Kenton Electronics MIDI controllers retrofits wireless. MIDI Programming - A Complete Study - Part 1 The Basics. Written by Stéphane Richard (Mystikshadows) What are MIDI files exactly? We've all seen them at one point or another. These files have the .mid extension and hold data to play music, on a computer, through a sound card's Sound Synthesis electronics. If the sound card is of atleast good quality, MIDI files can play quite nicely. Not to mention that MIDI files hold the most amount of music related information in the smallest size. As we all know, FreeBASIC supports a library called FMOD which allows us to play MIDI files, however, this is not what this series is about. This first part of the series will cover some basic knowledge and concept about MIDI and MIDI files which will serve as background knowledge to build on in the other parts of the series.

M.I.D.I. stands for (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and is essentially a standard that was created when electronic music was first created. MIDI Programming - A Complete Study - Part 1 The Basics.