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Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More. Posted by nitzan on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 Mega Tools There are lots of specialized tools out there, but sometimes you just need one good tool to get the job done.

Conversion Central: 101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More

These mega tools are great for general conversions. Zamzar: Zamzar does all sorts of conversions, ranging from documents and images to music and video. In addition to its versatility, this tool boasts the ability to do all of your conversions without downloading software.SUPER: This aptly-named tool offers a simple and efficient way to convert any multimedia file to any format you need. Media If you use an MP3 player, download movies, or even just rip CDs, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with the frustration of having a format that’s incompatible with your device or software. Audio Audacity: Audacity is a great tool that can be used to convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs. Video Koyote: This tool can covert FLV, DIVX, AVI and other formats to an iPod video format. Images Documents Word Processing.

Ramsinks. 6 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google. Some of the tips below are effortless to implement and save you a lot of time and energy when dealing with these issues.

6 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google

Let’s start with the first proof of the awesomeness of Google… 1. Create unlimited disposable email addresses with Gmail If you add dots (.) between the letters of your Gmail username, sending an message to the new username will get forwarded to your original email (which is without or with only 1 dot.) For example: It doesn’t matter how many dots you’ll add between your username, all of the emails sent will go to your original email. Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they’ll all go to your inbox, and only yours.

SecTools.Org Top Network Security Tools. Bootdisk.Com. Four Free Tools that every Administrator should Know About. 101 Free admin tools. We know administrators love tools that make life easier – especially when they’re free!

101 Free admin tools

So here are 101 of them! System and network analysis 1. NTFS Permissions Explorer Using this MMC snap-in you can quickly visualize the user and group permissions of a local or remote folder or drive in a hierarchical format to help identify problems. 2. Wi-Fi Inspector is a powerful Wi-Fi management and troubleshooting tool that allows you to locate and verify Wi-Fi devices, detect rogue Access Points, troubleshoot connections, and search for Wi-Fi networks. 3. Whois performs a lookup of the registration information of a given IP address or domain name. 4. ShareEnum allows you to scan and view the security settings of file shares on your network. 5.

PipeList displays a list of named pipes on your system, including the number of active instances and the instance threshold. 6. TCPView allows you to view detailed TCP and UDP connection information in a user friendly format. 7. 8. 9. Networkingessentials.jpg (JPEG Image, 1308 × 1116 pixels) - Scaled (55%) How to Set Up a File-Syncing Dropbox Clone You Control. Depends on what you mean by 'safe'.

How to Set Up a File-Syncing Dropbox Clone You Control

Nothing is truly safe, and any kind of wireless syncing is going to be accessible or 'sniffable' at some point. Honestly, if your father isn't being specifically targeted by someone, Live Mesh is fine. I prefer Dropbox though. Agree on the "Nothing is truly safe" comment. "Safe" is this case would mean: He doesn't want somebody else with the possibility to read his files (like dropbox can decrypt files, if they need to.. for whatever reason they have). Dropbox has had its share of problems lately, however I recommend it (as I wrote on my comment on this post) because of its simplicity and its easiness and it has been really trying to do its best to make people feel safe with their files, and they have updated their legal, public files regarding the matter (was it their terms of service or privacy policy?

Sadly, no manual setup that I've found is seamless.