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Kolymbia Midis Sound. MIDI HI-FI -fichiers midi- Karaoké - karaoke gratuit sur votre PC... en sons Midi. VanBasco Karaoke Player - Télécharger. Logiciel de karaoké gratuit, lecteur et éditeur. What's included in KaraFun Change any lead or backing vocal volume separately, even with duets!

Logiciel de karaoké gratuit, lecteur et éditeur

Turn on Dual Display to show lyrics on the TV or projector that's connected to your computer. KaraFun has more than 23,000 karaoke songs, available instantly and right from your computer! Change the key and tempo at anytime throughout the song. From the sidebar, access your song queue and easily find your favorites, saved offline songs and history as well as all of KaraFun music genres. Karaoké MP3, bandes instrumentales et playbacks - Version Karaoké.