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Playing History. Gaming the past. Historical simulation games in the classroom. Infogram. Cos'è la stop-motion? Scopri la magia dell' animazione a passo uno - Cosa hanno in comune i cartoon Galline in fuga, Coraline , The nightmare before Christmas e Wallace & Gromit? Facile: sono realizzati grazie a una particolare tecnica d'animazione che si chiama stop motion , in italiano passo-uno .La stop motion è una tecnica di animazione che usa , in alternativa al disegno eseguito a mano, oggetti inanimati mossi progressivamente, spostati e fotografati a ogni cambio di posizione .

La proiezione in sequenza delle immagini dà l’illusione di movimento : esattamente come accade nel cinema con gli esseri umani. Come si filma in stop motion Il lavoro di un animatore in stop motion è particolarmente laborioso: occorre davvero molta pazienza e tempo. Per 1 secondo di animazione bisogna scattare 24 fotografie! E in ciascuna di queste foto, il personaggio o l'oggetto inquadrato va mosso o modificato un poco.La Stop Motion è nata insieme al cinema : era utilizzata già da George Mèliés nei primi anni del secolo scorso . Esistono tanti tipi di stop-motion. Kids, Code, and Computer Science. Primary Computing. A beginner’s guide to Minecraft in an elementary classroom. “What’s it called again, Craftmine?” I wondered aloud with a confused look on my face to a classroom full of nine year olds, playing dumb the whole time.

“It’s MINECRAFT!” They all yelled back in unison, smiling and laughing at how out-of-touch their teacher was with their world. The truth was, however, that I was playing them from the day I first mentioned any knowledge of Minecraft’s existence. We had just begun discussing what the students already knew about persuasive texts and convincing others to change their perspective. I begun, “You know, some students actually believe that video games can be used for learning?

The seed had been planted and the path I was about to lead them down had begun. The Research Phase: The impetus for experimenting with MinecraftEdu in my class started three months prior, as I set myself up for a task that I thought would be challenging, but manageable. Wayfaringpath Photography Building the World: Putting the Plan Into Action Learning Outcomes:

Blogs & MOOCs Lists. Open Educational Resources Meet Instructional Design. Well, we made it to 2015, the year in which we were supposed to have hover boards, flying cars, and the Cubs winning the World Series (that may still happen). Back to the Future II gave us a glimpse of what 2015 might look like through the eyes of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Despite the many great innovations we've developed since that 1989 movie, one constant remains in our world: paper. Despite advances in tablet technology and eReaders, paper has found a way to coexist with technology and live on. Personally, I enjoy reading a book made out of paper. I also like the romanticism of the Sunday New York Times and a cup of coffee. However, that's about the extent to which I consume through paper media.

The rest of my world lies in a digital realm. Asking the Right Questions In my previous post, I suggested a strategy that would help organize the transition from textbooks to digital content delivery. What skills do you want students to learn and apply? Finding the Right Content iTunesU. Storyplayr, tell me a story !