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Sabine Siemsen

Curious,motivated,dedicated to research learning-processes in context with digital and social media I am looking for an (internl or external) supervisor who would like to "supervise" a motivated and well prepared, autonomously and independently working doctoral-student (me ;-)). First proposal is ready, a network of international contacts and a plethora of groundwork exists and I am open for enlargement or modifications. You can find additional information here: und hier

Call for Papers

Dissertation. Münster Lehrauftrag - interessante Links. POOL: Useful Webtools. The World as 100 People - Jack Hagley // Graphic Design // Infographics. The World as 100 People I remember seeing this as list of this information when I was a kid.

The World as 100 People - Jack Hagley // Graphic Design // Infographics

It was an email from my Nanny that my mum had pinned to the kitchen pin-board. FULL - Edward Snowden Exclusive Interview with NBC Brian Williams. POOL: LdLMOOC. POOL: OER. POOL: My M.A.Thesis. POOL: Related Pearls. POOL: Digitalisierung Hochschule. POOL: Books and other Resources. CommunityOfResearch (CoRe2dot0) auf Twitter... Medien und Bildung. Kurzübersicht.

Medien und Bildung

Hier finden Sie: Unsere besonderen Tipps: Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung. Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther. Education. Cultural Psychology Links by Subtopic. Norbert Elias Foundation - Homepage and News. Education for the 21st Century.