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How To Clear The CFA Level 1 Exams In 18 Months. VitaPulse: The Miracle Heart Supplement Made With CoQ10. When I went looking for a heart supplement to help reduce my risk factors for cardiovascular disease, I was a little worried.

VitaPulse: The Miracle Heart Supplement Made With CoQ10

To be honest, I had never had such a disappointing realization then after I left my doctor’s office after my most recent checkup. He told me that at 50 years old, while I had maintained good health, and a regular exercise regimen most of my life, my heart health may be starting to deteriorate. And this concerned me. At this point in my life, I wasn’t really ready to face the fact that I had some potentially serious health concerns, and that they were all directly related to my heart. Diet Shakes. 310 shake give you the perfect diet shakes that help people trying to lose weight achieve their goals.

Diet Shakes

The product is marketed very well; they are active on all social media platforms. Their website does contain some basic information and has a little FAQ section too. The manufacturer of the brand provides all contact details and customer service information although there is no background history, just a short section on the manufacturing process they use. The product contains high quality ingredients that have been produced under FDA regulated conditions.

US charges Russian spies over Yahoo breach. Image copyright AFP Two Russian spies are among four individuals indicted by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) over a huge theft of Yahoo user accounts.

US charges Russian spies over Yahoo breach

The members of the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency, conspired with criminal hackers, according to DOJ officials announcing the charges. Previously, Yahoo said "state-sponsored" hackers were behind the 2014 breach affecting 500 million accounts. Former Obama Aide Rips Trump Over Wiretap Claim. Google under fire for posting government ads on YouTube hate videos - Mar. 17, 2017. The British government has summoned the tech firm to explain itself after a newspaper investigation showed that taxpayer-funded ads were used on inappropriate content including videos from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Google under fire for posting government ads on YouTube hate videos - Mar. 17, 2017

"We have placed a temporary restriction on our YouTube advertising pending reassurances from Google (GOOG) that government messages can be delivered in a safe and appropriate way," the British government said in a statement. The investigation published by The Times showed that ads from the BBC, Transport for London, Visit Scotland, L'Oreal (LRLCF), the Financial Conduct Authority, Honda (HMC), supermarket chain Sainsbury's and The Guardian all appeared next to objectionable content on YouTube.

In addition to former Klan leader Duke, the ads were used alongside content from far-right party Britain First and an organization of Polish nationalists, as well as a smattering of religious extremists and controversial hate preachers. Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017. Nokia's 3310 phone has been relaunched nearly 17 years after its debut.

Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017

Many consider the original handset iconic because of its popularity and sturdiness. More than 126 million were produced before it was phased out in 2005. The revamped version will be sold under licence by the Finnish start-up HMD Global, which also unveiled several Nokia-branded Android smartphones. One expert said it was a "fantastic way" to relaunch Nokia's phone brand. "The 3310 was the first mass-market mobile and there's a massive amount of nostalgia and affection for it," commented Ben Wood from the technology consultancy CCS Insight. Uber stops using Greyball 'secret program' to dodge regulators. Image copyright Getty Images Uber says it will ban a secret software tool from being used to evade undercover regulators.

Uber stops using Greyball 'secret program' to dodge regulators

The software, called Greyball, seeks to identify officials around the world trying to catch Uber drivers operating illegally.