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Mode homme : Blog et Forum mode Comme Un Camion. Accueil - Woodlife Paris. The ultimate Triumph Scrambler? The Scrambler is one of the most-loved Triumph motorcycles of recent times. But there’s a common criticism: its off-road performance doesn’t quite match those beguiling looks. That shortfall has just been blown to smithereens by a team of five motorcycle engineers. And not just any engineers: they’re all part of Triumph’s own chassis development team, based in Spain and led by brothers David and Felipe Lopez. Since 2001, these guys have overseen the development testing of every new Triumph model—so you can guarantee that this custom Scrambler can walk the talk. The bike is called Tramontana, after a northerly wind that blows over the Pyrenees on the border of France and Spain. “That’s what this Scrambler does—it traverses the mountains as fast and as light as the wind,” says David Lopez.

“During the development of the original Scrambler—launched in 2006—the aim was on-road performance, with the capability for very light off-road riding,” says Lopez. Would you be tempted? Luis Moto: A BMW R nineT scrambler, Italian Style. If rumors of BMW’s new R nineT-based scrambler have you foaming at the mouth, but you’re the impatient type—Luis Bertelli has the answer. He’s reworked the R nineT into a modern replica of the quintessential BMW scrambler, the R80G/S Paris Dakar. And he’s done it in spectacular fashion; if we were sitting in Munich right now, we’d be taking notes. Luis operates as Luis Moto out of Pisa, Italy, where he customizes bikes and sells custom parts. So everything you see here is (or will soon be) available on his online store.

G/S aficionados will immediately spot the R nineT’s more obvious Paris Dakar-inspired cues: like the red seat, black knee indents and tank graphics. But Luis’ mods go beyond just a few splashes of color. The aluminum front fender and brace are new too, and will be available unpainted or polished. The seat’s covered in a leather that’s been dyed at the tannery itself, to be as close to the original G/S red as possible. La Ruche qui dit Oui ! Ce n'est pas juste une enceinte, c'est votre nouvelle amie !

Composez votre panier bio en direct des meilleures fermes belges - EFARMZ. Lasercut Lab | Lasercutting and many more. Thomis-Motorcycles | Préparateur motos. La Liste de Noël de la French Tech. 10 cadeaux pour un Noël d’architecte. | L'Abeille et l'Architecte. Je sais, ce n’est pas très orignal comme article, d’autres l’ont fait déjà ici ou là mais, je trouvais l’exercice marrant et cela m’a aussi donné des idées pour moi.Vous trouverez dans liste ci-dessous des cadeaux faits par des architectes, pour des architectes et même pour des enfants d’architectes.

Il y’en a pour toutes les bourses de 4,5 euros à plus d’un million d’euros. Et si vous reste un peu de sous après Noël, n’hésitez pas à donner quelques dizaines d’euros pour organiser la cérémonie des Parpaings d’Or. Merci d’avance et bon Noël. Quelques petites surprises vous attendront sur le blog pendant les fêtes. Un « sapin de Noël » contemporain dessiné par l’agence 1024 architecture. Les cadeaux sont classés par ordre de prix croissant. Le marque page ARCHITECTURE de PagesCues disponible ici Le prix : 3,80 £ soit environ 4,50 €. Mon avis : Un mignon petit cadeau pour pas cher. Marque-page Le parpaings décoratifs en béton minéral d’ Eco Fabrik disponible ici Le prix : de 9€ à 699 € Charrette. Dolfie Shop | SS14-LANDOM HI - Dolfie Paradise. Ton Barbier – Gentleman Urbain. COQUE IPHONE BAMBOU - AIL PHONE - Woodlife Paris. KOMONO. Problem loading page.

Casco 80'S BLACK MATT. BeastyBike™ : Fixie, éclairage vélo, pièces détachées et accessoires - BeastyBike. Design & Play - OMY Boutique. Accueil. Kit Bike by Lucid Design packs into a bag. Indian company Lucid Design has created a conceptual "bike in a bag" that would quickly dismantle into parts to fit into a backpack (+ movie). The full-size Kit Bike by Lucid Design would be assembled from a series of 21 parts that twist and lock together. "Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them," the company's creative director, Amit Mirchandani, told Dezeen. "The Kit Bike was designed to make problems of shipping, traveling with and commuting with a bike, a thing of the past.

" Hollow aluminium tubes would make up the frame, locking together via a series of joints that would twist together using a rotating mechanism and be secured with a key. "The entire bike can be assembled or dismantled from one side making the process extremely simple and quick," said Mirchandani. The minimal white, diamond-shaped frame would attach to the steel wheel hubs on one side, so the bike could be assembled or disassembled while rested against a wall.

Merci Alfred. Le Slip Français: Sous-vêtements 100% Made in France - Le Slip Français. Victoire Cycles. GelaSkins | Artiste conçu iPhone, Skins et Fine Art Prints. BSG BIKES. Les Petits Frenchies. Sandwichbikes | Bienvenue. 4h10 | Bikes, Lifestyle & More. Mcbess. Hm #CM 125 — Dauphine-Lamarck. OVERBOLD MOTOR CO.