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Bitnami user does not have permissions to write to wordpress themes directory! - Bitnami Community. Direct Download Magento Extension Without Pear. Forum. Magento Mobile Version Configuration for iPhone, Android, Tablet Devices. Date: Oct 24 2011 Want to optimize your Magento store for Mobile platforms?

Magento Mobile Version Configuration for iPhone, Android, Tablet Devices

This article will walk you through how to make your store not only mobile friendly but to serve a different version of your Magento store based on what mobile platform your customers are using. Other how-to’s do not show you how to deal with the increasingly popular tablet market like iPad, Android & Kindle Fire. Under the Magento Admin : System > Configuration > Design is where you want to be. You also want to make sure you have the “mCommerce – iPhone theme” or some mobile designed theme to server as your secondary store alternative for your mobile based clients. Configuration Depending on how you want to serve up your store depends on what configuration you want. Option #1 : Show mobile version on Any Mobile Based OS (phone ,tablet, kindle fire) iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Pre|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|mobi|Safari Mobile|Windows Mobile|Android|Opera Mini|mobile|Silk|Kindle Phone Based Browsers: Tablet Based Browsers:

Knowledge Base - Tutorial: Creating a Configurable Product. Your product descriptions are so stupid they sit on the TV and watch the couch. Not so long ago when e-commerce was younger, so much younger than today – when people were afraid to put their credit card number onto an input field on a website – people would just search for information online and buy stuff offline.

Your product descriptions are so stupid they sit on the TV and watch the couch

Not to mention there was no Magento, online stores ran on wooden PCs and stuff, and there were dinosaurs and stuff running around. Kidding about the dinosaurs, although they did tend to appear on many websites in form of an annoying animated GIF. I remember in these hard times for online merchants there was one awesome online store here in Croatia that every geek knew about and bought from. This store was known for their amazing product descriptions. They were so fun, people would come there just to read them and have a laugh, even if shopping wasn’t on their to do list for the day. One of the most common issues I see with online stores nowadays that is rarely talked about are poor product descriptions. How do I know my product description is poor? 1. 2. Prevent PO Boxes in shipping address field on Checkout.

We recently integrated a feature that would prevent users from creating an order with a PO Box in Australia.

Prevent PO Boxes in shipping address field on Checkout

Since we are already familiar with Australia Post shipping integration (and heavy modifications of it, I might add :)), the first thing that came to mind is to have a look if there’s some API or web interface that can be used to filter out post codes that are linked to PO Boxes. Many high volume addresses and/or PO Boxes in Australia have their own post code, so it looked like an obvious solution. It turns out that it’s not that simple or logical, since there are many edge cases where you can not reliably tell if you should filter the code out or not. There is a guide made by Fontis that shows how to validate the input fields in order to filter out PO Boxes. However, in our case we had some dynamic content loading with Temando shipping method integrated.

Compatibility issues Solution The first thing we’ll need is a module. We now need to connect the logic with the page itself. Inchoo - Part 7. 5 tips for increasing E-commerce homepage conversions This is the question I get asked often: “How can we increase our conversion rate and convert more visitors into buyers?”.

Inchoo - Part 7

In this blog post I will focus on your … Managing navigation links in the account dashboard In this article I’ll demonstrate how to manage navigation links in the customer’s account dashboard: one way of removing new links from customer’s account dashboard which should be avoided and … Magento Adminhtml Javascript Popup Dialog. Fooman Google Analytics + Magento WordPress Integration. FishPig's Magento WordPress Integration is an extension for Magento eCommerce that integrates your WordPress blog with your Magento store.

Magento WordPress Integration

The extension is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community Edition. The extension now comes packaged with full translations for Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French and German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (nb_NO and nn_NO), Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. FishPig's WordPress Integration Features At the FishPig HQ, we are constantly trying to improve the extension and make it the only choice for blog integration in Magento. Here are some of the more popular features that the extension has: Fooman Speedster. View topic - Extended Follow Up Email Images.