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KLM Online check-in the page where you can check-in. Preparatory department. The Regional Institute for International Cooperation provides a preparatory course for foreigners who want to study at a Russian university but need to improve their academic Russian. This is a unique course which prepares students who have completed their secondary education and received their bachelors degree at the University of Tyumen or any other Russian Higher Education institution. This course lasts for one year (two semesters) or half a year (one semester) depending on your entry level of Russian. The aim is to improve your academic Russian skills to a point where you can start your degree in the subject of your choice at the University of Tyumen or any other Russian Higher Education Institution. In each semester you will study different modules: A minimum of three of these will be from Academic Listening and Speaking, Academic Reading and Writing, Russian Grammar and Academic Vocabulary and Study Skills, and Russian Culture.

We offer Highly-qualified staff Multimedia Resources. Regional Centre of Franco-Russian Cooperation. Russian Language and Culture Summer School "Explore Siberia" University of Tyumen Regional Institute for International Cooperation Russian Language & Culture Summer School ‘Enter Russia through Siberian Gates!’ Tyumen, 02 nd July — 31st July, 2016 Tyumen is the first Siberian city (1586), multinational and dynamic, a city with old traditions and young people.

Join our unique project for foreign citizens interested in studying the Russian language and learning about the country. 80 academic hours of classroom learning 50 academic hours of project work (Language and Country Studies) 5 ECTS points awarded for completion of the course Classroom learning: Russian Language & Culture Module (60 hours).

Language and Country Studies: Accommodation: The participants are provided with double rooms in a student hostel. Accommodation in a single room in a student hostel can be provided on participant’s request at additional cost. The classes take place in the morning Excursions and project work are planned for the afternoons and weekends. Tyumen State University. Education in Russia for Foreigners: News. Home / Russian Language / Russian Language & Culture Summer School / ShareThis Russian Language Summer School at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation July 6 - 27, 2016 Both the beginners and those who have already started studying the Russian language can make their ambitious dreams come true by immersing in an authentic cultural and linguistic environment of Moscow.

It will help you achieve the goal of reading the grand works of the Russian literature in the original and give you an opportunity to wander without a guide through the boroughs of old Moscow where the famous representatives of the Russian culture and science lived and worked. That is why we invite you to study at the Financial University Russian Language Summer School. The School will be held from July 6 till July 27, 2016 in University's campus in Moscow. We welcome people of all ages (no younger than 17 years) from all over the world, of all levels of the Russian language. Fee. Cours d'été intensifs. Education in Russia for Foreigners: News. Home / Russian Language / Russian Language & Culture Summer School / ShareThis Dates: 11 July - 12 August, 2016. Tuition fee: 5 700 RUB "Russian Summer - 2016" is a one-month course of Russian as a foreign language provided by Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University.

We invite you to learn the Russian language during the summer period in the Urals - the region known by its cultural and natural diversity. Programme: Apart from the intensive classes in the Russian language (16 hours per week), the programme includes rafting on the White River, visiting Arkaim, the ancient city which is five thousand years old, and the famous Kapova Cave with its paleolithic cave drawings. The teaching staff consists of associate and full professors of the Chair of Russian as a Foreign Language. To apply for participation in the school, please send your application to Contacts 455000, Chelyabinsk Region, Magnitogorsk, 38 Lenin Street.

Russian Language Courses. Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University offers the preparatory program “RUSSIAN AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE” for all those who wish to prepare for the tuition at our University or any other universities of the Russian Federation, to become acquainted with the amazing language and culture, to discover the fascinating history of Russia, the traditions and customs of the Russian people. The programme meets the RF state standards and provides 600 academic hours for the Russian language which is the required level of Russian proficiency (the first certification level) for the tuition at Russian universities.

The programme of pre-University training of foreign students also includes disciplines as required for the selected profile: engineering-technical, natural-science, economic, and humanitarian. After completion of tuition foreign students take a final exam in the form of a test in the Russian language. They also take tests in disciplines as required for the selected profile. Contacts. Information for International students - Petrozavodsk State University - PetrSU. Convenient and comfortable accommodation is a vitally important factor for the success of your training at Petrozavodsk State University.Host FamilyLiving with a host family has certain advantages. It facilities and expedites language learning while imparting knowledge of Russian customs and traditions.

In addition, you will quickly learn what Russian hospitality means, and, in case you need any help, your host will always be there. You will live with a family selected by the university. You will have breakfast and dinner with them. Information for International students - Petrozavodsk State University - PetrSU. Russian Language courses for foreign applicants at PetrSU have been held since 1992. Our language classes, conducted by experienced teachers, will help take your learning to a new level. Whether you need emphasis on the basics of grammar or on conversation, the program will be adjusted to fit your needs. The General Russian Language courses will give students, beginner and advanced, the necessary skills in Russian for practical use.

Intermediate and advanced students will have the opportunity to improve their proficiency in both oral and written language. In addition, students are free to take some special courses on Russian literature, history, and culture. It is also possible to extend the program of the course to include more work on phonetics, grammar, Russian studies, Russian literature of particular periods in history, Russian history, practical stylistics, contemporary Russian art, films, music, and modern mass media.We offer both individual and group language courses.

Formations | Омский государственный педагогический университет. Mon projet Québec : votre accès aux services d'immigration en ligne. En raison d’un entretien technique, Mon projet Québec sera hors service le 14 août 2017 entre 7 h 30 et 17 h 00 (heure de Montréal). Le nombre maximal de demandes de Certificat de sélection du Québec à recevoir dans le cadre du Programme régulier des travailleurs qualifiés sera de 5 000 pour la prochaine période de réception. Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement notre site afin de connaître les dates de cette période, qui seront annoncées ultérieurement. Si vous avez une offre d’emploi validée par le Ministère ou que vous êtes résident temporaire du Québec et autorisé à présenter une demande de Certificat de sélection du Québec, vous pouvez le faire en tout temps.

Informations importantes sur Mon projet Québec Accédez à Mon projet Québec pour remplir votre demande en ligne. Pour savoir comment remplir une demande dans un autre programme Des réponses à vos questions! Vous souhaitez venir au Canada à titre d’immigrant qualifié? Vous souhaitez vivre au Canada en permanence et avoir un emploi qualifié? Vous n’avez qu’à répondre à quelques questions pour savoir si vous êtes admissible à présenter une demande dans le cadre d’Entrée express. Trois programmes d’immigration sont visés par Entrée express, chacun étant assorti d’exigences différentes. Il vous faudra de 10 à 15 minutes pour remplir le formulaire. Vous pourriez avoir à répondre à des questions sur : votre nationalité; votre âge; votre maîtrise de la langue; les membres de votre famille; vos études; votre expérience de travail; votre revenu ou votre avoir net; les détails de toute offre d’emploi. En fonction de vos réponses, nous vous dirons quels sont les programmes au titre desquels vous pouvez présenter une demande.

Si vous êtes admissible à présenter une demande dans le cadre d’Entrée express, nous vous communiquerons une liste d’instructions détaillées vous indiquant les prochaines étapes, notamment la création d’un profil en ligne. Courrier Expat. eCitizen - Gateway to All Government Services.