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Technology Integration for Math Engagement » #3 – Technology Integration Tools: All Things Google! ISB Google Apps Ninja Training Center. Welcome to the ISB Google Apps Ninja Training Center here you will find all the materials you need to become an ISB Google Apps Ninja Master. There are 5 essential ninja apps categories you must master to become a true Apps Master Ninja. Become a Ninja Apps master in all 5 areas and be earn your Ninja Apps Master T-shirt, stickers, and other fee goodies as well as get private ninja invites to try out the latest technology at ISB before it becomes available to other students. To become a Ninja master in each area you must complete all of the ninja exames for each ninja colored belt with an 80% or better accuracy.

White Belt: Must get at least 8/10 on the white belt test Green Belt: Must get at least 80% on the white belt test and 8/10 on the green belt test Black Belt: Must get at least 80% on the white belt and green belt test and 8/10 on the black belt test. Master Ninja: Must get at least 80% on the white, green and black belt tests and 8/10 on the Master Ninja test. In schools, all you need is web. While students in the northern hemisphere say goodbye to each other and another school year, we’re in sunny San Diego meeting with thousands of educators and administrators at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

While on break from teaching, these folks are here to teach others how they’re bringing innovation into their classrooms—a lot of which centers around the web. While the web was developed well before today’s students were born, it’s come a long way even since a year ago. Today you can access the web on any device, use the web offline and take advantage of amazing graphics. For example, you can get a powerful graphing calculator on the web today, for free. It’s been really amazing to see how the web is impacting schools. We’ve heard great real-world stories about Google Apps for Education, but lately we’re hearing more and more about schools extending the functionality of Google Apps with educational apps available on the Chrome Web Store.


Google. Sites. Blogger. Google SketchUp. Drive. Earth. YouTube. Chrome. Docs. ePortfolios with GoogleApps. This Google Site has been set up by Dr. Helen Barrett to focus on the use of Google Apps to create ePortfolios. On this site, there are instructions on how to use the different elements of Google Apps to maintain e-portfolios. Are you a K-12 educator wanting to use Google products with your students? I recommend that you don't set up "regular" public Google accounts for them... instead, set up a GoogleApps for Education domain where you can enroll your students and control access.

See the following Google Websites: See these Pros and Cons of "public" accounts vs. Google Tools for Schools (a clearinghouse of Google resources to support Google Boot Camp workshops) Here are a few great blog posts about a school implementing GoogleApps: Watershed School story of implementing GoogleAppsGoogle Video Conference, October 6, 2009: Recorded webinar (in Youtube) • Slide presentation • Q&A Session Transcript.