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Sinatra: README. This page is also available in Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), Russian, Spanish and Japanese.

Sinatra: README

Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort: # myapp.rb require 'sinatra' get '/' do 'Hello world! 'end Install the gem: And run with: View at: It is recommended to also run gem install thin, which Sinatra will pick up if available. Routes In Sinatra, a route is an HTTP method paired with a URL-matching pattern.

6 reasons to use Pearltrees. Pearltrees is the first and largest social curation community on the Internet.

6 reasons to use Pearltrees

It’s a place to organize, discover and share all the cool content you find online. However, beyond this basic definition, a question remains: why would I want to use Pearltrees? Well, what I want to share with you are six major use cases (or reasons) we’ve identified as being most popular across our entire community of web curators. In addition, I’ll also share with you a couple of interesting ways in which I have put Pearltrees to use for myself. Hopefully, you’ll not only get value in learning how the community uses Pearltrees, but also be inspired to find even more clever and creative ways to use our software yourself. 3. The problem is that aside from searching your personal twitter stream to get back to the cool stuff you tweeted there’s no great way to keep those links at hand. Note: For advanced users you can even hashtag the links you tweet with #PT and the name of a pearltree in your account (e.g.

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Vimcasts - free screencasts about the text editor Vim. Tips for Having Great Virtual Meetings. (Editor’s note: The following post is an excerpt from the book The Collaboration Imperative: Executive Strategies for Unlocking Your Organization’s True Potential by Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese.

Tips for Having Great Virtual Meetings

Ron Ricci is the vice president of corporate positioning and has spent the last decade helping Cisco develop and nurture a culture of sharing and collaborative processes. In addition, he has spent countless hours with hundreds of different organizations discussing the impact of collaboration. Carl Wiese is senior vice president of Cisco’s collaboration sales — a multi-billion global business. He has presented on the importance of collaboration to business audiences in dozens of countries, including Australia, China, Dubai, India, Mexico and all across Europe and the United States.

For more information please visit The virtual workplace has many advantages, but it also introduces new challenges. 17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone. Here’s a little known secret: bookmarklets work on your iPhone.

17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone

But wait, what are bookmarklets? Bookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code that can be saved as ordinary bookmarks in your web browser. They enhance your browsing experience by giving you super-instant access to useful tools and special functionality. There are billions of them, and below are my favorites. These work wonderfully on a computer, but they’ll add an extra boost of functionality to your iPhone. To use, just drag the links into Safari’s Bookmarks Bar and synch them to your iPhone via iTunes. 3. Check out these sites: Thanks goes to Sean for pointing this feature out to me. Update (July 18, 2007): Looks like a few folks are having problems with the Find in this page bookmarklet. Update (July 19, 2007): The Find in this page bookmarklet now works in both Safari 2 and 3. Getting active with OmniFocus: first days - Blog. As threatened promised, here is my first installment of Mastering OmniFocus: Can a Slacker go from Productivity Zero to Guru or Come Up with a Pithy, Descriptive Blog Post Title?

Getting active with OmniFocus: first days - Blog

Well, we certainly know the answer to one of those questions, don't we? The first thing I do upon launching my copy of OmniFocus is to delete the paltry amount of outdated info in my document. Wow! That feels GREAT. How to create a "Capture to inbox" icon. I LOVE OmniFocus for my iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

How to create a "Capture to inbox" icon

One of the 5 phases of getting things done is "Capture" it is imperative that you have the ability to quickly capture things directly to inbox with minimal fuss. In the past I've used a Levenger pocket briefcase and note cards because it was quicker to pull out a note card and jot down a note than to open an app on my phone and click new item. Ideally there would be a "Capture" icon on my iPhone homescreen that would take me instantly to the "Quick Entry in Inbox" action. Turns out this is totally doable! If you type into mobile safari it takes you right to that screen.

Just click the link below and then, click "share" icon(the box with the arrow) and select "Add to Homescreen" Special Thanks to lightstorm for providing and hosting the icon. Be More Productive at Work.