Performance & visual artist John Kelly and myself at the book signing event on World AIDS DAY on December 1, 2011 @ Barnes & Noble Books on 82nd & Broadway, Manhattan (image courtesy © Bertol Dragani) by Frank H. Jump The Fading AIDS Gallery is a not-for-profit virtual gallery & AIDS information services organization which explores our changing urban landscape and is committed to providing direct services for HIV/AIDS education in the NYC community through the arts. Fading AIDS Gallery Fading AIDS Gallery
The Outsider Art Pages Featuring: New Bottle Cap Art Gallery The art of popular crafts | Howard Finster’s garden | Environments | Metal work mastery | Stan Szwarc galleries | Chicago’s lakefront gallery | Sock monkeys | Jim Sudduth | Folk art in the city | 40,000 Murphy | Bottle-cap art | The Bottle Cap Inn | Prison art | Florida folk | Fabulous furniture | What is outsider art? | Ominous needlepoint | Anonymous portrait gallery | Reviews Roadside Art Online Featuring: Some Milwaukee Architecture It’s a gallery out there: Vernacular art from the roadsideThe Western Avenue Art Gallery: Chicago’s best signs | Revenge of the mansards | Grog N Groc Hall of Fame: Strange store names | Classic signs | Roadside ruins | The Gyros Project: Art on every corner | Eccentric environments | Junk food | Various roadside vistas | Postcard motels | 100 Best Signs from Roadside Art Online | Little Grills | Lodging | Vintage Matchbooks The Idea Barn Featuring: The snake in Google’s walled garden INTERESTING IDEAS: Outsider art, roadside art & signs, eccentric culture INTERESTING IDEAS: Outsider art, roadside art & signs, eccentric culture
汐留で交通アクセスが良くて心地よい空間を演出しているホテル! 汐留へ今度一泊することになったんですが、まだ一度も行ったことがない場所なのでどんなホテルがあるのかなと思って探してみました。もちろん都内にはたくさんのホテルがたくさんありますが、汐留で特によさそうなホテルがあったので紹介しようと思います。それがヴィラフォンテーヌ汐留です。汐留ホテルのランキングがわかります。ここは交通アクセスがとにかく理想的なホテルとなっています。 Van Gogh & Gauguin Van Gogh & Gauguin
Charles Eames (1907–78) and Ray Eames (1912–88) gave shape to America's twentieth century. Their lives and work represented the nation's defining social movements: the West Coast's coming-of-age, the economy's shift from making goods to producing information, and the global expansion of American culture. The Eameses embraced the era's visionary concept of modern design as an agent of social change, elevating it to a national agenda. The Work of Charles and Ray Eames (Library of Congress Exhibition) The Work of Charles and Ray Eames (Library of Congress Exhibition)
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All images are digitized | All jpegs/tiffs display outside Library of Congress | View All The Work Projects Administration (WPA) Poster Collection consists of 907 posters produced from 1936 to 1943 by various branches of the WPA. Of the 2,000 WPA posters known to exist, the Library of Congress's collection of more than 900 is the largest. The posters were designed to publicize exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, and health and educational programs in seventeen states and the District of Columbia, with the strongest representation from California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The results of one of the first U.S.

Posters from the WPA: Federal Art Project Calendar Index

Posters from the WPA: Federal Art Project Calendar Index
ESSENTIAL VERMEER TIME is an open door onto the spinning wheels, grinding cogs, ideas, inspirations, doubts and dreams that make the Essential Vermeer website run full steam ahead. You'll find opinions, the latest Vermeer news (practically real time) and information about what’s currently under development and way down the pipeline. latest post: Vermeer Thefts CLICK HERE to access the latest Vermeer Newsletter The Girl with a Pearl Earring in America: Unraveling the Masterpiece

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Essential Vermeer
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