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Patricia Reed. Blanche Girouard : Interviewer, Writer & Photographer - Blanche Girouard. Hugo Arcier - Selected works. Trihars. Fugitive Images. Jenna Sutela. Invisible. AMANDA BEECH. Irregular Readings II. Saturday, July 30, 7 - 9pm Irregular Readings II Irregular Readings II is an end of (gallery) season and early evening of short readings and vocal actions by artists and writers Alex Turgeon, Anna Jandt, Elijah Burgher, Hanne Lippard, Kinga Kielczynska, Martin Kohout, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Sabina Maria van der Linden, Steven Warwick, Susanne M.

Irregular Readings II

Winterling & Trevor Lee Larson. The evening is hosted by artist Nancy Davenport whose exhibition Polaroids will have closed just one hour prior to the first reading. Alex Turgeon is an artist who’s work operates at the intersection between poetry and sculpture. Anna Jandt I think someone’s in the Egypt room whom I wanted to see bare, if I could take my eyes off that dressed up broom, I should start walking there. Elijah Burgher is an artist and occasional writer, recently relocated to Berlin from Chicago. Martin Kohout will once again meet with Mr. Sabina Maria van der Linden Showing a video and two dresses reminiscent of Liz Taylor in Boom!

Lanchester Gallery Projects. Lanchester Gallery Projects, in collaboration with Amanda Beech, commissioned the dual publication FINAL and FIRST MACHINE.

Lanchester Gallery Projects

FINAL MACHINE documents the exhibition of the same name; a three-channel video and architectural installation that continued Beech’s examination into the nexus of art, politics, fiction and philosophy. The work questions dogmatically and directly: How it is possible to engage art as a site of realism that would annihilate our faith in the art and politics that we know as our bad habit? The publication includes the proceedings from the panel discussion held at LGP in March 2013. VASULKA.ORG home. AND The Piracy Project : the name of our publishing activity is AND. The Piracy ProjectA * open call * blog * archive* catalog The Piracy Project is an international publishing and exhibition project exploring the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction.

AND The Piracy Project : the name of our publishing activity is AND

Through research and an international call for submissions The Project has gathered a collection of more than 150 modified, appropriated and copied books from all over the world. The collection, which is catalogued online, is the starting point for talks and work groups around the concept of originality, the notion of authorship and politics of copyright. The next set of events will be hosted by The Showroom in London in 2013. The Piracy Project is an collaboration between AND Publishing and Andrea Francke. The Piracy Project is not about stealing or forgery. If you are interested to submit a book project for the collection please Bioart and Bacteria - The Artwork of Anna Dumitriu. WETWARE: Synthetic EvolutionThe Hunt for New AntimicrobialsDon't Try This At HomeSequenceThe Romantic DiseaseSuper-organism SeriesInfective TextilesModernising Medical MicrobiologyCommunicating BacteriaHypersymbiont SalonHypersymbiont DressStories From The Gut[micro]biologies: the bacterial sublimeBacteria Light LabCybernetic BacteriaCybernetic Bacteria 2.0Germ TheoryGone ViralBioReactorTrust Me, I'm an ArtistKryoLabThe Art and Science of LinenNormal FloraPublications and MediaTalksBooksWorkshopsBiography/Contact Anna Dumitriu is a British artist whose work fuses craft, technology and bioscience to explore our relationship to the microbial world, biomedicine and technology.

Bioart and Bacteria - The Artwork of Anna Dumitriu

She has a strong international exhibition profile, having exhibited at The Picasso Museum in Barcelona, The Science Gallery in Dublin, The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Taipei, and The V & A Museum in London. Rachael FinneyWork. Sabrina Ratté. Emmadorothyconley. ZXX. !Mediengruppe Bitnik. Lawrence Lek. Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE Home. Baltan Laboratories. Aerocene. Ryoji ikeda   Fay Nicolson. Stephen Walter. Wasteland Twinning. SOUNDS, SHAPES, FUTURE CIVILIZATIONS. Superstitious Thoughts. We tend to impose order through superstition, rituals and conspirational explanations when there is a lack of control.

Martin Butz in Anticipatory behaviour in adaptive learning systems wrote, “In the early 20th century, Bronislaw Malinowski noticed that islanders in the Pacific who fished offshore beyond the coral reef displayed many superstitious rituals and ceremonies to invoke magical powers for safety and protection, while inshore fisherman carried out their job with a high degree of rational expertise” Whilst in Modern day systems, Jennifer Whitson writes “People see false patterns in all types of data, imagining trends in stock markets, seeing faces in static and detecting conspiracies between acquaintances,”

Untitled. About The Ten Seconds Project - Ten Seconds Project.