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Facebook. Thank you - Britain's first Green MP. Chapter 11 Planning, Organizing, and Controlling. That security blokes blog spot… I’m back « thatsecurityblokesblogspot. I have set up a new group ‘sustainable urban development (safety and security network) In light of the August riots I believe that it is important we develop a universal constituency plan for future use should this sort of behaviour occur again in the future… this research should help towards that plan and give the security industry an opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills… and could be profitable to all involved… All emergency services need to work together to achieve one objective…to reclaim the streets so as to protect property and life… Read using PBOG.

That security blokes blog spot… I’m back « thatsecurityblokesblogspot

Twitter / Home. The World in Action. People. power. change. Policy 2010 - Jobs and a living wage. Right now unemployment is skyrocketing and the government is doing little about it.

Policy 2010 - Jobs and a living wage

Our policy is to fight for a fair, stable and sustainable economy. Top bankers continue to pocket your money in the form of unearned bonuses, while factories, firms and farms are forced to lay off more and more workers by the day, week and month. This must end.