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Best Online Collaboration Tools 2012 - Robin Good... Pedagogical Repository. Morning Blend. Instructional System Design (ISD) Handbook (ADDIE) Performance, Learning, Leadership, & Knowledge Site. Syllabus. Baruch College, CUNY Profs. Thomas Harbison and Luke WaltzerCourse blog: Please send emails to both and MW 5:50-7:05 | Classroom: VC 9-170 Office hours: MW 4:00-5:00pm, or by appointment | Office location: 137 E. 25th St., Room 320 Course DescriptionWelcome to Digital History. This course will explore current methods in the field, and also imagine future possibilities. You will study a range of theories of new media and employ them as you collect, analyze, and produce historical scholarship. PrerequisitesThis class assumes that all students have prior experience studying history, and are somewhat familiar with traditional history methodologies.

AttendanceIt is important that you attend all classes. Classroom EtiquetteWe expect all students to treat one another and the professors with the utmost respect. ReadingsYou do not need to purchase a textbook for this course. Daniel J. Dec 3: Tools for Using Digital Storytelling in. “I know only one thing about technologies that awaits in the future: We will find ways to tell our stories with them.” By Jason Ohler Digital Storytelling is an important 21st century skill we need to be teaching in our classrooms.

What is digital storytelling? According to Leslie Rule from Digital Storytelling Association, “Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights.” Digital Storytelling can happen in any subject area and can be done using multiple technology resources. Apps you can use for Digital Storytelling: Voicethread: I like this App because it is also web-based too! Zooburst: I have been using Zooburst this year because a student introduced it too me. PuppetPals: PuppetPals lets students create their own animated stories.

Powtoon Kerpoof Go Animate ToonDoo. TEDxGlasgow - Donald Clark - More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years. Six useful features in YouTube you may have missed... It's easy to upload video to YouTube without noticing some rather nice features hidden away under the bonnet, that will help you enhance your videos and the way they're presented. 1.

Annotations Annotations, such as speech bubbles, labels or pauses, can be added to videos at selected points. These are very useful for screencasts created using free software, as you can add simple callouts without putting them through editing software, or for adding hyperlinks and other additional information to your videos. It could be if you have information you think may change frequently (such as contact names, phone numbers, dates etc.) you add these as annotations rather than include them in the video itself, as they are easier to change and you can keep your YouTube URL for the video.

The example below is an excellent way annotations have been used creatively - using invisible annotations called 'spotlights' that have been used as a navigation tool between videos. 4. HelloSlide - Bring your slides to life. Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools | authoring tools. We know that often building your own elearning is the best way to go. Let us help you get there. We know a lot about authoring tools and how to make the most of them. We were selected by Adobe to create their showcase Captivate content; we have won Articulate Guru awards and we have won many rapid elearning awards and helped internal teams win awards for their work.

We work with internal teams to help them select the best tool for their needs and support them through setting up art direction, training, templates and development processes. Our work has included clients such as: Pensions Regulator – Authoring tool selection and trainingDeloitte - In-house elearning capability building programme including specially designed elearning on using their authoring tools Sony Europe – capability building in authoring tools Let us help you with choosing, learning and getting the most out of a rapid elearning authoring tool. Adapt Adapt is our groundbreaking responsive elearning authoring framework. About us. We are a charitable trust that equips people to make sense of scientific and medical claims in public discussion.

With a database of over 6,000 scientists, from Nobel prize winners to postdocs and PhD students, we work in partnership with scientific bodies, research publishers, policy makers, the public and the media, to change public discussions about science and evidence. Through award-winning public campaigns, we share the tools of scientific thinking and scrutiny. Our growing international Voice of Young Science network engages hundreds of early career researchers in public debates about research and evidence. Our activities and publications are used and shaped by community groups, civic bodies, patient organisations, information services, writers, publishers, educators, health services and many others.

People look to us to: Our ethos: Elearning Wales Twitter List by Julia Ault on Listorious. CWSEI - Resources. Moodle 2.0 Template site: Login to the site. E-learning in clinical teaching — Faculty Development. You are here: Home / E-Learning in Clinical Teaching The PDF generator is currently disabled. If you would like a PDF of the module, or need to obtain a certificate, then please contact Clinical teachers teach diverse groups of learners who are increasingly familiar with learning through an online environment. e-learning provides huge opportunities for enhancing clinical teaching and facilitating communication.

However, to be effective, implementing e-learning must be grounded within sound educational approaches. This module explores the role and potential for introducing a range of technologies in clinical teaching, set within the context of a framework of principles for good teaching practice. It looks at how teachers might select and implement technologies appropriately when planning teaching sessions, writing learning objectives and designing learning activities and assessments.

Before you start Thinking points: Print module to PDF. EmbedPlus - Video editing, chopping, looping, annotations, slow motion, and chapters tool for YouTube embeds and WordPress video plugins. CC Search.

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