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Sleep Remedies - Natural Sleep Aids. Think the solution to your fatigue is an earlier bedtime?

Sleep Remedies - Natural Sleep Aids

Getting enough sleep is important, but it’s also the quality that counts—and there’s more to it than just a comfy bed. Also complicating things: As you get older, your sleep patterns change, making it harder to fall (and stay) asleep. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to be sleep-deprived. You can improve your slumber without tacking on hours in bed—and it’s not hard to do. Every little habit—from what you eat and drink to when you exercise and watch TV—can impact your sleep. 6:30 A.M. - Skip the snooze button. 7:30 A.M. - Exercise. 11:00 A.M. - Take a breathing break. 1-2 P.M. - Cut out caffeine.

Caffeine Count You know that coffee’s got a lot (95 mg in 1 cup), but the amount in other items may surprise you. Coffee ice cream, 1 cup = 48 mg Diet Coke, 1 can = 47 mgTea, 1 cup = 40 mgDark chocolate bar, 1.45 oz = 25 mg 3 P.M. - Go outside. 7 P.M. - Eat dinner. 10 P.M. - An hour before bedtime, have a proteincarb combo snack. Making Sense of Dreams. Lucid Dreaming Community & Resource - Home. 02.22.2010 - An afternoon nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity. If you see a student dozing in the library or a co-worker catching 40 winks in her cubicle, don’t roll your eyes.

02.22.2010 - An afternoon nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity

New research from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that an hour’s nap can dramatically boost and restore your brain power. Indeed, the findings suggest that a biphasic sleep schedule not only refreshes the mind, but can make you smarter. Students who napped (green column) did markedly better in memorizing tests than their no-nap counterparts. (Courtesy of Matthew Walker) Conversely, the more hours we spend awake, the more sluggish our minds become, according to the findings. “Sleep not only rights the wrong of prolonged wakefulness but, at a neurocognitive level, it moves you beyond where you were before you took a nap,” said Matthew Walker, an assistant professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and the lead investigator of these studies. In the recent UC Berkeley sleep study, 39 healthy young adults were divided into two groups — nap and no-nap. Sleeping Tricks - Effective Techniques For Falling Asleep.

How to nap. 15 Famous Books Inspired by Dreams. One does not have to persistently study the literary canon in order to discover compelling narratives and characters.

15 Famous Books Inspired by Dreams

Turning inward and paying close attention to dreams and nightmares makes for an excellent way for aspirant writers to pull themselves out of creative ruts or get started on a new literary piece. Even before Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung wrote their seminal works on dream and archetype interpretation, some of the most famous and influential people (not just authors, playwrights and poets!) Sought inspiration in the dreaming world. The following famous books contain elements inspired either by specific subconscious visuals or the bizarre, convoluted way in which they meander through the mind and senses.

The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer: From Stephenie Meyer’s dreams of a sparkly vampire talking to a puny human woman came the media juggernaut about sparkly vampires and the puny human women who love them. How to Reboot Your Sleep Cycle and Get the Rest You Deserve.