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Survival Techniques. Homemade Survival Kit. How to Make a Snare. Survival Weapons To Make. Water Heater Troubleshooting. The Clever Survivalist Blog Survival Guide. Survival Led Investing Techniques.

Purpose Of Amendments

Sovereign States In America. Habit River Shirt - Stay Cool with This High Quality Outdoor Shirt. Description The Habit River Shirt features a lightweight fabric with UPF 30+ UV Protection, vented back and fly rod holder.

Habit River Shirt - Stay Cool with This High Quality Outdoor Shirt

Specifications Lightweight textured fabricVented back with mesh liningUPF 30+ UV protectionFly rod holderSizes available: M, L, XL, 2X We recently purchased this shirt at our local SamsClub because it felt like a very cool, thin shirt for outdoor activities. It had a mesh liner inside the shirt to provide some breathability. When I received the Habit River Shirts, I thought the orange color shirt was very nice looking. I felt the material for the shirts and it felt a lot like the typical breathable material of a high quality outdoor shirt. After putting it on, the Habit River Shirt was extremely lightweight.

It says that it has a rod holder, but typically I would think this to be close to the hips, and I didn’t see anything in the lower section of the shirt. Snare Locks. How to Build a Snare Trap P3: Penny or Washer Snare Lock Snare Locks [sociallinkz] Seems like I am on a roll with showing you how to build a snare trap huh?

Snare Locks

I have shown a simple snare and a way to make a spring snare. Today is not so much a focus on the snaring, but more on the mechanism for locking. The loop I am going to show you today is not a wilderness emergency available item. The design for the loop is extremely simple, but it really works. What you will need: A 1/16 in. diameter stainless steel cableA 1/16 in. copper end stopA 1/16 in. oval compression sleeveA copper penny or 1/2 in. washerYou will need a vice, or crimping tool (crimper, hammer, etc) for the endstop, oval sleeve, and to bend the penny.Drill bit just big enough to drill a hole that the cable can fit into, about 3/32 or 2/16 bit.Cable cutters to cut cable to desired length. How To Make A Wooden Spear. Yesterday, I didn’t give you guys a post, and this is my first time missing it, but lets be completely honest… The whole reason to own a blog or online business is to be able to do what I want, when I want.

How To Make A Wooden Spear

Snare Locks. Survival School: Guide to Making Survival Weapons for Wilderness. Look at making survival weapons to be used in the wilderness.

Survival School: Guide to Making Survival Weapons for Wilderness

Most Survival guides, or survival school trainers skip this skill, but it could be a mistake. We all would be happy to carry our rifle, shotgun, or handgun, but on the off chance that you get stuck without your “best friend”, let’s go over some helpful items that you can make or find pretty expeditiously. Purpose of the Amendments. Wilderness Survival Weapons. Habit Fishing Shirts. Minimalist camping. Purpose Of Amendments. [sociallinkz] I have stressed my libertarian political views to you in a previous post.

Purpose Of Amendments

I have made posts about guns as well. These are typical for prepper blogs. Today, I hope is not really typical. I constantly hear things like, “that violates my 2nd amendment right”, or “the police search after the bombing in Boston was a violation of the 4th amendment.” The Bill of Rights: (Article the Third) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I hope this was informative for you. SPONSOR OF THE DAY Today's Sponsor is K-Light. This post was NOTHING compared to the awesome, valuable teaching I give away FREELY! Sign Up For The Email. Bug Out Vehicle List. Urban Vs Suburban Vs Rural. Urban vs Rural vs Suburban Living: Definition, Community, Comparison [sociallinkz] Today I want to touch on the differences in urban vs rural vs suburban living.

Urban Vs Suburban Vs Rural

I want to give my basic, opinionated, and lay-person definition of them, give a comparison, and discuss some basic community structure. Remember that soon, there will be a sizeable gap in my posting. I have decided to take some time off from posting when my next child arrives. Don’t forget to share my National Preparedness Month Free Prepper Survival Gear Giveaway post to win free gear… I currently live in suburbia. Bug Out RV. How to Make a Wooden Spear. Purpose Of Amendments. Bug Out Vehicle List. Sovereign States in America.

Bug Out Vehicle Gear. [sociallinkz] I have heard many people talk about using the family RV, or recreation vehicle, to bug out.

Bug Out Vehicle Gear

Many people are set that it is the ultimate bug out vehicle (BOV). When I am asked about it, my first answer is typically, “Yes and No.” Habit Fishing Shirts. Habit River Shirt - Stay Cool with This High Quality Outdoor Shirt. Habit River Shirt - Stay Cool with This High Quality Outdoor Shirt. How to make a snare. Using a Family RV as the Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle. Survivalist Forums: We provide blog posts and videos, survival tips, and product reviews for FREE. In case of emergency you can use life saving techniques provided by our blogs.

How to Make a Snare. How to make Homemade Survival Kit. Modern Disaster Response Techniques - Cleversurvivalist. Modern Disaster Response Techniques. Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle.

How To Make a Snare Trap