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PLC: Diversity and Inclusivity

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This will be our curated collection of resources for our CFIP.
Please add resources as you find them!

Lesson Plans. Prepared under the supervision of curriculum development specialists from the Sarasota County School District, our age-appropriate lessons address applicable learning intentions and success criteria expected of every student while engaging students in our core values: diversity, inclusion, integrity and respect.

Lesson Plans

Of 206 teachers surveyed in 2020, 97% of teachers availing themselves of our lesson plans and teaching materials felt they were meaningful and beneficial tools for their classes and enhanced the field trip experience. "I can't believe how truly RICH the resources are for regular classroom teachers without extensive art training. I plan to continue integrating art into my classroom so my students can see, observe, and appreciate art and the world around them. " Elementary School Teacher Educator Lesson Plans All lessons contain connections to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the Florida Standards, with several lessons tied directly to ELA textbooks. Native Knowledge 360° - Interactive Teaching Resources. Early Childhood Education. Engage with our Museum from home or in the classroom with activity sheets, learning plans and recommended resources inspired by objects and stories from the Museum's collection.

Early Childhood Education

Check back regularly for new materials! Celebrate Kwanzaa with the Museum Learn more about the Museum's collection and the 7 principles of Kwanzaa - Nguzo Saba - by downloading our PDF activity sheets for each day. Download Honoring Dr. Honor Dr. Download Explore Smithsonian Learning Lab Bring the Museum's collection to your classroom or home with themed online collections of objects curated by the early childhood education team. Explore More. NEA National Heritage Fellows: Map. Author & Book Resources to Support Reading Education. Future of Discussions. Home-FabuLingua. Communicating Important Information with ELL Families: Strategies for Success.

It is critical for schools to understand the rights that English language learners (ELLs), immigrant students, and their families have regarding access to schooling and information in their home languages.

Communicating Important Information with ELL Families: Strategies for Success

Learn more about those rights below, as well as some best practices for not only meeting those obligations but building positive partnerships with ELL families in support of their children. Supporting immigrant families For related ideas, see the following: 6. Find ways to communicate with ELL parents Note: ELL families are legally entitled to information about their child's schooling (including enrollment, parent-conference meetings, and any services the school provides, such as ESL or special education) in a language they understand. Working with Culturally Diverse Families - PACER Center. Share: Engaging Culturally Diverse Families for Student Success A student with a disability is first, and foremost, a student who is a member of the school community.

Working with Culturally Diverse Families - PACER Center

In order for parents of students with disabilities to be meaningfully involved as a member of their child’s Individualized Education Program team, they first need to feel welcomed and valued. They must also understand how “regular education” works. Literacy Council of Washington County, MD – Everyone Has the Right to Read. TalkingPoints. Religious Diversity in the Classroom. Youtube. Youtube. Youtube. Becoming Upended: Teaching and Learning about Race and Racism with Young Children and Their Families. WATCH: What Do You Know? Kids Talk About LGBTQ Topics. An award winning short film produced by HRC Welcoming Schools for elementary school educators and parents/caregivers.

WATCH: What Do You Know? Kids Talk About LGBTQ Topics

The film features students from Alabama and Massachusetts discussing what they know about LGBTQ people, what they hear at school and how teachers can help. The students in the film were not coached on what to say, but instead speak from their own experiences. The students are a diverse group: Six come from families where there has been a divorce Three have LGBTQ parents Three are being raised by single moms Two are adopted Six have parents who were born outside of the U.S., and At least five have parents from two different religions, races or countries.

Where to Find Diverse Books. Cultural Diversity - Fountain Rock Elementary LibGuide - LibGuides at Washington County Public Schools. Test Yourself for Hidden Bias. Inclusion & Diversity. 7 Ways to Support Diversity in the Classroom [With Examples] Why do children go to school?

7 Ways to Support Diversity in the Classroom [With Examples]

Most people would say it’s to learn the three R’s: reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. But a school culture that promotes diversity in the classroom teaches students something that’s more important: how to live and work in a society where every individual is unique.In an increasingly fragmented society, the ability to connect with peers, coworkers and neighbours with diverse backgrounds and abilities is invaluable. Diversity improves critical-thinking skills, builds empathy and encourages students to think differently.If you want to tackle the issue of diversity in the classroom for your school, then this post is for you.

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