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Learning Academic Vocabulary Here are some suggestions about using the AWL Highlighter and the AWL Gapmaker to help you expand your academic vocabulary. 1. Find a text that interests you. For on-line sources, look at the links page. Copy and paste, or type it into the AWL Highlighter; process it and print it. Go back in time with Street View If you’ve ever dreamt of being a time traveler like Doc Brown, now’s your chance. Starting today, you can travel to the past to see how a place has changed over the years by exploring Street View imagery in Google Maps for desktop. We've gathered historical imagery from past Street View collections dating back to 2007 to create this digital time capsule of the world. If you see a clock icon in the upper left-hand portion of a Street View image, click on it and move the slider through time and select a thumbnail to see that same place in previous years or seasons. Now with Street View, you can see a landmark's growth from the ground up, like the Freedom Tower in New York City or the 2014 World Cup Stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil. This new feature can also serve as a digital timeline of recent history, like the reconstruction after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Onagawa, Japan.

The Intersection of IoT and Payments: An Emerging Commerce Opportunity Big Data projects offer the promise of generating value from previously ignored or under-exploited data. Many enterprises are looking to take advantage of new data sources and combine that with the wealth of information they already hold about their customers, their business, even their competitors to develop new innovative applications and services, such as: · combining data from devices, sensors, customers, and analyze that in real time to react better and faster (example, location-based services) · pursue new opportunities in an adjacent markets – for example selling predictive maintenance services to the buyers of your products · accelerate time to market – for example identifying the most valuable customers and launching special programs to boost loyalty Innovation from Big Data is driven by experimentation to uncover new markets or data-driven products and services, as well as trying out new business processes, searching for new insights, and testing new hypotheses.

Exercises Exercises Here you will find exercises based on concordance lines. If you are not familiar with studying concordance lines, look at the explanations in Concordances. untitled The process of running HLR Lookups is simple. Submit MSISDNs (cell phone numbers) via the Enterprise Web Client, the HTTP REST API, file upload or SDKs. The HLR lookup core engine then queries the SS7 signaling network, obtains data from the relevant Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and you receive reports with results in JSON, HTML, PDF or CSV at a speed of up to 500 MSISDNs per second. HLR Lookups is a technology to check the status of any GSM cell phone number. By making a query to the Home Location Register, the lookup service determines whether that number is valid, whether it is currently active in a mobile network, and if so which network, whether it was ported from another network, and whether it is roaming. The query will also return meta information such as the IMSI, MSC, MCC and MNC.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers long term grants for PhD Candidates for all subjects The following two long-term DAAD-scholarship programmes are available: (a)Research Grants - Doctoral Programmes in Germany Scholarships for three years research of a PhD-candidate in Germany under the supervision of a German professor. The doctoral title in this case would be awarded by the German university according to its rules and regulations. For more information and application requirements please go to []www.funding-guide.deand key in the programme name. (b)Research Grants - Bi-nationally Supervised DoctoralDegrees Scholarships for a research stay between one and two years at a German university for PhD-research. In this case, the doctoral title is awarded by the Malaysian university according to its rules and regulations.

Balsamiq Mockups Take a second. Let it sink in. The first impression might be disorienting. There are very few interface elements on the screen. Teachers & xWeb – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3,x In this last of a 4-part Beginner´s Guide series I take a look at the extended or xWeb. What is it, and what does it mean for teachers? What is it? If the concept of Web 3.0 is still a bit hazy, then the xWeb (short for ´extended web´) is a vague outline in a snowstorm. Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer Photos and data viewed with this service are not shared with anyone else, nor are they saved beyond the temporary period needed for the service to function. Industry 4.0: The Future of Productivity and Growth in Manufacturing Industries Industrial Products & Processes, Technology & Digital SHARE mail Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google_plusone_shareShare on linkedin Industry 4.0: The Future of Productivity and Growth in Manufacturing Industries Add To Interests SAVE CONTENT PRINT PDF

Teachers & Web 3.0 – A Beginner´s Guide to Webs 1,2,3, x In this third of a 4-part Beginner´s Guide series I take a look at Web 3.0. What is it, and what does it mean for teachers? The first of the series looked at Web 1.0, and the second at Web 2.0, in case you missed them. Reverse image search - Search Help You can use a picture as your search to find related images from around the web. How reverse image search works When you search using an image, your search results may include: Similar images Sites that include the image Other sizes of the image you searched for Search using an image works best when the image is likely to show up in other places on the web. Industry 4.0: It's all about information technology this time A favorite theme many speakers -- especially futurists -- like to invoke is that we've passed the industrial revolution, or even the information revolution that superseded it, and we're now in some kind of "post-information" revolution. Some people, especially on the European side of the pond, have another name for it, calling it "Industry 4.0." Just to clarify this phenomenon, the numbering wasn't meant to align with any of the information technology waves of the past few decades -- Web 2.0, et. al. But the transformation promised with Industry 4.0 has everything to do with IT.

A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology In the dark and satirical spirit of Ambrose Bierce, I offer the first draft of a Devil’s Dictionary for educational technology terms. May it entertain, and all be forgiven. App, n. An elegant way to avoid the World Wide Web. Blended learning, n.

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