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Apple. Edicola Italiana, abbuffata di notizie. Roma - Dopo più di due anni di travaglio fa il suo esordio "Edicola Italiana", il consorzio che ha l'obiettivo di offrire "la più completa offerta a pagamento dei prodotti editoriali digitali" nostrani. Si tratta del frutto dell'accordo siglato nel 2012 dai sei principali nomi dell'editoria italiana: un progetto che vorrebbe entrare in competizione con i principali aggregatori (gratuiti) di notizie online offrendo un servizio a pagamento che raccoglie le maggiori testate dello Stivale. Inoltre, negli ultimi anni sembra aumentata l'urgenza dei giornali di trovare un nuovo modo per raffrontarsi con la velocità dell'informazione diffusa online ed alle sue modalità.

Lo dimostra per esempio l'esperimento di Repubblica, che secondo una statistica è la testata più social d'Italia, rappresentando online il 15 per cento di tutte le notizie condivise: da ultimo ha lanciato un servizio di informazione via Whatsapp. Claudio Tamburrino. POLITICAL CRITIQUE: ‘Why I Still Dislike Israel’ Darkjournalist. Watch in HD! Like - Comment - Subscribe! Visit: Mafia and the UFO Cabal - Major Revelations! Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer and Dark Journalist Join Dark Journalist in the exciting, historic and eye-opening interview with the Former Defense Minister of Canada: The Honorable Paul Hellyer. Together they discuss Mr.

Hellyer’s controversial new book, 'The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis,' a severe indictment of the global financial system and the covert elite power groups that form a corporate new world order. Mr. They will also delve deeply into the startling reality that secretive covert intelligence groups are using advanced technology and reverse engineered science to create new forms of breakaway energy totally hidden from the public! Dark Journalist: The Truth Is Never Easy.

John pilger and salvador allende doc. Israeli officials use Paris attack to target Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo to get the West to support the Israeli occupation of Palestine Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made use of the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo to call on the West to support the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and to undermine the EU vote on a Palestinian state in the name of the "war on terror".

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's foreign minister, has also called on the West not to remain weak before the "Islamic" terror, which he claims Israel is already fighting. Several Israeli writers also used the Paris attack as an opportunity to incite hatred against Palestinians, rather than one to come together in the mutual fight against extremism. Netanyahu prominently called for the West to intensify its support for Israel in its war against Islamists, mainly the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which resists the ongoing occupation of Palestine. The U.S.-backed overthrow of Salvador Allende and the bloody consequences | Allow Me To Explain. September 11, 2009, marks the 36th anniversary of the brutal overthrow of Salvador Allende, the democratically elected socialist president of Chile.

Allende was overthrown in a military coup, led by General Augusto Pinochet, that had the full backing of the United States government. Allende’s beginnings Salvador Allende was born on July 26, 1908, in Valparaíso, Chile. His petty bourgeois (middle class), radical-liberal family had a history of involvement in social struggles. His grandfather was a founder of the reformist Radical Party and the first public school in Chile (at a time when the Catholic Church controlled education). His father and uncles also belonged to the Radical Party. Besides the influences of his family, Allende was also influenced by an anarchist shoemaker named Juan Demarchi. Salvador Allende During his time at college, he became an outspoken leader of the Chilean Student Federation, and participated in a number of protests against U.S. Entering government. Guess what percentage of American children live in a home with a traditional family structure?

By Michael Snyder | End of the American Dream It is hard to believe, but in America today only 46 percent of children live in a home that has both a mother and a father that are in their first marriage. An additional 15 percent live in a home that has two parents where at least one of them has been remarried. But that means that an all-time record high 39 percent of all U.S. kids are living in a home with either just a single parent or no parents at all. These numbers were just released by Pew Research, and they are rather startling.

The “traditional family” that most of us took for granted growing up is dying. The decay of the traditional family structure in the United States is something that has been going on for a very long time. Less than half (46%) of U.S. kids younger than 18 years of age are living in a home with two married heterosexual parents in their first marriage. Americans are delaying marriage, and more may be foregoing the institution altogether. Home - Intellihub. 18-year-old Charlie Hebdo suspect surrenders to police, claims to have alibi. Global Research (Centre for Research on Globalization) - Montreal, QC - Non-Profit Organization. Paris Killings: Media Lies, Unanswered Questions. Was it a False Flag? On Friday, three days rocking Paris ended. Cherif and Said Kouachi took refuge in a Dammartin-en-Goele printing company facility.

French security forces stormed it. Reports said gunfire was exchanged. Both brothers were killed. Separately, Amedy Coulibaly seized the Hyper Cacher [kosher] food market in eastern Paris. Took hostages. Threatened to kill them if police stormed the facility where the Kouachi brothers were holed up. French security forces moved in. A previous article suggested Charlie Hebdo killings were less about terrorism and more about false flag deception.

Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly were well known to police for years. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said both brothers spoke “more than 500 times” to Coulibaly and his girlfriend Hayat Boumedienne by telephone. Five people remain in detention. A previous article raised doubts. Forensic DNA analysis takes time. French BFM TV posted an audio clip of conversations their staff said they had with Cherif Kouachi and Coulibaly. The Charlie Hebdo Attack: Characteristics of a False Flag Operation? The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people.

Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two professionals who hit Charlie Hebdo were determined to escape and succeeded, an amazing feat. Their identity was allegedly established by the claim that they conveniently left for the authorities their ID in the getaway car. It is a plausible inference that the ID left behind in the getaway car was the ID of the two Kouachi brothers, convenient patsies, later killed by police, and from whom we will never hear anything, and not the ID of the professionals who attacked Charlie Hebdo.

Hamyd Mourad says he has an iron-clad alibi. It behoves us all to think. Waging A Phony War on Terror. “Terrorists R US” Defines U.S. Foreign Policy. Waging it isn’t new. Enemies are needed. When none exist they’re invented. Reagan denounced the “evil scourge of terrorism.” Specifically state-sponsored international terrorism.

The “plague of the modern age,” he said. His Secretary of State George Schultz called it “modern barbarism. (A) form of political violence. GW Bush declared war on terrorism. Orwell said political rhetoric defends the indefensible. The late Howard Zinn asked “(h)ow can you make war on terrorism if war is terrorism.” US Code defines terrorism as activities involving: The US Army Operational Concept for Terrorism (TRADOC Pamphlet No. 525-37, 1984) calls it “the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature…through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.”

Political terrorism is worst of all. Compromised civil liberties. Claiming national security concerns. Calling aggressive wars self-defense. Its sole decider. Serving monied interests. History of American false flag operations. The leaders of smaller and less industrialised nations are not madmen (whatever the media claims). They also are generally better informed than their citizens. In a war an attacker does not need equal forces compared to the enemy. The attacker needs a 5-fold local superiority, or better. No one begins wars without very definite objectives and a quick victory in sight. If a war with more even military balance erupts, someone has been mislead and walked into a trap (usually arranged by third party). After the American war of Independence (1776-1779), and an English challenge to that independence (1812-1814) no single nation has planned an offensive war against the USA. Mexican wars 1819, 1846-48: Long series of operations, commencing with the annexion of Florida (1819) and followed by a declaration of independence of Texas from Mexico (1836).

Spanish-American war, 1898: The surprise explosion of the battleship Maine at Havana, Cuba. 255 of the crew died. Why the Pearl Harbor took place. 9-11 Review. 9-11 Review: The 9-11-01 Attack:Reality and Mythology. Many regard the September 11, 2001 attack as the most important event in American history. It killed more people inside U.S. boundaries than any other one-day event since the Pearl Harbor attack. Yet those who died in the horrific carnage in Manhattan, Washington, and Pennsylvania that Tuesday morning were only the most direct victims of the attack. Far more people would die and suffer in the ensuing "war on terror" -- the underpinning of unprecedented attacks on civil liberties and due process, the doctrine of pre-emptive attack on sovereign nations, an orgy of war and surveillance profiteering, and an accelerated dismantling of corporate and government accountability.

Several essential facts of the 9/11/01 attack are obvious: It was an act of mass-murder killing nearly three thousand people. It subjected many people to agonizing deaths, witnessed by millions of people. The 9/11 attack legend was introduced nearly fully formed on the day of the attack. Constant Conflict: Fundamentalist Zionism and the Roots of Modern Terrorism. Is Political Zionism Another Form of Ideological Fundamentalism? The Political Zionist doctrine of the Netanyahu government that claims the whole of former Palestine as being a ‘gift from God’ is essentially ideological fundamentalism i.e. a ritualistic reading of scripture and a reliance upon dogma – a position also known as ‘extremism’. It is this fundamentalist ideology that gives the state of Israel its sole claim to the West Bank and East Jerusalem – which position it relies upon exclusively in its assertion that its policy that has persuaded half a million of its citizens to settle on Palestinian land is legitimate when the entire international community has branded it a violation of international law.

The paradox in the status quo established by the Likud government to back-up its claim to the occupied Palestinian Territories, is that Israel actually claims to be a secular state. This means that its claim to the West Bank and East Jerusalem is merely a fabricated position used to justify that which is unjustifiable. Constant Conflict: Fundamentalist Zionism and the Roots of Modern Terrorism. Erdogan slams Netanyahu for 'daring' to join Paris march. Turkish President Erdogan [right] said Israel should be held accountable for its crimes in Gaza Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for "daring" to attend a rally to denounce terrorism in Paris on Sunday, accusing him of leading "state terrorism", the Anadolu Agency reported. Speaking at a joint press conference with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in Ankara yesterday, Erdogan said: "How can you see this individual, who carries out state terrorism by massacring 2,500 people in Gaza, waving his hand?

He is waving his hand as if people are very enthusiastically waiting for him. " He said he could "hardly understand how he [Netanyahu] dared to go" to Sunday's massive march in the French capital and urged him to "give an account for the children, women you massacred". The Turkish president accused the West of hypocrisy, saying: "The West's hypocrisy is obvious. MEMO Profile: Gamal Abdel Nasser (15 January 1918 – 28 September 1970) On a warm evening in late July 1956, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser is addressing a crowd of 200,000 in Egypt's northern city of Alexandria: "It is an attitude of such arrogance towards other people. We will not be manipulated. Today we are going to get rid of what happened in the past.

" The president is promising his people an end to British imperialism, a force that has haunted the country for some 40 years. Nasser turns his attention to the Suez Canal. Hidden in his speech, broadcast over the radio, is a code word - Ferdinand de Lesseps, the architect of the waterway. When they hear the news the crowds carry Nasser on their shoulders to the Presidential Palace. In conversation with Clifton Daniel for the New York Times, Nasser explains his decision to go ahead with plans to nationalise the canal: he was offended by the insulting attitude with which western powers refused loans to build the Aswan Dam. Shaking off foreign influence was Nasser's forte.

Erdogan slams Netanyahu. BUSTED! Paris Shooting Hoax SMOKING GUN Proof! Officer Shot Point Blank Range NO BLOOD! | occupy blogosphere. Update Where’s the blood? No blood + no recoil + no body movement = fake This video continues to be removed for various reasons within hours of its posting here. The only thing “shocking and disgusting” (YouTube’s most recent claim) this video shows is that our trusted media sources are deceiving the public! Check out the prior justification: Screengrabs of the video that is being removed: In the following image, he shoots behind the person, hitting the cement and doing less damage than a BB gun. The Mirror.UK felt the need to use a qualifier Mainstream news obscures the ‘no blood problem’ with a little blur action The Charlie Hebdo Attack: Characteristics of a False Flag Operation?

The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. Source Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two professionals who hit Charlie Hebdo were determined to escape and succeeded, an amazing feat. Hamyd Mourad says he has an iron-clad alibi. More: 2. 3. Paris Shooting Appears Fake (False-flag) - Illuminati Exposed Media. BBC/President of France: False Flag Terrorism in Paris. French President: The Illuminati did this, Muslims did not do it. In an astounding broadcast, President Francois Hollandais has has told this to the people of France on national television, on 9th January the day after the Paris terror attacks: Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam. (‘Ceuc qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslim’) Listen, O people of France, to what your President has told you!

Muslims did not do it – let’s say that loud and clear, as the opinion of France’s President. Let’s hope this video of France’s president doesn’t get deleted – so many videos are being scrubbed from Google on this topic. Has the worm turned at last? Even the BBC is now saying, the video of policeman being shot is fake – and it uses the phrase, ‘false-flag terror’. A Warning from Israel The News Story Figure: Note shoe beside car! Anomalies Who Benefits? Madame Rothschild — "I Know who was behind the Paris Attacks!" – Darkmoon. Warning to Nations: Don't Cross Israel. - World Class Investigative Truth. PARIS SIEGE FALSE FLAG: Analyzing The Cop Shooting Footage. Paris shooting false flag. Vidéo – Charlie Hebdo : intervention détonnante de Giulietto Chiesa à la TV italienne. Vidéo – Charlie Hebdo : intervention détonnante de Giulietto Chiesa à la TV italienne.

The Charlie Hebdo Rally: Media Distortions and Hypocrisy in Paris. The Paris “Charlie Hebdo” March: The Frailty of Free Speech. Paris Terror Attacks: Who Was Behind This Dastardly Act of Terror? The Suspects Killed by Police, Forecloses a Judicial Procedure. Who really did the terror attack in Paris? The paris shooting hoax. Paris shooting was a false flag. Tweets about #FalseFlag hashtag on Twitter. The Charlie Hebdo False Flag in Paris: Theory, Evidence and Motive. 21st Century Wire — News for the Waking Generation. Paris shooting was a false flag. Infinity Pass: goditi tutto il cinema che vuoi, senza utilizzare la carta di credito! Calcio per i già clienti - Privati - Vodafone. Cristiano Ronaldo come Cruijff, Platini e Van Basten: terzo Pallone d'oro. ‘JE SUIS HYPOCRITE’: Enemies of Press Freedom Hijack ‘Charlie’ in Paris. PARIS PSYOP - INSIDE JOB - MOSSAD ATTACKS CHARLIE HEBDO. Video: ultime notizie - Corriere TV. EPSTEIN, MYSTERIOUS DEATH, PRINCESS DIANA, MICK JAGGER, WEXNER, HAVEL, GORBACHEV ...

PARIS SHOOTING: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence of Deliberate Staging. It's Time for a 21st-Century Anti-Lynching Movement. O. Henry's Full House: Fred Allen, Anne Baxter, Jeanne Crain, Farley Granger: Amazon Instant Video. Charlie Hebdo attack: several arrested but hunt for suspects continues. Nexus 6 deep-dive review: A supersized smartphone that shines. Nexus 6 Review: Great Phone, but You’re Going to Need a Bigger Hand. Motorola Nexus 6 review. - Investigation. Education. Accountability.

Statistics. Ignore Video and Miss Out on 69 Percent of Mobile Traffic. 3 Strategies to Unlock YouTube's Potential in 2015. How Prince Andrew shared a room at Epstein's Caribbean hideaway with a busty blonde who claimed she was a brain surgeon. Watch Sharon Osbourne Pull Her Tooth Out On Live T.V. - Investigation. Education. Accountability. 9/11 conspiracy.

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CONSPIRACY. Casalinghe caldissime e infedele. Casalinghe caldissime e infedele. Foto Sexy E Divertenti in Spiaggia. 'MOSSAD BLACKMAIL RING' LINKED TO PRINCE ANDREW? David Icke Website. CONSPIRACY. Area 51. Podcasts. Les albums. Independent Media. JFK. WTC Eyewitnesses. Podcasts. Disinformation. Independent Media. News Media Sources. iPhone 6 Plus Makes Up 41% of Large Phone Sales as iPhone 6 Leads iOS Devices. 'CES Unveiled' Hints at 2015's Hottest Categories: Sensors, Cameras, and Wearables. iPhone 6 Plus Makes Up 41% of Large Phone Sales as iPhone 6 Leads iOS Devices. Premium Subscriber FAQ. Nokia 215 Preview - CNET. Uk.businessinsider. The Internet Archive now lets you play 2,400 classic DOS games online.

iPhone 6 Plus Makes Up 41% of Large Phone Sales as iPhone 6 Leads iOS Devices. Cristian Smartphonetabletstore Viterbo. Family_Steering_Cmte-review_of_Report. Family_Steering_Cmte-review_of_Report. Alleged 9/11 Plotters Offer to Confess at Guantánamo - What Does it Mean for the 9/11 Truth Movement? Blog | Getting Started with Readability for iPad. Learn more about Highlights. Italiane - Accedi a 30-best-TV-detectives-and-sleuths.