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Teaching the Complexities of History in Age-Appropriate Ways. When teaching history to elementary students, it can be hard to strike the right balance between teaching facts and keeping the content age-appropriate.

Teaching the Complexities of History in Age-Appropriate Ways

These 9 YouTube Channels Will Help You Learn History for Free. History was always my worst subject in school.

These 9 YouTube Channels Will Help You Learn History for Free

All those names and dates made my head swim. In my adulthood, however, I’m really digging history because I find ways to make it meaningful, even entertaining. Why Social Studies is Becoming AI Studies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping life and livelihoods.

Why Social Studies is Becoming AI Studies

It’s curating every screen; making or influencing decisions about hiring, loans, and jail sentences; and aggregating wealth and opportunity at a staggering pace. AI, particularly machine learning (ML), and related exponential technologies (ET) are quickly augmenting many tasks at home and work. They will increasingly displace jobs while creating new entrepreneurial opportunities. They will swamp communities with complex issues and a combination of predictable and unanticipated consequences. 10 Engaging Digital Education Sites For Any Social Studies Classroom. If you have performed a recent search you may have found there is a countless number of social studies resources on the internet.

10 Engaging Digital Education Sites For Any Social Studies Classroom

In this post the goal was to find ten sites that addressed the area of Social Studies across all the diversified areas found in the discipline. Below, you will find the results of some extensive searching! You will discover a wide variety of materials including readings, OER (Open Education Resources), primary documents, textbooks, lessons, activities, interactives, videos, audios, and some great blog readings. Social Studies Links. As I come across useful tech integration resources each month, I collect them together by subject area.

Social Studies Links

Below is a Google Doc with the latest resources, news, blog posts, links, and other helpful technology integration items collected relevant to Social Studies. Free Wall Maps for Your Classroom. Like good manners and flannel shirts, wall maps never go out of style.

Free Wall Maps for Your Classroom

If you need some new maps to put on the walls of your classroom, take a look at the free maps that National Geographic offers. Nat Geo Map Maker kits provide teachers with files for printing wall maps, table top maps, and mega maps that might only fit on the floor of your classroom. All of the maps print in sections on standard size printer paper. You and your students will have to assemble the pieces of the maps. There are eleven Nat Geo Map Maker kits. Top 10 Most Influential U.S. Presidents. Known as the father of the nation, George Washington (April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797) was the first president of the U.S.

Top 10 Most Influential U.S. Presidents

He served as commander in chief during the American Revolution and afterward presided over the Constitutional Convention of 1787. With no precedent for selecting a president, it fell to the members of the Electoral College to choose the nation's first leader two years later. Washington was that man. Over the course of two terms, he would establish many of the traditions of the office still observed today.


Civics ed key to equity, improving discourse. ​U.S.

Civics ed key to equity, improving discourse

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor joined a group of experts Thursday to discuss the importance of enriching civics education in order to advance not only political knowledge, but also social equality. Among the many topics speakers discussed at the "Democracy at a Crossroads" event, held at the Newseum, they all emphasized this point: a good civics education and background is critical to graduating students who know how to engage in our society. In the wake of the 2016 election of President Donald Trump — and the subsequent student protests and free speech concerns that proliferated throughout colleges and K-12 schools — those inside and outside the education industry realized that students — and their teachers — may not be adequately prepared to discuss and engage with sensitive political topics. Making civics education more engaging and targeted toward core values in schools.

Geography and Maps

American History Resources. C3 Resources. World History Resources. Government. The Most Entertaining Video on Japan’s History You Will See. Geo-Literacy Projects Build Students' Understanding of Our Complex World. Edutopia. Social studies is often neglected in the U.S. primary grades, and although literacy typically gets lots of attention at this age, informational reading and writing often do not.


The Original Bill of Rights Had 12 Amendments, Not 10. How many amendments are in the Bill of Rights?

The Original Bill of Rights Had 12 Amendments, Not 10

If you answered ten, you are right. But if you visit the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC, you will see that the original copy of the Bill of Rights sent to states for ratification had twelve amendments. We the pupils: More states teach founding US documents. NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (AP) — Should U.S. high school students know at least as much about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist papers as immigrants passing an American citizenship test? In a growing number of school systems, having such a basic knowledge is now a graduation requirement. But states are taking different approaches to combating what's seen as a widespread lack of knowledge about how government works. Using HyperDocs in Class - Kids Discover. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Millennium Falcon uses its hyperdrive to jump to hyperspace.

In my classroom, my students jump out of their seats when they get a chance to work on HyperDocs. HyperDocs are Google Docs that are self-contained lessons or units. The idea was developed by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis, and has taken hold in modern education. They contain questions, with links to videos, infographics, websites, or other resources to help the students discover new information. History & Social Studies. Gamifying a Social Studies Unit – The Edvocate. This Denver teacher avoids lectures and worksheets. He wants students to ask the big questions. How do teachers captivate their students? Here, in a feature we call How I Teach, we ask great educators how they approach their jobs. You can see other pieces in this series here. Anna Vick, a special education teacher at Highlands Ranch High School in the Douglas County School District, has no shortage of tools to get students learning. She uses art projects, YouTube videos, music, aromatherapy, brain breaks and more to reach her students, all of whom have serious emotional disabilities.

Vick is one of 15 teachers who were selected for the inaugural Colorado Teaching Policy Fellowship operated by the national nonprofit Teach Plus. From Inquiry to Action: Civic Engagement with PBL. Teaching 4th Graders In An Age Of "Fake News" “Fake news” is now a household term.

Voting and Politics

​Social Studies Should Teach Students for Tomorrow, Not the Past. Albemarle teacher helped develop national online education tool. A Middle School Activity That Promotes Civil Discourse. Reasons to Love Teaching Middle School History. MiddleWeb Blog Middle school kids and middle school teaching are much maligned. Should We Try to Make History "Relevant" to Students? Catch ‘Em All: Teacher’s app helps students learn history.

How one social studies teacher makes history come alive. Educator Video Toolbox - Echoes and Reflections. Triptiks Can Rev Up Student-Driven Learning. By Mike Fisher My overriding message is still focused on high levels of student engagement. By Learning From History, Teachers Help Nurture “Upstanders” 5 ways to make the most of virtual field trips. Social Studies AIR Test Training. Ohio's State Tests : Resources. February 2016 Social Studies Signal. Global terror attacks spark change in curriculum for DISD geography class. Classroom Resources. Smithsonian Learning Lab. 10 Good Video Sources for Social Studies Teachers and Students. ABC-CLIO. Glogin?URI= Media Literacy in Today's Social Studies Classroom. The History Project - Home.

When documenting history leads to awards, and dollars. Primary Sources. Edison students get a worldwide view - Huntington Beach Independent. Facetime Friday: Los Altos Students Travel Without Leaving The Classroom. Central Springs history class uses 'Minecraft' to plot 'war' How a Denver elementary school is using pop music and viral videos to teach social skills. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Some Very Good Educational Resources for Social Studies Teachers.

Teens Create Their Own Nations: Conflicts, Lawsuits, and Hidden Agendas Encouraged. Standards Search Tool. Rare Globes From the 1600s Are Being Digitized So You Can Spin Them Online. Ways to Talk with Adolescents about Politics. Ransom Everglades students fight political rhetoric with facts. Glogin?URI= Students 'mystery skype' across the globe. Central Springs history class uses 'Minecraft' to plot 'war' The US Presidents in Google Earth.

Current Events Stories My Students Want to Read. GeoGuessr. Jeu de repérage à partir de StreetView. Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines. Create free interactive timelines. President Obama Signs New K-12 Law, Includes Key Geography Provisions – AAG. 7th Graders Encounter the US Constitution. 10 Totally Terrific Current Events Resources. The Most Intelligent Presidents in U.S. History. The federal government urges K-12 schools to try open educational resources. How 2 simple role-play games can transform students into active learners. History Song Parodies Meet Young Teen Culture. Teaching Historical Inquiry with Objects. Social studies inspires responsible citizens. Gamified Social Studies Takes Off in Fantasy Geopolitics. History Class: Teacher or Student Driven? How Do We Teach about History's Tragic Events? Current events articles for teachers and students. Favorite Tech Tools For Social Studies Classes.