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110 Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly. It has been a while since I last published my list of websites that pay writers.

110 Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly

A lot has happened since publishing the last two lists; some of the sites are no longer active, some of the sites stopped accepting contributions from freelance writers, and there isn’t as much flexibility in the categories of the previous lists since most of the sites featured were either design or tech sites. That has changed, though. This new list is more comprehensive, includes more sites and is updated for 2015. In fact, I’m finalizing this list on the 12th of January, 2015. So what’s included? With the above clarified, it is important to note that in total this full post is above 6,400 words and includes over 100 links; for optimization reasons as far as my site is concerned, this isn’t ideal, so I can only directly display 70 of the sites included in the full list below, but you can get the full list in the form of an easily accessible PDF and Excel file.

Sites that Pay $50 or More 1. 2.

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Local Road Safety Index. After months of planning and development, AXA and Road Safety Analysis, which independently collated and analysed hundreds of thousands of pieces of data from a variety of sources, are delighted to launch the Local Road Safety Index 2014.

Local Road Safety Index

Search the Local Road Safety Index map below to find out how safe your local area is: How does it work? Our Local Road Safety Index is very simple to use. Just put your postcode into the search box, press enter, and the map will display orange pins for all the road traffic accidents that have occurred in your area between 2005 and 2013. You’ll also be able to see the schools local to your postcode – these are indicated by the blue pin markers. Just so you’re aware, it may take a few seconds to load the pins due to the sheer amount of data that the map draws from. To help decipher the map and the information within it, there’s a key below. Map Key Your local school. LinkedIn: The Beginner's Guide. Update: This post was updated October 2013 to reflect current statistics and tools.

LinkedIn: The Beginner's Guide

LinkedIn is considered the non-sexy, sleeping giant of social networks. It keeps a low profile, perhaps due to the professional nature of its users. Nonetheless, LinkedIn continues to exert a powerful influence on connected job seekers, brands, recruiters and industries. Founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to 225 million members in over 200 countries, making it the world’s largest professional network on the Internet (by comparison, Twitter has more than 500 million registered users, and Facebook has surpassed one billion). Currently available in 20 languages, LinkedIn remains a relevant platform the world over. That being said, we doubt you spend 20 minutes on LinkedIn per day, like Facebook’s power users do. SEE ALSO: The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Have you used LinkedIn to find a job, network with professionals or research hot topics in your industry?

1. 2. 3. 4. Élèves en difficulté numérique et ortographe.

Student Forum Maastrich Uni Brussels

dCDC Guy Birenbaum & Abiker. Law Map links. iPad app for power point. AP European History Center. FreecScientific review from Reading. Summer internship law furm. Les chiffres des reseaux sociaux en 2013. Free. Cloud Computing in Education. Book for rent. Sorties Jeunes. Bon plan: théatre pour étudiants fauchés. Hiking. Babelio - Vos livres en ligne - Connectez vos bibliothèques. Brain Training, Brain Exercise, Brain Fitness by Brain Training 101. Legal source. Greatest Hits of TED Videos.

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Jurisprudence Cour de Cass. Follower Wonk: Twitter analytics, follower segmentation, social graph tracking, & more. Les PPT de la semaine… Computer related. Videos/privacy related. French TV programs to watch. WIKI for Call for Papers. CBeebies Christmas Panto. 22 Free Hitchcock Movies Online. Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, directed more than 50 feature films during his long career.

22 Free Hitchcock Movies Online

Today, his work is admired worldwide, and he’s considered one of our finest directors. Although many of his landmark films remain copyrighted, some of his important works, particularly his early ones, have slipped into the public domain. And so we have catalogued 16 Alfred Hitchcock films that you can watch online – completely for free. All Hitchcock films appear in our big meta collection, 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc.. You might also particularly enjoy our collection of Free Noir Films. Be Amazed With These Unbelievable Optical Illusional Photos.

Personally, I appreciate photos so much especially when they have illusion effects.

Be Amazed With These Unbelievable Optical Illusional Photos

Photos with illusions amaze me a lot. What could we get with these illusions? First, let us know the definition of illusion.

Creative Commons: a user guide

Spotify Classical Playlists: Naïve Vivaldi Edition + Open Vivaldi Playlist. "The Vivaldi Edition, a recording venture conceived by the Italian musicologist Alberto Basso and the independent label Naïve, is one of the most ambitious recording projects of the twentyfirst century.

Spotify Classical Playlists: Naïve Vivaldi Edition + Open Vivaldi Playlist

Its principal objective is to record the massive collection of Vivaldi autograph manuscripts preserved today in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Turin, some 450 works. Incredibly, this is the private library of scores Vivaldi had at home at the time of his death in Vienna in 1741 and includes his extant operas, hundreds of concertos, sacred compositions and cantatas. Read Featured Books: Michio Kaku: Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100.

Philosophy of Law and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

How to backup SM online

Cyberlex - L'association du droit et des nouvelles technologies. Writing a First Class Law Dissertation. 12inShare “Protection of the Right to a Fair Trial and Civil Jurisdiction: Permitting Delay, Restricting Access and Recognising Incompatible Judgments”.

Writing a First Class Law Dissertation

Below is my honours dissertation together with tips and a very special video from an ex-Cambridge professor at the end. Enjoy! CEO e-mail addresses - CEO email address - chief executive officer - managing director - exec director UK GB MD england.

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YouTube on MP3. Zephoria. Travel/food. Homepage. Global Voices Advocacy » HADOPI, ACTA, Digital Economy Bill: Fro. There is increasing debate and discussion about regulatory moves in the internet sphere that have direct implications for the kind of society we want to live in and the rights we can expect to have: freedom of speech balanced against rights to privacy; centralized data gathering and storage by governments versus rights to control over personal information; rights to protection of intellectual property balanced against rights of fair use; rights to freely communicate versus protecting, for example, minors from abuses such as child pornography; and the emerging recognition of the need to break down the digital divide with a right of access to the world wide web through universal broadband access.

Global Voices Advocacy » HADOPI, ACTA, Digital Economy Bill: Fro

I have been arguing for some time that there are natural balances to be struck between these rights and proposed regulatory measures, whilst well-intended, aren't addressing them satisfactorily. France invented the graduated response with HADOPI;


Notes by zephoria - Open Access Journals. Droit de l?information. Le droit de l'information existe-t-il ?

Droit de l?information

Une présentation de Cédric Manara Actualités du droit de l'information N° 123 Droit de citation et image - Ethique et droit- Droit sui generis des articles scientifiques - Une bibliothèque peut-elle numériser une thèse ? Tous les numéros de la revue Maîtriser le droit de l'information. Opensource downlads.

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